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On Wednesday, a group of Pro-Palestinian protesters invaded the US Capitol, disrupting official proceedings and engaging in physical altercations with law enforcement.

Signs in support of Israel were torn down and replaced by slogans supporting Palestine.

The mob shut down the rotunda and wandered through the halls before being apprehended by police.

Huwaida Arif, a vocal Pro-Palestinian advocate, was arrested for interrupting Senate proceedings, hundreds of other participants were also arrested and charged for their involvement in the incident.


Where is the FBI?

Where is the Department of Justice under the Biden Administration?

And why aren’t Capitol Hill Police present, equipped with pepper spray and clubs, when Republican grandmas have been sent to prison for much less than this?

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Of course there will be no long term prison sentences for these invaders of the Capitol just because they are not aligned with Trump. The key word in Pro-Palestine Leftists is “Leftists”, that sympathy is closely aligned with the Democrat party which is in charge of our government.

    • so sad about what is going on in this country .vote all dems out , the only way we can restore some kind of order .
      and of course you are right , nothing will happen to these invaders .

      • I agree Biden from the time taken over he stopped the war on Pakistan for he and Obama the non American President did not want the terrorist organization stopped they train in Pakistan. Also Biden and party has funded every terrorist country at the same time and supports the war on Israel. All of the Democrats % department leaders are Terrorist thanks to the Democrat voters and thoses who do not vote and hate Veterans

  • Where’s the outrage? They interrupted an official proceeding. Where are the arrests? The people getting shot? I thought this was illegal. What a bunch of BULLSH$T

    • It is not an insurrection, just a “mostly peaceful demonstration” like what occurred in Oregon, Washington, Chicago, New York, and other locations during 2020-2021. No reason to compare it to the violent Insurrection in January 2021 in Washington. Yeah, right! It’s interesting that there were no barricades to hinder their storming of the Capitol. Apparently, pro-Palestinian demonstrators are not a threat like Trump supporters. (Sarc.)

  • They will get special treatment ,should be put in the prison but thats how messed up our weaponized DOJ works

  • So the insurrectionists will not be prosecutted? Call your reps and let them know that the J6er’s need to be let out of jail unless these same insurrectionists are put in jail indefinitly, without a trial. This is not our constitutional government. It has been taken over by communists. It is time to lock and load. We must capture all of the communist so called representatives in congress and put them on trial for treason. Those found guilty need to be hanged on the nearest tree.

  • Call out the National Guard! Fence off the Capitol! Have the FBI charge them with insurrection and treason! Prosecute people who weren’t even there!

  • These Congressional invaders and insurrectionists will get nowhere near the penalties that were incurred by the January 6 protesters. Why? They are “Leftists”.

    • The FBI ( Following Biden’s instructions ) are America’s Communist enemy and they won’t arrest any Communist who vote for Communism in America.
      Defund the FBI, CIA.
      Screw all Communist Democrats and do America a favor, and pull a Clinton suicide.

  • JANUARY 6th IS : ZERO/NOTHING compared to this sickening demonstration . A demonstration favoring murder and what else the criminals of Hamas have created. HITLER was a cup cake compared to the current species of humanity . When will it become sanity to use the sanctimonious militant terminology so as to restore order to our once UNITE States of America – The time might be at hand and order : ‘LOCK AND LOAD” !

  • Why did’t the Democrats arrest all the protesters in the Capitol the other day & call it a insurrection? It certainly did not even come close to January 6th. It goes to show all Americans that The Democrats can do anything they please & get by without no punishment. What has happened to our country? We sure have a double standard. Joe Biden calls all White American Terrorist. Well, HE IS THE TERRIORIST!!!

  • These protesters are insurrectionist. Why are they not in prison? The people that were labeled as insurrectionist on January 6th have been put into prison. Those folks were not insurrectionist. The FBI and Swamp people allowed people to actually attack the Capitol. Can you all say DOUBLE STANDARD as far as justice is concerned?



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