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Kid Rock made a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, where they engaged in a lengthy discussion covering various topics.

Among the many subjects discussed, one particular segment that stood out was when Kid Rock shared his experience of visiting Bohemian Grove, a secretive resort/campsite known to cater to the elite.

According to Kid Rock himself, he was once ejected from Bohemian Grove for striking a young individual in the head. Bohemian Grove is a topic that often sparks lively discussions among conspiracy theorists.

This covert gathering spot nestled within the Monte Rio forest is managed by a prominent group of predominantly American global leaders and has become synonymous with supposed decadence and malfeasance.

So, why did Kid Rock find himself there in the first place?

The Daily Caller reported:

“I can’t remember [this] kid’s talking around this fire and … he starts popping that shit and I just fuckin’ went at him,” Kid Rock explained. “Gave him a couple. Helped him up. Was like, ‘hey, we good.’” He assumed everything was good until he was barred from a concert that night and kicked out of the retreat.

But that isn’t even the craziest part.

After a little more back and forth, Rogan brought up Alex Jones’ description of a giant owl statue at Bohemian Grove. “Oh! I was at the owl statue! This is fucking hilarious” Kid Rock jumped in. “So I’m there on day one, right? And we’re drinking beers like, it’s pretty laid back, there’s some really cool talks … but the first day, it was the first evening, and you gather around [this] owl by this lake … ” and suddenly he was surrounded by a “trove of celebrities.”

Watch the video below:

It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a video documenting his visit. The experience seems straight out of a film.

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