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A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to prevent former President Donald Trump from appearing on the New Hampshire primary ballot.

The case was based on unsubstantiated claims of “insurrection”, but the court’s ruling affirms the ex-president’s eligibility for the 2020 election cycle.

This decision is critical to preserving the democratic process and allowing candidates to compete in elections without interference.

In a case regarding the events of January 6, 2021 and President Trump’s alleged role in them, the judge ruled that claims made in the lawsuit suggesting “insurrection” were unfounded.

The judge determined that these allegations lacked merit and failed to provide sufficient evidence to support them.

This dismissal mirrors similar lawsuits brought up against Trump in other states aiming to prevent him from appearing on primary ballots.

As such, state election officials have been hesitant to take any action until courts can assess the situation and render a judgement.

Throughout the legal proceedings, Trump’s legal team has vigorously defended his right to run for office by upholding constitutional principles and due process.

The dismissal of the lawsuit in New Hampshire is another affirmation that Trump is eligible to participate in the democratic process. However, opponents still attempt to impede him from running for president again in 2024 with various legal claims.

Despite these arguments, courts remain committed to evaluating their validity and protecting fairness and constitutional rights.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • The main problem here is they want to get rid of Trump. He is an obstacle to their Great ReSet, New World Order. One World Government whatever you want to call it. Freedoms, property rights everything will be gone. THe elites will govern all of the impoverished and that includes you and I. They don’t give up, believe me, and will keep fighting until they can take over.

  • The democrats are going to have to dig much deeper into their pockets to persuade the judges if they don’t want Trump to have his constitutional right to run for office! Most court judges and government authorities don’t want Trump back in power, but all their tries to convict him have all been cut and paste charges and out and out lies!
    The witch hunt is obvious!

  • Okay…a judge from New Hampshire calls it the right way. The evidence is that Pelousy AND Schumer were the two trash heaps that started and coordinated the Jan6 debacle with the assistance of the capitol police and FBI along with Garland and Wray.

  • Face it. The only states trying to do is to keep Trump from getting elected. They think that is their only chance to stop them. So pitiful!



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