How closely connected are New York Attorney General Letitia James and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer?
Should the public be worried about the links between the “Working Families Party,” Senator Schumer, and AG James, who uses legal tactics against presidential candidate Donald J. Trump?

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A recently discovered video shows Senator Chuck Schumer, known for his disdain towards Trump, dancing in the streets alongside NY AG Letitia James, who campaigned on a pledge to bring down President Trump if elected.
The pair was not just dancing in NYC streets but also with the prominent communist organization, The Working Families Party.

“NEW YORK – Under the theme “Make it Real” U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joined over 1,000 labor and community activists this past week in Manhattan to kick off a campaign to turnout the vote on the Working Families Party line.”


Bad Kitty Unleashed, a popular X User, posted alleged evidence that Letitia James is a member of the Working Families Communist Party in this tweet:

During Letitia’s tenure on the NYC Council from 2004-2013, Ballot Pedia uncovered her connections to the Communist Party-affiliated group Working Families.

Evidence suggests that George Soros has connections to a Communist group, as he was featured as a guest speaker at their Democracy Alliance 2016 Investment Conference.


How many more warning signs must Americans be confronted with before they realize that the post-Barack Obama Democratic Party no longer upholds the US Constitution or the principles and ideals that so many have sacrificed for in our nation?

Doug Goldsmith

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    • I wholeheartedly agree!!! What are some people (too darned many) cannot see that our once great country is being destroyed bit by bit and it is being done BY DESIGN due to the policies of Obama/Biden/Soros/James/Willis, etc., etc., etc.

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  • Hitler was aligned with what was called a workers party!!! We don’t have a democrat party and a Republican Party we have the dems the republicans and the far left communist party and a vote for these POS is a vote against America!!! Americans as a whole need to wake up and I don’t mean white Americans I mean ALL Americans (white black Asian Latino )!!! The Demonrats are the ones who are against democracy!!! Just look south to see what Biden and the communist want total chaos!!! We are the only country that just lets people enter the country ILLEGALLY!!! These POSs need to do what they swore to do UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION!!!!!

    • Ron, the gop establishment, 90% of the gop, are commubists helping the devildemocommiecrat party destroy America!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hot lead is what’s needed for the three of those Communist Anti-American Mother Fu*kers.
    Or use a grappling Hook in their ribs and drag the Bastards through the streets of Communist NYC.!!
    No more holding back, I absolutely hate Communist Democrats and Rinos.

    • Actually StanB, their all happy that the Illegals are killing Americans and taking orders from Communist Muslim Obama, Communist Soros and Schumer and Piglosi not to mention the Rinos and the Cartels.
      Dan Bonjino stated that the Communist Rinos are resigning on purpose to allow the Communist Democrats to take the seats in the House so they can vote President Trump off the ballot before the 2024 election.
      The Communist are also going to have the Illegals be counted on the census giving them a victory to fill the Senate and Congress.
      Soon Our votes will nolonger matter, so if We The People don’t use our 2nd Amendment Rights to remove them by force then they win and Dictatorship will prevail and we lose America for good.
      The problem is they’ve gotten away with everything so far and they know that the We The People won’t do anything to stop them.

  • So James is a commie candidate AND supporter; there’s laws against that in this country . Arrest the witch and charge her with treason, right along with mucky chuck. After they are convicted, HANG THEM.

  • James is a useless piece of garbage and Chuckie is a political whore who sells his soul to the highest bidder.

  • Being a Communist is incompatible with faithfully serving as DA. How can you uphold our laws and rights as required by your oath of office and code of ethics as a member of the Bar? You can’t! The two are incompatible.

  • And why not since the American Democrat Party covertly became the American Communist Party during Clinton’s term after it had been funded and backed by the ACP since the early 1900’s

  • Even FDR had a buddy in Stalin after Hitler double crossed Joe and he brought the Soviet Union into the allies, Churchhill never could stand the marxist and never trusted him. Even Joe Kennedy Sr, kept telling his boss FDR that Hitler was a freind to the USA the whole time Kennedy was the Ambassador to the UK. All these things were matters of public record until the new history books by the leftist educators had it changed

  • Of course they are celebrating with fellow communists!!!!!!!!!! They think they have won and America is now a communist hell hole but as long as I am alive they haven’t won!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imagine being a member of the (CDSS) communist democratic socialist sheep party and believing you’re a patriot! How stupid will you feel when you wake up to that fact and realize you’ve been lied to and taken for the fool you are?
    Will you wake up in time to realize that half the country is not the enemy and you shouldn’t be shipping them off in train cars to the gas chambers? I’m guessing not, because if you’re still voting democrat you haven’t woken up to the fact that the CDSS destroys everything it touches and they use their base as useful tools!

  • That’s great. The New York idiot bozos got what they wanted (high crime, new comers, business leaving, people leaving, crap and garbage all over, huge cost of living, high taxes that will just keep going up etc.) All they have to do is vote for the Demorat’s and they will be next in line to get tossed out of their houses to make room for the newcomer’s and they can be useful by cleaning the streets and making breakfast, lunch and dinner for the newcomers and cleaning your car for them to get around in. WoW Just Wonderful

  • SO, Letitia James is, among other things, a COMMUNIST? Well, it figures, she is more than likely associated with George Soros also!!!

  • There are very few openly Communist countries in the world. Two (China and Vietnam) had to put in a capitalist system of allowing ownership of property and business to keep the people from rising up and throwing their butts out after decades of pure Communist rule. The others have put in a few reforms but will it be enough to keep a grip on the people. What the Communists do to maintain power is fear of the secret police and military. So while there are a few carrots to the people the leaders have an iron fist.

  • If there ever was evidence that this filthy POS scum Letitia James and that filthy Chuck Schumer are out to bring Donald Trump down from becoming president THIS IS IT, AND THE TRUE COURTS AND JUDGES SHOULD SEE AND UNDERSTAND THAT THESE DISPICITIBLE CRIMINALS ARE IN LEAUGES TO BRING DOWN DONALD TRUMP, there MUST be some who are appalled by this blatant show of these criminals as they are working together like rats.

  • These tow are sick puppies and NYC deserves they both as slimmie as they come. Next we should be hearing from the greassy haired Mafia spawn Gov. Twosome Newsome.



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