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Robert Card, the man accused of mass murder in Maine, has been found dead in the woods.

Initially, reports indicated he had two gunshot wounds to the head, which would suggest that someone else was responsible for his death. However, within minutes, the story was revised to indicate only one “self-inflicted” wound.

It remains unclear if this discrepancy was due to an error or a deliberate attempt at obfuscation by those with vested interests.

Whatever may be the case, both possibilities will likely remain unresolved as mainstream media outlets avoid further questions into this matter.

Here’s the original Tweet, though the story that it links to has changed:


According to the newest version of the article:

Maine mass shooter Robert Card has been found dead in the woods with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head – ending a 48-hour manhunt involving over 300 members of law enforcement.

Androscoggin sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook: ‘The suspect in Wednesday nights shootings has been located and is deceased.’

Card, 40, was found near Lisbon, where his car was abandoned shortly after Wednesday’s massacre. His body was reportedly located near a recycling plant from where he was recently fired.

So which is it?

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  • Likely the fault of rushing to report. Often one wound at close range, especially from high velocity rounds, looks like two wounds. Entrance and exit, right?

    • Fred, yes it was likely entrance and exit but the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists are too stupid and too agenda driven to ever get it right!!!!!

  • if you want to know more and the real fact wgme (maine) will be covering the live coverage that will be at 10 am this morning.

  • This guy was involuntarily committed to a mental institution but only kept 2 weeks yet the satanic left wants to disarm lawful gun owners, as usual !!!!! Nearly every mass murders are committed in devildemocommiecrat areas with the most stringent gun control laws that are not only unConstitutional but also don’t prevent crimes!!!!! Chicago, with the strictest gun control in the nation also leads the nation in gun violence, because they don’t put violent criminals in prison!!!!! They want We the People who value God, the Constitution, and liberty put in prison because we won’t support their implementation of the satanic one world government!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger, he’s dead! Saved the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars and probably 5 years just trying to prosecute him. And then spend millions and millions of dollars and 25 years on death row to keep him alive and safe(?).



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