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On Friday, the U.S. Commerce Department announced a 90-day suspension of the issuance of export licenses for most civilian firearms and ammunition, citing “national security and foreign policy interests” as its rationale.

This ban includes a wide array of semiautomatic and non-automatic firearms such as shotguns, optical sights, and more.

Leading American gun manufacturers including Sturm Ruger & Co., Smith & Wesson Brands, and Vista Outdoor will suffer from an economic impact due to this suspension which applies to markets such as Brazil, Thailand, and Guatemala. However, it does not affect about 40 countries that participate in a multilateral export-control agreement with the U.S., including Israel and Ukraine.

Experts in the field were quick to note the unusual nature of this move by the Commerce Department; Johanna Reeves, an attorney specializing in export controls and firearms stated that she had never seen such sweeping action before.

“For sure they have individual country policies — but nothing like this.”

The Commerce Department has announced a 90-day halt on the export of most US-made firearms and is conducting an internal review to ensure that its support of the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) does not conflict with US policy interests.

Through this review, long-term changes may be implemented that would reverse pro-industry policies which have been in place for the past two decades and facilitated significant growth in gun sales abroad.

Bloomberg recently conducted a months-long investigation into gun industry strategies used to increase global sales, as well as supportive US policies; it began with an examination of gun sales to Thailand following one of the world’s worst mass killings there last year.

This inquiry also revealed extensive government support for SHOT Show, including the steering of more than 3200 international buyers to attend this year’s event.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • National security my ass. If they cared about security they would close the border.

    They’re just trying to run the gun companies out of business.

    • Then you need a ‘thinker’ adjustment. Anything to do with civilian arms and ammo, the Walking Dead pretend president wants shut down.

  • Ok…then the Sniffy Administration can halt shipping our military’s arms and equipment to UKRAINE for those same number of days.

  • All those Communist Democrats and Rinos are over stepping their authority and ignoring the 2nd Amendment, Military arsenal and ammunition going to Ukraine and Iran is bullshit, while they keep destroying the Constitution by over taxing America’s ammunition and the sale of firearms is so, their illegals can bring firearms into America and shoot and bomb American Citizens.!
    In the meantime the Communist Democrats will allow Antifa and BLM to have firearms and get free ammunition from Soros and The Muslim Obama.
    they want us to be totally defensive so We The People can nolonger defend ourselves.
    Fu** all Communist Democrats and Rinos including the voters who vote those Mother Fu** ers into office.
    Soros already bought out the largest firearms manufacturer in the United States.

  • I hoping for a restrictive law so egregious that the SCOTUS steps in and states that the original intent of the 2nd Amendment was what SCOTUS Justice Joseph Story said it was, the PALLADIUM of Rights, and wipes out all of the unconstitutional gun laws on the books.

  • How about the Government did they cancel them I guess not Eric Holder and Obama did send Guns out illigally held in Contempt of Congress Never turn in Paper work and Nothing done to them Corrupt Democrats You Know

  • I can understand South and Central America countries that may be selling to terrorist globally, but more significantly providing access to firearms by illegal alien terrorists entering the United States at our Southern border. However, it’s really only a token effort as the thousands of illegal aliens who are potential international terrorists can readily acquire stolen firearms thanks to out incompetent ATF various blue state policing agencies.

  • jump thru another hoop, ye slaves of the deep STATE. Keep telling yourself you are free. Just don’t try to prove it

  • This is how the Commies are circumventing the Second Amendment. They will regulate it out of existence through ‘Deep State’ bureaucratic rules and regulations. Wait ’til next year (election year), FJB will declare martial law, ban all domestic guns and ammo, stop the November elections and declare a digital currency where ‘the government’ can control what you buy, how much and ban purchases of certain items (guns and ammo). It is going to be a very interesting 2024.



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