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A former prosecutor and legal expert have both asserted that the indictment of former President Donald Trump in Georgia was uncalled for and bolstered accusations of an “onslaught” by the Democratic Party.

Elie Honig commented on the report from Newsweek regarding Fulton County’s newly elected Democratic District Attorney Fani Willis filing charges against Trump.

In August, Fani Willis, the newly elected Democratic District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, filed charges of 41 felonies against Donald Trump and 18 others. The charges included a maximum 20-year sentence for racketeering.

Following his mugshot being taken at an Atlanta jail in late August, Trump pleaded not guilty to the accusations. Elie Honig responded to the news with confirmation of Trump allegedly plotting to steal the 2020 election in seven states, including Georgia.

His statement was backed by a 98-page indictment that Willis had released.

On the legal podcast “Cafe,” Elie Honig commented on the charges brought against former United States President Donald Trump by Fulton County, Georgia’s Democratic District Attorney Fani Willis.

Honig stated that these charges were unnecessary and instead fed into Trump’s claims of it being a Democratic Party pile-on.

He further noted that Special Counsel Jack Smith, appointed by the Department of Justice, had already charged Trump with an effort to steal the election nationwide and in seven states, including Georgia.

“So why is [the Atlanta indictment] in the greater good and why is it promoting public confidence in the fairness of this [process] to have one of those seven state prosecutors pile on with a charge of her own? I don’t think it serves any greater good,” he said.

He claimed it was a partisan indictment by Willis.

“I disagree with the exercise of prosecutorial discretion by an elected county prosecutor, a partisan, with a D [for Democrat] next to her name. I think it makes Trump’s chances of being convicted and punished higher if that’s the only goal here. If that’s the only goal, all seven states: Michigan, New Mexico, and on down the line, should be charging him too but that would be ludicrous,” Honig said.

When asked by MSNBC if the charges filed against former President Trump and his 18 co-defendants by Fulton County, Georgia’s newly elected Democratic District Attorney Fani Willis were politically motivated, Willis had previously stated that everyone must be held to the same standards.

However, R. Hoffman of the New York Sun noted that an allegation made by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, one of those indicted, claiming “serious constitutional concerns” regarding Willis’ prosecution could potentially derail the racketeering case before it even begins. Elie Honig commented on this news when responding to MSNBC’s enquiry.

That led Hoffman to speculate: “Could her prosecution be too big to function?”

He added: “In choosing to indict 19 defendants on 41 charges, Ms. Willis went big in prosecuting efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the Peach Tree State.

It is a scale to which she claims to be accustomed — a racketeering trial of public school teachers netted 35 defendants, 12 of whom were tried together.

Now, though, court filings show Ms. Willis fretting over a “logistical quagmire” and, Cassandra-like, alerting the presiding state court judge, Scott McAfee, to the “unavoidable burdens on witnesses and victims” should he splinter her sprawling case.

The government’s position is that, like Isaiah Berlin’s hedgehog, it can try one large case, but not many smaller ones.”

Meadows, the former Chief of Staff and congressman from North Carolina, is attempting to have his case removed to a federal court. Although a U.S. district court judge struck down this request earlier this month, Meadows’ legal team has filed an appeal, asserting that the allegations levied against him stem from actions taken in his capacity as a federal employee.

In order to convince the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that removal is appropriate in this instance, Meadows is arguing that “the case involves the Chief of Staff to the President,” rather than another individual or corporation.

The higher court will hear his arguments via Zoom on Friday. Additionally, Meadows asserts that charges brought by newly elected District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County are based on “actions taken in the White House while discharging his official duties,” and not personal matters unrelated to his role as a federal employee.

He further contends that the district court’s rejection of removal was unfounded and erroneous.

Willis argued in a filing that all 19 defendants should be tried together, stating that Georgia is capable of accommodating such a case. She further cautioned that breaking the case up into multiple trials would place an immense strain on the Fulton County Superior Court’s resources.

However, two of the defendants have already invoked their right to a speedy trial and Hoffman has stated that Judge McAfee’s ruling that Willis’ goal of trying all 19 within a month is unrealistic.

This poses potential consequences for additional speedy trial demands and Willis has informed Judge McAfee about this risk.

