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A prominent Republican in Congress was caught by a reporter lying about the influence of the Deep State while attempting to demonize TikTok as a threat to America.

The House passed a bill requiring ByteDance, the Chinese tech company behind TikTok, to sell the app within six months to avoid a ban in the US. Rep. Dan Crenshaw has captured on camera misleading reporters about national security concerns related to TikTok and denying claims of US Intelligence agencies manipulating news coverage.

The establishment RINO then challenged Cosgrove to provide evidence refuting his claims.

Later, the reporter approached Crenshaw as he walked towards his assistant’s SUV and mentioned the FBI, ex-government officials, and the media collaborating with Twitter to censor The New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.

Crenshaw dismissed it, stating that since the officials were retired, it was not relevant.

When Cosgrove noted that the FBI had possessed the laptop for over a year, Crenshaw argued that it was different from TikTok’s actions. He then abruptly closed the car door and left.


Cosgrove: Are you worried that our intelligence agencies are doing the same thing (as China) domestically?

Crenshaw: Am I worried? Well, I KNOW that they’re not.

Cosgrove: They’re not manipulating Americans?

Crenshaw: Yes, I know. Do you have evidence otherwise that you would like to share?

Cosgrove: Congressman, you asked for an example of the U.S. intelligence agencies meddling in our information. What about before the 2020 election when 50 members came out and said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation? Does that count?

Crenshaw: No, because they were retired.

Cosgrove: But the FBI had the laptop for over a year…

Crenshaw: That’s not even close to what TikTok is doing!

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • There is no need to worry about Tik Tok because Pedo Joe and the Democraps will give away any and all secrets to the Chinese spies they use as driver, have as Girlfriends, or in Pedo Joe’s next book. Pedo Joe also gives them out via Tik Tok but he will use any social media source for his TREASON so long as it makes him look good to the younger voters.

    • How can he look “good” to the younger voters when he looks like a toddler with a loaded diaper when he walks & he still speaks gibberish?

  • Dan has proceeded to upset me more & more with each & every statement he has made over the last couple years. What a waste of skin!

  • I always took away points from Seals because the navy makes them do their own laundry. Now, they lose more points because of this one eyed Rino.

    • My son in Law is an Army Ranger and he says they think the seals are a bunch of prima donas. Like that fool that says he killed Bin Ladin, why would any intelligent human go on TV and claim that? Now he is a target, but so what, a real dumb ass

  • The only reason the commies, in the government, want to shut down TikTok, is THEY CANNOT CENSOR ANY FREE SPEECH ON THE PLATFORM!! They don’t have a Zukerberg (fakebook) or Sundar Pichai (Google) to cooperate with them to shut down conservative voices!!

  • Crenshaw is a snake he’s just a disgrace democrat. He needs his other eye poked out. Americans hate these assholes Rinos get out before we throw you out. Better start backing TRUMP before they completely destroy America.

  • He didn’t lie, he told the truth and they didn’t like it so they are demonizing him now. The liberal media is so corrupt. This crap needs to stop and we need the media to just tell the news with no spin on it to fit their narrative

  • “Dan Crenshaw as he walks out of the Capitol after voting to give Joe Biden the power to shut down news sites that dare to challenge him.” Makes him a traitor.

  • Big spending RINO Crenshaw doubled down on his swamp credentials the other day when he voted for the Democrats’ $1.2B spending bill that back stabbing Mike Johnson concocted in secret with the Democrats then stupidly pushed through the House.

  • Dan needs to check into the VA. He has become a rinos. He does inside trading, votes will the democrats all the time, betray the veterans with voting for a red flag law. This man is a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear. I getting hurt in war made him corrupt. I don’t know but he sure isn’t for the American people. LOSER!

  • I lost all respect for Crenshaw when he went on SNL. He is a total establishment pos that wants to make as much bank as possible before Texas votes his traitor @$$ out! He’ll end up on NBC with the rest of the “Republicans” after the voters send him packing.



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