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On Thursday, Joe Biden made an appearance at the White House Fourth of July barbeque, delivering brief remarks using a large teleprompter. Earlier in the day, he had remained out of sight.

Accompanied by Nurse Jill, the Bidens hosted a barbeque on the South Lawn for active-duty military service members and their families to mark Independence Day.

During his speech, Biden appeared to struggle with his words as he criticized Trump over the “losers and suckers” controversy.


Following his short comments, Nurse Jill provided him with directions to prevent him from becoming lost.


Out of nowhere, Joe Biden went off script and seized the microphone, marking the beginning of a downward spiral.

“You got me, man! I’m not going anywhere!” Biden shouted. “You know, I used to think, when I was a Senator, there was always congestion on the highways. There’s no congestion anymore! We go out on the highway and there’s no congestion!”

He continued, “The way they get me to stop talking, they’ll say, ‘we just shut down all the roads, Mr. President. You’re gonna lose all the votes if you don’t get in,’ but anyway.”


ICYMI: Did Biden Violate Federal Law During ‘Trump Immunity’ White House Speech? [VIDEO]

Doug Goldsmith

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  • I just heard that the walking dead, Joe Biden, just announced that he is proud to be a black woman. He/she certainly fooled me. Who would have thought???

  • Pedophile Biden can’t speak or carry on a conversation without bashing President Trump and the MAGA SUPPORTERS.
    Who the Hell would vote for that scumbag POS other than the Communist Democrats plantation slaves.?
    Hateful words are an everyday thing with the Communist Democrats and Rinos.
    Hitlery called Americans Deplorables and she didn’t win, thank God.
    I listened to that empty shell of a human being for 4 years, bashing President Trump and MAGA Patriots, and the Communist Democrats think that’s what the people want to hear.
    I for one have had a belly of Communist, both in Washington DC and Communist Colleges.

    • Biden has 2 lines:
      “We are the United States of America”
      “ look at what I have done in 3 1/2 years”

      Two comments to that:
      1. We are voting for the future. In the stock market they value future results, not past profits. The last 2 years shows he can only glory in the past, no vision for the future
      He truly had a great way to fix social security, except the moment he got into office he got amnesia, or did he not do his plan because it hit his wealthy base If he truly cared for American little guys”THE PARTY BASE”, he would have fixed it
      2. What has he done:
      -Let millions into America and printed Deficit dollars that our grandchildren will have to pay, to keep them here Many are criminals
      -created our worst homeless situation in history
      – Yesterday in his interview he refused to get certified competent and share it with the American people What is he afraid of, the truth
      – Yesterday he said he is running the world Russia and China, Germany, France, England, etc, are they doing his bidding as he runs the world
      – his interview was taped so he would not have to answer questions after a normal day, couldn’t keep his eyes open
      He and Trump are in DENILE, the American people want 2 new candidates While I don’t believe Trump was guilty of 30 plus crimes, there is no doubt he is guilty of some, and they occurred before he was President, so why immunity on them
      – why is Trump being taken to court for exactly the same crime Biden committed If Biden is to old and pathetic to stand trial, why is Trump being prosecuted He did it for a far shorter time than Biden

      I don’t care who gets elected, we get the raw end of the deal Neither is fit to be President I don’t here what a great future President either will be I hear, vote for so and so because the other is a loser Great choice for America Look for low voter turnout Democrats won’t vote for Trump, they will stay home Many Republicans won’t vote for Trump, and know they can’t for Biden, so they stay home I wrote in Hailey when I voted

      Newsome and Harris are disasters, so put in some competent leader Governor of KY is getting a lot accomplished with a Republican House while he is a Democrat

      Term limits; Everyone I know wants them but the people to make it happen are not going to vote themselves out of a job Now when they get rich on insider info that would put a working person in jail for the same thing

      I am ashamed of the America we are leaving our future generations Every person over 40 should be ashamed



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