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Hillary Clinton sat down with Christiane Amanpour this week, where the failed 2016 presidential candidate expressed her intense bitterness towards Trump supporters.

She suggested that they would require some kind of formal reprogramming or reeducation in order to be brought back into line.

Hillary Clinton: We always had very strong partisans in both parties in the past, and we had very bitter battles over all kinds of things gun control and climate change and the economy and taxes. But there wasn’t this little tale of extremism wagging the dog of the Republican Party as it is today. And sadly, so many of those extremists, those MAGA extremists, take their marching orders from Donald Trump, who has no credibility left by any measure. He’s only in it for himself. He’s now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions. And when do they break with him? You know, because at some know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members. But something needs to happen.

Once again, this ongoing attack on Trump supporters and conservatives in America today is only achievable due to the lack of action from Republican leadership.

It has become clear that we must either confront Marxists or accept living under their rule.

Hillary’s declaration was made without any hesitation, confirming the severity of the situation.


Charles Payne weighed in on this latest verbal assault by Hillary.

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  • Ha ha! They better send just single men, unless they wanna be taking care of a bunch of widows and orphans ????????????????????????????

  • Ha ha! They better send just single men, unless they wanna be taking care of a bunch of widows and orphans ????????????????????????????

  • This is the same female who as 1st Lady (and Lady is extremely overused) stated that the US Constitution was archaic and useless in the modern world and that all US currency should be confiscated by the treasury department since it is owned by the federal govt and only loaned to the nation’s citizenry.

  • So, we are to be sent to “Re-Education Camps” …..
    Spoken like a TRUE Marxist/Communist….. Stalin and Mao would be PROUD of Hillary…

  • The Progressives took it pretty hard on the chin when the majority rejected their message on her destruction at the ballot box.They figure their correction made with their true Marxist heart to our current mode of mailings enables them the only power they can weld , that being it is they who count the Ballots and they also dictate the time needed to get their results……they truly need to be eradicated ,,,,,

  • She doesn’t consider that voters already had thoughts about what the government should be doing before Trump came on the scene. What he said he wanted to do resonated with them because they already had those same ideas.

  • Hillary believes Republicans are controlled because she is controlled by the liberals and has not ventured outside of their world. It’s only natural for her to speak from her own experience. She is as delusional as Biden who calls himself a practicing Catholic.

  • Gawd, isn’t that exactly what Nazis did, either that or just exterminate them in mass executions and placed in mass graves! That Satan Worshiper has gone off the deep end of sanity in her hatred for Trump for beating her out of the election.
    She even said the night the results keep coming in for Trump, “if that as$ _ hoIe wins we will all gang from gallows.” They are crooked to the core of their souls, and have sold they’re souls to Satan!

  • here is the proof needed to conflict hillary.she wants the same re education that the Russians are doing to kidnapped children in Ukraine. stealing them and sending them to Russia to re educate them.. who is an agent for Russia Hillary of course. she tried trump now going for anyone

  • Hillary Clinton is “Ground Zero” for Trump Derangement Syndrome”. It is amazing that Trump has lived rent free inside her tiny little head for over 7 years. Instead of deprogramming people that stand for America and it’s constitution, I vote that we give her a frontal lobotomy!

  • Hitlery is one ugly thing, when I first seen her I thought she was a bell ringer for Notre Dame.
    All Communist Democrats and Rinos should be dropped in Shark infested waters.

  • It is strange why someone involved with the government would want to remove people who just like someone and then say nothing about groups of people that are against the government like skinheads, KKK, and other similar groups.

  • This person has lost her brain. (she never had one) The only one that should be deprogrammed is Hillary.
    You lost Hillary.
    You lost on your own account. Get over it.
    You are not a politician, you are nothing anymore. You are the cause of all the political fraud and lies in our political unrest in America. You should have been in jail long ago.

  • one wonders why she isn’t in jail for deprogramming her illegal file’s she had on her computer. is she teaching her method of corruption to others ??? how to lie and get away with it. she might be teaching hunter Biden her corrupt ways, so far he’s been walking free. that and how to get rid of witnesses on one’s self. no one makes its to court. this is why women in out government is no good. you can see from democrat women how their all bat sh#t crazy. not a sain one amount them.

  • How does she propose identifying Trump supporters? And how would this deprograming (re-education) program be conducted? Wouldn’t this violate several of our constitutional rights? This sounds like a plan worthy of Lenin or stalin.

    • SHRW, that’s one of the major problems, they don’t follow the Constitution or the rule of law.
      Those Communist Democrats and Rinos, work hand in hand with Communist George Soros and The Anti-American Communist homosexual Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, We The People nolonger matter, They’ve got their own illegals for their personal Army, and vote Communism in return for freebies.
      ANTIFA and BLM are also paid off to harm Americans.
      FJB and every single Democrat and Rino.! All of them should be executed.

  • Yes, Adolph Clinton you should be the first deprogramed, and made to tell the truth about you and your less than honorable husband.



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