ICYMI: Former Assistant AG Reports DA Fani Willis’ Case Against Trump Could Be ‘Blown Apart’


Doug Goldsmith

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  • ‘Unnecessary’; ‘Democratic pile on’? Nonsense from a legal eagle, not worth her salt.
    Already one of the 19 defendants has pleaded guilty, a lower rung participant in a cabal that tried to steal the 2020 election for Trump. As time goes by, more defendants should change their minds, abandon Trump the ringleader, and also plead guilty. It’s a virtual certainty that the top dog will also be found guilty if he doesn’t plead out. He’s dirty, lawless, aggressive, and thinks his jury trial will find him not guilty, a slim to none chance.

    • Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!! You’re funny. You should be on The View with the rest of the brainwashed cackling hens. One of the 19 defendants, so low poled that no one knows him. He will get probation for pleading guilty and save himself hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. That is how the corrupt prosecutors and DAs of the left do it. Make people go bankrupt trying to defend themselves from baseless charges. If they do not want to go bankrupt and lose everything, they plead out to save what they can even though they are innocent. More innocent people falling victim to the corrupt and Marxist left and their pile on justice system of anyone on the right. You champion that. That makes just as guilty of corruption. Sit down and stfu. You would do very well in Putin’s world. Go work for him. He targets his political enemies too to ensure his win. He uses government agencies and the press and his opponents family and friends, just like biden has done. And you champion those efforts. You are as disgusting as that corrupt and treasonous biden family who continues to sell America to her adversaries while you Marxists remain focus on destroying the one man fighting to save America.

      • GREAT response! Thank you!! We are witnessing the attempt by the totally EVIL Marxist Left to destroy what’s left of our so-called “Justice system!!” Frankly, I hold little hope for REAL justice in this rotten, rigged system!! God help us all! Moral of this terrible morass: Keep your head down and don’t say anything!! “Justice” in America is now all but dead!!

      • Colleen; you nailed it, and I must say perfectly articulated as well as thoroughly accurate!

        It’s disgusting to think just how many imbeciles and derelict Marxist Communist Idiots are running loose in America these days spewing total garbage out onto an internet for millions to see and read! Prior to the internet existing with social media and smartphones these trolls were limited to the streets where they could run around screaming this or that or maybe break some windows or start a fire! As I see it this is the double edged sword of modern society as much as the internet can be a worthy tool to communicate factual, truthful and at times urgent information throughout the population, it also serves these bottom feeding brainwashed derelicts that only want to cause damage through their perverted and twisted view of reality!

        Mind you these are fools who can’t see their own hand in front of their face much of the time, let alone provide any help in a society that once was “the envy of the entire planet” where “Freedom and Great Innovation” were paramount among “a good and decent law abiding Christian Society” that is being gradually replaced with “heathen malcontents” that only “know how to burn cities down” like the “mostly peaceful protests” as Kameltoe another “Marxist indoctrinated dummy” that beyond belief is the V.P. stated at the time; which proves the point of how “detached from reality” these people are as well as being “atheist outright liars!”

        “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” But these sorts of “rabble-rouse despots” will see what the “FURY” is “up close and personal for eternity,” when they kick-off! I assure them all that Karl Marx is there right now and the “constant pain he owns” without any relief is something no human being has even slightly experienced in this land of the living!

    • Please explain to me how the former President tried to steal the election? I submit, that the person that actually stole the election, is currently sitting in the White House. One case in particular is how the election was rigged against President Trump in Pennsylvania when the legislature went around that state’s constitution to change the voting rules. I think that you need to pick a different media outlet to get the truth. The MSM is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. They are akin to what Joseph Goebbels was doing during World War II. It appears to me that the Democrat Party should actually change their name to the Nazi Party.

    • You die hard libs are hilarious. “We’ve got him NOW!” You’re a joke and millions of Americans are gonna be laughing our butts off when President Trump is back in the White House running the show!!

    • Are you a Dr. of medicine, or a quack like Fauci.?
      Either way your an idiot stating bullshit for the Communist Democrats.
      Apparently you want America to collapse, and want Americans to suffer.
      President Trump put America back on track and the Communist Democrats and Rinos who stole the 2020 election are working with the Globalist and beurocrats and George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama to allow foreign invaders to eliminate the American people.
      Do you think living in a Communist run country and being under the rule of a Dictatorship would be better than what you had in a free Nation.?
      You must get your information from CNN & MSNBC AND THE VIEW.
      Explain what President Trump is guilty of that Communist Biden has committed.

      • Michael Smith; yes the communists are among us in vast numbers now, because it only takes a populace with too many imbecilic dolts and malcontents to program them as the dictators automatons to carry out the street violence and upheaval of a peaceful society, turning it into rubble and anarchy!

