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This week, a trial based on the 14th Amendment began in Colorado to determine if President Donald Trump will be allowed on the 2024 presidential ballot.

The legal theory behind this lawsuit is Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which states that public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the United States may be disqualified from public office.

Despite this, Trump has not been officially charged with engaging in such acts and his lawyers argued for dismissal of the case.

District Judge Sarah Wallace disagreed and ruled against him for a third time, allowing the suit to proceed.

In their opening remarks during the trial, attorneys highlighted two clips of President Trump’s speech at Ellipse on January 6 2021 to support their argument, however, they failed to include his call for peacefulness among supporters.

To further strengthen their claim, DC Metropolitan Police Officer Danny Hodges testified about his experiences and injuries sustained when he was pinned in a doorway at Capitol during that day.

Hodges told the Colorado court that he “experienced pain and bruising” about his body on his “skull and hand.”

“I had a contusion on my head from being struck with my own baton which I believe resulted in concussion as I experienced a headache for two weeks after the fact. I had lacerations on the face. Bleeding from the mouth and pain in my eye from someone attempting to gouge it out,” Hodges said.


Nevertheless, as noted by Julie Kelly, Officer Hodges’ Facebook posts on January 7 detailing his injuries contradict this assertion. The photos were posted just one day after the Capitol protest on January 6.

Danny Hodges, Facebook photo from Jan.7, 2021

Hodges also falsely claimed police had been “seizing guns all day” and believed protesters were better armed than cops in full riot gear.

The bodycam footage of Hodges has not yet been released.

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Doug Goldsmith

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    • Yeah, I was there that day but not at the Capitol. The security forces around the President were numerous enough and well-armed enough to have simply walked down Pennsylvania Ave and taken over had the President really intended to do that. No, he called for peace. While the Pres was detailing all of the election fraud in his speech, one woman near us blurted out: “but what’s he gonna do about it?” Two women died that day at the Capitol. No officers. Later, the President peacefully gave up the office. Yet, dems bray, scream, lie and charge him incessantly for nothing. If anything, the whole mess was orchestrated by Nan and deep state.

  • Question: Does the definition of “insurrection/rebellion” include willfully breaking/not upholding the laws of our land and precepts of our Constitution, with the result of not fulfilling their oath of office and engaging in a policy of rebellion against what our country is intended to be, to the harm and safety of our country and people? If so, is the whole Democratic Party not eligible to be relieved of duty and held in contempt for not doing their duty, performing their sworn obligations? Just a question!

    • 100% Right. You can charge every democrat with TREASON and the Military they take an oath to protect us from the government we have now.

  • Just another lying pos Liberal Brown Shirt! I am hopeful that the Democrats and their merry band of corrupt alphabet agencies will go the way of the Nazi’s did if the Civil unrest that I feel is coming goes through. I am SICK & TIRED of this bullshit from our corrupt Government! To hell with every single one of them!!!

  • Cops like him give the good cops a bad name and cause hate for cops. He should be in jail for lieing under oath and fired from being a cop, But with the crooked government we have now it will never happen.

    • Yep….and just look how much lying the FBI and ATF are doing along with the other supposed federal agencies. Well, I’ll include Congress and the DOJ too.

  • This LYING Democrapic Police lackey’s body cam footage will either be withheld because it shows the TRUTH about ANTIFA and BLM TERRORISTS working for Democraps and would prove that Democraps are the ones causing all the damage or it will have been accidentally erased. All those trying President Trump are a MASSIVE part of the SWAMP and will do any and everything to prevent President Trump from retaking the Oval Office after the Democraps CHEATED Pedo Joe in Office.

  • I seem to remember several judges giving cops the green light to lie, just as the black robed gang has given the democrat party and the deep state the right to commit voter fraud.
    So seriously there is no longer a right to equal justice under the law! The double standards are in full force, which equals NO justice! Just kangaroo courthouses!

  • like everyone else subscribed to the Liberal Democrat game plan he like them are Lying. The only weapons found were behind the Capitol on the Night of January 5th. Maybe if they allowed the Public to see the Capitol Building Video Evidence in its entirety we would see the Thousands of Undercover Federal Agents rallying the crowd into a Frenzy shortly after the Rubber Bullets and Flash Babgs were used as the Feds started yelling to the crowd, ” your under attack head into the Capitol. ” This is what over 250 close friends who were there said that obvious looking Undercover Federal Agents started yelling as the Capitol Police manning the Bicycle Racks started moving them out of the way as they were instructed to do by even more Undercover Federal Agents.

  • I wander how much that POS Communist perjury committing Democrat Fu**er got.
    I knew what the consequences of perjury meant before I retired as a Texas Police officer.
    I’m sure the Communist judge told that POS Cop was told “Nothing will happen to you” and the dumbass did it. Haven’t they realized that the Communist Democrats use every one as pawns.
    Stop Voting Communist Democrats.

    • Yes, and about half of the so-called Republicans we have. Our for fathers messed up real bad not putting in term limits. But back then the was no term. Because they were not getting paid so they had to go back home to make a living.

  • Danny also omitted the part when his colleagues started throwing flash bangs and sting balls with rubber bullets into crowd shortly after 1pm.

    And he also omitted the part where the flash bangs and sting balls with rubber bullets caused the crowd to stampede in retreat trampling Roseanne Borland who died from her injuries. Omitted also was Capital Police officers on video beating her when they arrived. And also omitted was the ME’s lie that she was on drugs and that they had her body cremated without her parents’ consent. Nice way to hide the evidence.

  • When oh When will the REAL Person in charge of the protection of the USA CAPITAL BLDG stand up and answer for the planned Kerfuffle held on Jan.06.2021. Her daughter was there inside with her Mom Pelosi with a video camera and her Son-in-law was outside guiding folks into the CAPITAL. The Speaker of House of Reps. turned down Trump’s offer of 25 thousand National Guardsmen. Nancy also GAVE HER CAPITAL COPS A LIGHT DUTY THAT DAY WITH MOST OF THEM enjoying a day off on Jan 06,2021. How much of that Cop’s statement is true and how much minor damage did he do for the benefit of the films he took of his so- called injuries.



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