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On Monday, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) expressed his belief that the Republican party has gathered enough votes to bring charges of inherent contempt of Congress against Attorney General Merrick Garland, as per a report by Just The News.

Additionally, last month Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) notified her colleagues of her plan to propose a resolution requiring the House sergeant at arms to apprehend Attorney General Merrick Garland and bring him before the lower chamber.

“Under inherent contempt, the individual is brought before the bar of the House by the Sergeant at Arms, tried by the body, and can then be detained either in the Capitol or in D.C.,” Luna said. “This process demonstrates the seriousness with which Congress views non-compliance and the potential consequences for those who refuse to cooperate.”

Luna further emphasized, “The only option to ensure compliance with our subpoena is to use our constitutional authority of inherent contempt.” She also disclosed her plans to call up her resolution holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in inherent contempt of Congress in the coming days and urged her colleagues to vote in favor.

Last Wednesday, Rep. Luna issued a stern warning to Garland, giving him until Friday morning to hand over the requested audio tapes or face custody.

“Why should the attorney general, who is supposed to be head of all law enforcement authorities, be any different? Garland still has time to comply with this request. We are asking that he bring the tapes to the house and let us listen to them, but in the event that he does not, we will press forward with calling the privilege motion on Inherent Contempt to the floor on Friday morning,” Rep. Luna said in a press conference.

Instead of bringing forth a privilege motion on inherent contempt last Friday, Rep. Luna suggested a resolution to levy a daily fine of $10,000 on Garland until he complies.
The Hill indicated that Luna’s new resolution is in response to GOP resistance to her plan to arrest and detain Garland. Rep. Luna acknowledged that the proposal to arrest and detain Garland lacks sufficient votes for approval.
“There were members who said they didn’t support the other version. Meaning it would fail… Either way, I am literally the only person that brainstormed any accountability. If you dont like how the GOP VOTES as a whole get active, but trashing me without knowing details is exactly what the left does,” Luna wrote.

Now, with renewed confidence, Rep. Norman asserts that the party has rallied the necessary votes. “While we anticipate passing this resolution without Democratic support, the commitment within our ranks should see us through,” Norman commented during an appearance on the “Just The News, No Noise” TV show. He lauded Luna’s persistence and strategic planning over the past two years.

“I’m glad that it’s gotten as far as it has, [Luna] has worked on this for, I think, over two years to get this right, to make sure she has it in a form that will … pass the House and … get the job done with Merrick Garland.”

In an X post, Rep. Luna wrote, “Steve Bannon became yet another political prisoner of the Biden regime. The Justice Department has demonstrated an unmatched willingness to jail its political enemies. Congress must reign in this weaponized DOJ, and that starts with holding Merrick Garland in inherent contempt.”

According to Fox News, Luna confirmed on X that she intends to initiate the vote, most likely next week.
“The vote for inherent contempt against Attorney General Merrick Garland will be brought to the floor this upcoming session week with full support from Speaker Mike Johnson. This version of inherent contempt will become standard practice for those who seek to undermine Congress as an equal branch of government,” Rep. Luna wrote.

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  • Get it passed and the sooner the better, jail that Unconstitutional Communist bastard.
    Garland is not above the Law and he should be the poster child of law enforcement corruption.
    While the Communist Democrats call for for defunding law enforcement, start with the Communist FBI and arrest all those who are comprised to break the law by targeting MAGA supporters by illegally entering homes without probable cause and without a warrant, arresting Americans who support President Trump.
    The Communist ATF should also be brought before Congress by subpoena.
    The big question is, will anything be done and how many plantation slaves will vote Communist Democrat.?

  • A favorite comment from the Dems is that nobody is above the law. I’d love to see it applied to the Dems and have that troll Garland in the dock, but I doubt that it will ever happen.

  • To weak!!
    Impeach Biden ….AND ….the 44+ Jews, highly placed in the Biden administration, destroying America.

    Force the Senate Democrats to defend the Marxist Traitors just before the election. RINO Mitch McConnell will not allow a GOP impeachment vote in the Senate. Expel Cocaine Mitch first!

    jewishvirtuallibrary. org/jews-in-the-biden-administration

    Ron Klain Chief of Staff (2021-2023), replaced by Jeffrey Zients.
    Janet Yellin Secretary of Treasury
    Alejandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security
    Tony Blinken Secretary of State
    Merrick Garland Attorney General

    …and many more traitors!

  • Garland should have his house raided at 2:00 am with 15 armed officers with the right to use deadly force. Just like the conditions used on Trump. That is equal justice what’s good for one is good for all. Garland should also be charged with Treason for conspiring with the Biden’s and hiding evidence about Biden’s international corruption.



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