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The efforts to conceal Joe Biden’s cognitive decline prior to the disastrous presidential debate last month involved the Biden family, the White House, and media allies.

A recent report in New York Magazine indicates that these efforts began as early as the 2020 presidential election, suggesting a coordinated effort within the Democratic Party to keep these concerns hidden from the public.

According to author Olivia Nuzzi, Democratic officials, activists, and donors started expressing doubts about Biden’s ability to serve another term or even make it to Election Day as early as January.

These concerns stemmed from personal interactions with the 81-year-old president. Sources, including longtime friends of the Biden family, revealed that he struggles to remember names.

Nuzzi recounted an incident at a spring event where Biden failed to recognize her despite prior interactions. She observed his “waxy” face, unresponsive gaze, slow speech, and cool handshake in a warm room.

It appears that First Lady Jill Biden plays a significant role in managing the president’s day-to-day interactions.

In one instance reported by New York Magazine, Mrs. Biden had to remind her husband to thank a donor by name when he could only manage a blank stare and a nod.

At the same event, she appeared confused and panicked before speaking with Nuzzi, giving off an impression of dealing with a family emergency.

The report describes how Biden has both good and bad days, recalling his energetic and personable moments during the 2020 campaign but also noting times when he seemed disconnected and inarticulate—especially during adverse news cycles.

As for who is actually running the executive branch, the report speculates that a core group of Biden advisers likely manages the U.S. government.

These revelations are troubling as they raise questions about transparency and honesty within political leadership. It also highlights concerns about who is truly making decisions at the highest levels of government.

The efforts to conceal Biden’s cognitive decline suggest an orchestrated attempt to mislead voters regarding his capability to fulfill his duties as president.

This raises ethical concerns about politicians’ accountability and their responsibility to be upfront about any potential limitations in serving effectively.

Furthermore, it underscores how critical it is for voters to have accurate information about candidates’ health and fitness for office.

Transparency is essential for maintaining trust in democratic processes and ensuring that elected officials are capable of fulfilling their roles effectively.

The report also points out potential implications for national security and governance if there are uncertainties about who is truly leading decision-making processes within government institutions.

It is crucial for political leaders and their families to be forthright about any health issues that may impact their ability to serve effectively.

The public has a right to know if there are concerns about a leader’s cognitive abilities or overall well-being as these factors can significantly influence their capacity to govern responsibly.

In conclusion, these revelations underscore the importance of transparency in political leadership and raise significant ethical concerns regarding attempts to conceal important information from voters.

They also highlight broader implications for governance and national security if there are uncertainties surrounding decision-making processes at the highest levels of government.

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  • C’mon man! Joe has not lost a step. he is the same as he has been throughout his great career. You cannot abandon him now!! Remember orange man Bad. He only had low gas prices, high minority employment numbers, peace in the Mideast and mean (true) tweets.

  • Maybe the Communist Democrats can somehow remove Pedophile Biden’s non functioning brain and replace it with a hamsters brain he might think and walk a little better than he does now.
    Then again his wife might not keep him from packing his cheeks with sunflower seeds.

  • We are getting mixed signals as to Biden’s future as the democrat candidate for November. And many of the party’s elite have expressed different opinions as to who should replace him. For various reasons each one is as bad as any of the others. The real problem is that no matter who the candidate may be, the party objectives and policies will not change. We will still be face with the same issues we have today with little or no hope in sight that things will get any better. It would be well if Biden leaves office. But it is even more important to secure our border, reverse inflation, become energy independent, lower taxes, and improve the economy.

  • They knew of his demented behavior in 2020, this was an Obama thing to try to finish this country’s decline he was unable in his time at the WH. They cheated with the help of Georgia, NV, Pa, Wisc, Arizona, and Michigan. They found those governor to be corrupt and finished their corruption of the vote then.

  • People like Nuzzi are part of the cover-up. Should have made it clear, regardless of the consequences, that the guy was not up to par. Instead, so as to continue to be part of the ‘inside’ crowd, Nuzzi remained silent to the detriment of the American People. Disgusting.

  • There are still a lot of loyal, unconvinced Democrat voters, who continue to support Joe Biden. In the primaries, he won 87% of the delegates. Biden / Harris Campaign controls several hundred million dollars, in contributions. Whatever Joe Biden’s condition, he has vowed to remain in the campaign. Democrats will have to DESTROY Joe Biden, to make him quit. You people, with 80-year-old grandfathers, or 80-year-old fathers, can see how they have exploited and depleted Joe Biden. I wonder, whether you can forgive such abuse of an elderly American.



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