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On Wednesday, the Justice Department revealed that a number of individuals – including elected officials, military officers, and doctors – had been arrested in connection to a luxury prostitution ring.

“Three individuals have been arrested in connection with operating sophisticated high-end brothels in greater Boston and eastern Virginia. Commercial sex buyers allegedly included elected officials, high tech and pharmaceutical executives, doctors, military officers, government contractors that possess security clearances, professors, attorneys, scientists and accountants, among others,” the US Attorney’s Office of the District of Massachusetts said.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged the following defendants with conspiracy to coerce and entice someone to travel for the purpose of engaging in illegal sexual activity:

  • Han Lee, a/k/a “Hana,” 41, of Cambridge, Mass.;
  • James Lee, 68, of Torrance, Calif.; and
  • Junmyung Lee, 30, of Dedham, Mass.

According to the charging documents, the defendants ran an interstate prostitution ring with multiple brothels in Cambridge and Watertown, Massachusetts, as well as Fairfax and Tysons, Virginia from July 2020 until now.

The US Attorney’s Office has not revealed the list of clients involved.

“This case goes back to the summer of 2022 when investigators identified several buyers through surveillance phone records and interviews,” Acting US Attorney for Massachusetts, Joshua Levy said. “The buyers who made up this ring hail from an array of professions.”

He added: “They are doctors, they are lawyers, they are accountants, they are elected officials, they are executives of high tech companies and pharmaceutical companies, they are military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists. They are the men who fuel this commercial sex ring.”

“There are potentially hundreds of individuals who took these services as commercial sex buyers,” Levy said, noting the investigation into the brothels is still ongoing.

“Alleged prospective sex buyers in this scheme first had to respond to a survey and provide information online, including their driver’s license photos, their employer information, credit card information, and they often paid a monthly fee to be part of this.”

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Great, but the Individuals that spied and lied about a duly elected president go scot free, while a few guys get laid and a crap load of trespassers get hard time!
    The justice system in our nation is third world at best, and quite possibly the worst in the world!

  • How about all the hookers Hunter Buy-dung screwed and used illegal drugs with, posted it to his laptop and the FBI/Justice Department lets him get away clean from it. what is good for Hunter should be good for the John’s too.
    Hunter also paid no taxes on the illegal gotten monies from foreign adversaries. Yakoff Smirnoff used to say, “What A Country!”

  • We have never be allowed to see Anthony Weiner’s laptop, or Epstein’s deposition concerning his clients on the island of sex. Video was taken of the activities on that island . Where are those videos? Years back madam Heidi Fleiss’s black book of clients incriminated Congressmen. Some of those Congressmen , like Chucky, still serve today. So if anything comes of this you can be sure of one thing. Only the small fish will be fried.

  • Disgusting! What’s wrong with this Country with the big S hook/sex. Nothing wrong with Sex in its proper ways but the perversions of it is just mentally sick and dangerous to others.

  • We can deduce certain things about those arrested by what is not being said. The biggest item we can ascertain is those arrested are Democraps. Why you ask if they were Republicans their names would be splattered all over the News both on Networks the Nation over and in papers of all sorts. Just as they leaked Prince Andrew’s name from Epstein’s records but of the Democraps in the records they only told of former work records. They need to release all information on those using and those supporting anyone in the ILLEGAL Sex grape business especially if underage girls are involved. Pedo Joe is having them smuggled in via the Southern border because he has already groped those in DC he could get his hands on.

  • It is BS when the “elites” names are kept secret but the serf’s names are broadcast on tv and plastered all over the newspapers. Another example of the two-tier non justice system in the banana republic we have become…

  • Col Steve- you couldn’t of said it any better. Hunter dumdum spent millions on hookers, drugs, illegal guns, more drugs, even videotaped himself parading naked around a room with a semiautomatic gun in his right hand, drugs and paraphernalia in sight on a end table and hid from paying millions of dollars in taxes on money accrued on foreign business. But, nothing happens to the Biden crime family. If this was DJ Trumps dealings or his kids dealings, they would of castrated and hung out to dry years ago. But this great 2tier justice system gives demorats a free ride no matter what the situation may be. We The People deserve much better than these bottom feeders in DC.



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