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In June, Biden responded to the credible bribery allegations against him by asking Republicans, “Where’s the money?

The House Oversight Committee has revealed bankruptcy court documents indicating that James Biden, one of the President’s younger brothers, wrote a $200,000 check from his healthcare business Americore to Joe Biden in 2018.

Representative James Comer (R-KY) alleges that this loan was acquired based on representations that the name Biden could “open doors,” and he suggested that even under the most generous possible scenario – a personal loan repayment – this is still “troubling.”

This evidence appears to be the strongest indication yet of direct involvement by the president in family business dealings.

This is evidence that Joe Biden was fully informed and involved in his family’s illicit activities, demonstrated by the personal check from Little Brother to the Big Guy.

The House of Representatives held a hearing to assess whether an impeachment inquiry should be launched into Joe Biden based on the explosive evidence that has been presented.

This includes documents from IRS whistleblower testimony confirming Hunter Biden sold access to his father, Joe Biden, via the “family brand” in an effort to influence US policy decisions. Two wire transfers totaling $250,000 were sent from China to Joe Biden’s Delaware home address in 2019.

Additionally, emails from Hunter’s laptop suggest that Joe Biden used private email addresses for official and family business.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Here we go again with old, sick, corrupt, Biden lying thru his teeth. The evidence keeps growing & growing while we are stuck with this piece of ____ for president.

  • Actually the Memo on the check says this is a loan repayment suggesting Joe loaned Jim this money sometime before. Of course, that could be a lie.

    Regardless, always keep this in mind. Joe, Jim and Hunter Biden know EXACTLY where this money came from and why Joe was receiving it. They also know why they set up over 20 shell companies and routed all this money from China, Russia, the Ukraine, and elsewhere through it and then to family members. They just don’t want to tell us. They’ve had ample opportunity to do so if there was any legitimate explanation.

    No, it looks all the world like Joe Biden is guilty of the impeachable crime of bribery, and likely too the impeachable crime of treason. Either require impeachment.

  • Arrest him immediately No Today, shut down this corrupt vile administration, all involved obama, soros, millionaires, billionaires, cease all assets property, banks everything

  • Why does it matter, the DOJ is corrupt and it will be put on the furtherest back burner possible, never to be seen again.



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