        The time will come when all the true “Patriot Warriors” will make certain to return all the pain these “slaves to dictatorship” invoke in full measure and then some; as they say a “separating of the men from the boys” and these “trash spewing vermin” are “barely even a close facsimile to boys;” they don’t have a prayer in hell, for real!

  • Another Affirmative Action Hate America Black who probably got her lawless degree in a Cracker Jack Box, is chasing an Ambulance (Trump) she will never Catch! These “charges” are the kind you see in Turd World Countries! The Democrat Party of Criminals is the Enemy of U.S. and this “government “ is Rotten to Its Core! The Real Problem are the Morons that VOTE for these Miscreants!

  • It is no wonder that waves of sensible Democrats are leaving the Party. The corrupt Democrats are so brainwashed and delusional, they don’t understand why Trump was elected in 2016! The People knew that the government had left them and needed a voice that would restore the civilized Republic. The Democrat zealots can’t seem to grasp that they are the cancer infecting freedom and morality. The more hysterical they get, the higher Trump’s approval rating goes. Their tyranny is ensuring Trump’s election in 2024.

    • Donna Underwood, you got that exactly right.
      The Communist Democrats are losing the Black voters and the White votes, that’s why the Commies are giving the Illegals work permits, photo ID’S, SS benefits, no background checks, free housing and education, food, and medical insurance.
      All at the expense of the taxpayers to get the votes as a complete take over of the United States.
      Then we’ll lose every future Conservative/Republican win, the Constitution will be destroyed and there’ll be War against the American Patriots to forcefully take away our firearms or kill them for not following their new law.
      Communism is just around the corner.
      I for one will never cave to the Communist Democrats and Rinos.

  • There is absolutely no doubt that the 2020 election was stolen. And Fani Willis is a preparation for the theft of the 2024 elections. And this can happen, because the scammers and thieves who stole the 2020 elections are not yet in prison.

  • affirmative action boys and girls at their finest worst. these people need to be run out of the country, a.s.a.p., or sooner. these clowns only want to have their kind take over and shut the other color out. is this about color, you bet it is.

  • The democrats are always chanting nonsense, their latest is “No one is above the law” when in reality, all conservatives are below the law, while democrats are above the laws. That is the standard in the courts nowadays!

  • I thought when someone was in an election and if they lost but found provable miscalculations or the vote was close that they had the right to protest the final calculations?they did find the machines had a problem and somehow they kept finding boxes of votes all for the same person. even in some places more people voted than lived there!

    • Judy: you’re absolutely correct that is the way the Constitution reads, and in the past there have been calls to look into possible discrepancies before the final Electoral Vote Count; not even as so blatantly obvious as what we all saw in the 2020 election; yet those election final tabulations were delayed! In Florida for example during the Bush vs. Gore election there were those “loose or hanging chads” on the physical ballots; so a recount and evaluation was done there which delayed the final decision for several weeks!

      The Communist Demonicrat Party is doing everything they can to take control of the country and have been for decades now! The 2020 “corrupt to the hilt” election “SCAM” was so over the top against all pertinent “Constitutional Laws!” America is moving toward becoming a “Banana Republic” in the fast lane!

  • She’s doing this because she’s a Soros-backed commie State AG and these dolts fear DJT because he is exposing the corruption and graft in our government. This is disgraceful and all who are involved should be investigated and prosecuted.

  • This lady is going to write a book, but I don’t know who would be interested as she tells everything on camera. She loves seeing herself on camera. She looked like such an idiot when former President Trump flew into ATL to have his mugshot taken. It seems the power she has been given has went straight to her head. Happens every time. She’s not interested in justice she is interested in publicity.

  • Too bad Fatty Fani it looks like your whole banana republic like witch hunt is falling apart. May karma kick you in either the face or your backside.

  • yet you ignore the corruption by Hunter Biden, evidence on his laptop. You ignore the documents found in Joe Biden’s garage he wasn’t even entitled to have at any time. You ignore the fact Hillary Clinton had ILLEGAL emails on a private server she destroyed.
    You ignore the fact that Hillary also went around claiming the election was stolen. That she was involved with the fake Steele dossier. You ignore the fact that Stacy Abrams still hasn’t acknowledged she lost the Georgia governor’s race.
    These are ALL DEMOCRATS.
    YOU are a HYPOCRITE.
    Do you also follow the Saul Alinsky method to take down this country? That you are OK participating in Election Interference, which is exactly what all these indictments are!

  • It looks like Fani Willis is using this for future political ladder climbing and not justice. She hopefully will go down in glorious flames, showing what a political grifter and arrogant, incompetent attorney she is.



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