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Last week, CNN reported that President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, had bitten another Secret Service agent, making it the eleventh known attack. As a result of this incident, Commander was removed from the White House.

This came amidst reports that Major—another German Shepherd owned by Biden—has also bitten Secret Service agents on multiple occasions.

In March 2021 alone, Judicial Watch revealed emails indicating eight separate instances of Major biting officials prior to his relocation back to Biden’s home in Delaware.

Sadly, Champ—another one of Biden’s German Shepherds—passed away in June 2021.

A 2021 video of Biden kicking his German Shepherd was making the rounds this week.


In December 2020, Joe Biden reportedly sustained a foot fracture while playing with his German shepherd named Major. He stated that he attempted to grasp the canine’s tail and subsequently tripped. Biden’s assertion is that he fractured his mid-foot when pursuing his dog’s tail after exiting the shower. It remains uncertain if Ashley Biden was in the shower with him at the time.

“I’m walking through this little alleyway to get to the bedroom and I grabbed the ball like this and he ran and I was joking running after him to grab his tail. And what happened was he slipped on a throw rug and I tripped on the rug he slid on,” said Biden in December 2020.

A source told Judicial Watch that Joe Biden is a serial animal abuser.

“According to a Judicial Watch source, President Biden has mistreated his dogs. Judicial Watch has learned he has punched and kicked his dogs.” the watchdog said on Thursday.

“It is beyond belief that, even after Judicial Watch exposed their attacking 10 Secret Service personnel, Joe and Jill Biden have continued to let their dog menace and attack Secret Service and White House staff. Let’s be blunt: the dangerous dog could kill someone,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The ongoing Biden administration cover-up of the Biden dog attacks on Secret Service agents is dangerous corruption.”

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      • Commander and Champ should have been put into muzzles with the first nip. The dog needs exercise and it is obvious that he was not being walked into weariness. I did not see Biden kicking the dog, just trying to direct the dog into the car using his foot. Biden almost lost his balance more than once. There are many things now being exposed, that indicate being the President of the USA is not his top priority, BECOMING A MULTI- MULTI- MILLIONAIRE is his one goal in life. Even if it means risking Treasonous Acts.

  • I don’t think it is the dog or any of #BrainDeadBiden’s dogs that are dangerous.
    I think Creepy Joe is dangerous. He is abusive to his dogs. The POS should not be allowed to own an animal.
    Think of this, biden is always threatening people. “I’ll take you out behind the barn. I’ll punch your lights out”. He is no different with dogs. Kicking them, pulling their tails, verbally abusing them. TAKE THE DOGS AWAY FROM HIM. People rehabilitated micheal vicks dogs, they can help give pos biden’s dogs a much better life too.

    • Amen! No wonder Hunter is such a problem…he’s not been disciplined ever and never held accountable for any wrongdoing… Those poor dogs have been so mistreated… I hope he never gets another animal ever!!! What an a____…. Karma is unforgiving… you do not harm God’s creatures..: what a POS…

  • This POS should be done the same way he has done to these poor dogs. He should never ever have another animal around him or owned by him or Taco Jill. These dogs can be helped but they need to be given a chance with someone who can show them love, affection and make a difference in their lives, as it is apparent the Biden’s don’t know or care on showing the dogs attention. He treats these dogs like he treats the American people.

  • First…..I cannot stand the communist tyrant in the white house, our fake president. I cuss every time he sneaks on my TV or radio, changing as fast as I can.


    Second…….this isn’t a kick, this is more of a foot corralling of the dog.

    FJB does quite enough stupid and anti-American stuff not to need any overhyped stories. And his dogs bite enough secret service to not need any overhyping.

    Two prominent “dog people” we shoud sic the pit bulls on: Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci.

  • Someone should arrange to bring a nice looking dog (of any breed!) to the White House and then, boom! Sic the dog on that POS that’s currently befouling “the People’s House!!” Would LOVE to read the headline: “Dog Bites President. The bite turns out to be fatal…”

  • Guarantee that the Democrat voting POS Peta will never say a Damn thing, but they want hunters to stop eating meat.
    Several years ago I read where Peta actually put puppies into a 55 gal. barrel of water and closed the lid on them where they all drowned.
    Biden and Soros and Obama and Hitlery, should all be put into a drum filled with water and the lid be locked down.

  • Why should it surprise anybody that Biden kicks his dog? He does the same to the American people without physically kicking them..

  • I wonder if Joe treats his wife and disciplined his children in the same way? It is a wonder that one of his suffering dogs never attacked him. I recently saw a photo of a gentleman who has worked for and at the White House for 50 years. This now elderly gentleman even walked this recent dog. In the photo, the dog has the entire wrist of his victim in his jaws as he bites him. Why were Joe’s dogs never MUZZLED? What other damages did the Biden Dogs do to the White House and Air Force One?

  • There’s a good enough reason why Commander is biting. Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe abuses his dog. Now the Secret Service is there to protect the president. It’s not part of their job description to take bites from Corrupt Quid Pro’s dog. The agents that were bitten should get a good lawyer and sue the president. Corrupt Quid Pro is responsible for his dog. Corrupt Quid Pro has Homeowners Insurance, and if his insurance doesn’t want to cover Corrupt Quid Pro because it happened at the W/H and not in Delaware, then the agents should look to sue Corrupt Quid Pro in civil Court, taking some of that money Corrupt Quid Pro illegally obtained.



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