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Pelosi’s husband earns over $1.25 million from Nvidia stock investment in a mere three months

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has come under scrutiny for her husband’s stock transactions, with another profitable move involving a familiar company.

Paul Pelosi, who owns an investment firm in San Francisco, purchased call options in Nvidia worth between $1 million and $5 million on Nov. 22. The transaction was not disclosed until just before Christmas.

This is not the first time the Pelosis have invested in Nvidia. In 2022, Paul bought over $1 million in call options for the chip company shortly before a congressional vote on subsidies for the industry. Following criticism of the timing, he sold the options.

When questioned by Fox News Digital, Pelosi denied providing insider information to her husband for his investments and clarified that she is not involved in his financial decisions.

The Pelosis sure have amazing luck.

Do you think the liberal media would be silent about this if the story was about a Republican?

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • I wonder if Pelosi’s $1.25 million USD will be worthless like all of ours when the collapse and reset they’re pushing for is complete?

  • Typical Democrat corruption. However, we have read how Paul Pelosi often secures homosexual prostitutes to come to his home to service him when Nancy is away. Since he almost got hammered for not paying a homosexual prostitute, this 1.25 million will keep him buying as many homosexual prostitutes he wants without the danger of getting hammered.

  • one wonders what happened to her gay drunk husband’s dui and her in side trades deals that were illegal for her to use, but she did it any ways. her corruption has no end

  • When I worked in the stock market over 20 years ago people like them were put in Jail , We live in a disgusting society

    • America has definitely LOST the culture war. We are a much degraded, declined, society. That process has been in effect, not just a couple of decades, for the past 60 odd years! As Ripley would say, “BELIEVE IT OR NOT.”

  • People that remain confused as to how our ‘elected,’ 6 figure salaried, representatives arrive to “SERVE” us as un-wealthy, semi-wealthy, and depart multi-millionaires, should schedule their long overdue lobotomies!

  • We’ve been saying all along that the Communist Democrats and Rinos have been stealing, lieing, corruption and by gaining so much wealth by insider trading has come to light.
    Why are the Palosi’s not been Arrested when they were found out several years ago but, Martha Stewart was arrested for doing the same Damn thing.!
    I know, I know, it’s because their all Criminals and Communist Democrats, who gets away with anything that’s unlawful.
    So that means that all Communist Democrats are above the Law and commen Americans are below the Laws.
    The sorry Bit** Leticia James and that Fugly Enmoron has been saying NO ONES ABOVE THE LAW, meaning President Trump.
    We need vigilantes and hang them all.!!
    FJB and all Communist Democrats and Rinos.
    Remember That Ugly as Hell Maxine Waters trying to encite a riot against President Trump and the conservative/republican voters, nothing happened to her either but if any American tried that they would be put in Prison.

  • And every bit needs confiscated immediately anf millions in fines prosecuted prison time that’s for all these politicians, congress needs to investigate all those that went in normal left millionaires, and those that are still severing all monies confiscated put in Social Security, Veterans, Medicare, No where else

  • Have a citizens committee subtract from ALL politicians net worth when they leave congress, their net worth when they entered congress, account for all congressional pay and allowances over their terms in congress, account for reasonable expenses of that period, then have them account for and pay taxes on the balance. Investigate any large payments and legal stock gains (with penalties), and if anything looks illegal, arrest them.

  • Hopefully Paul will have enough money now to pay his homosexual prostitutes. The hammering he got in the past for refusing to pay for his male prostitute almost got him killed.

  • Nancy Pelosi is genuinely EVIL!!!! and should be removed from office TODAY and placed in a maximum security prison to await her excecution…..

  • as to your question, no the democrook media would be all over this news if it were a consservative that did this but sure the piglois’ aren’ t doing any insider trading. sure they just know what stocks to pick. yeah, right! i just wonder how much was the piglois’s worth when she was elected to the congress and how much are they worth now? LGB!!!

  • Just like our “everybody Joe”. A poor boy, from Scranton Pa. who never held ANY job outside of the public sector, yet is a multimillionaire with three expensive homes!

  • it’s called inside trades. and it’s still illegal for her to use, yet she still does. they put Martha Stewart in prison for taking her money out as to not lose millons. yet Pelosi uses inside trades to make millons and she get nothing but the millons made illegaly . there’s the real justice of the far left Communist democrats , and no one seems to care. just like the way the far left go’s after trump in order to fix elections . and still no one seems to care. more far left democrat justice. when is enough, enough ??? how much corruption are they going to use befor anyone does anything about it. that’s the right question to ask, but no one does. so Pelosi’s like other democrats corruption go on. and no one seems to care. to bad its against the law to just walk up to her and beat the crap out of her, God knows she deserves it for her corruption against the people and the country. but being a law biding citizen, I don’t. more then I can say for the far left Communist democrat party.

  • Gee, imagine that Pelosi making millions on insider trading and of course, no one is above the law except Democrats.

  • Why aren’t the crooked Pelosi in jail. This crooked corrupt bitch doesn’t belong in congress at all she should be removed now.
    The pelosi’s should be charged with insider information and charged their son should of also have been charged for all his illegal activities. Time to retire all government officials now



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