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The Inspector General for the Justice Department recently released a report concluding that there was no wrongdoing by former President Donald Trump about the plans of the FBI to relocate their J. Edgar Hoover headquarters building.

This followed an extended period of investigation, initially prompted by allegations made by Democrats about Trump’s potential pressuring of FBI Director Christopher Wray – whom he had appointed after dismissing James Comey – into approving a relocation site that would prevent a competitor in the hotel industry from settling on the existing Hoover Building site.

The proposed plan was eventually abandoned due to findings by FBI accountants that it would cost more to construct a new building than what could be gained selling off the Hoover Building.

The Department of Justice Inspector General’s investigators noted in their report that, contrary to claims by Democrats, the FBI Director maintained that he did not experience any pressure from President Trump to reach a particular decision at any point.

“Wray told us that his decision to recommend staying in the current location was not based on anything that Trump said or wanted… Wray told us that Trump was ‘not involved’ in Wray’s recommendation, and he did not feel that Trump was trying to ‘steer [him] to a particular outcome,’” they wrote.

“Specifically, we found no evidence that, in making the decision to seek to have the new FBI headquarters remain at its current JEH site, Director Wray or others at the FBI considered the location of the then-named Trump International Hotel or how then-President Trump’s financial interests could be impacted by the decision,” the report reads.”

In 2018, the Democratic Party, under the leadership of the late Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), accused President Trump of attempting to provide protection for his own business interests at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., which was located a mere three minutes away from the Hoover Building.

“Given this background, President Trump should have avoided all interactions or communications relating to the FBI headquarters project to prevent both real and perceived conflicts of interest,” Democrats wrote then. “He should not have played any role in a determination that bears directly on his own financial interests with the Trump hotel.”

The report said:

In September 2017, President Trump called Wray and asked him what he wanted to do about the FBI Headquarters. Wray responded that he had not had a chance to look at the issue yet, and Trump advised Wray to work on it with GSA and tell Trump what Wray thought. In late 2017, then White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told Wray that it did not make sense to the President why the FBI would want to leave the JEH site.

In December 2017, Wray informed GSA that the FBI wanted its Headquarters to remain in its current location. Following a January 4, 2018 meeting in which the FBI presented JEH renovation plans to GSA, GSA recommended demolishing JEH, instead of renovating it, and building a new facility on the site.

“On January 24, 2018, before a meeting with President Trump, Kelly met in his White House office with Wray, then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, then White House Counsel Donald McGahn, then OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, and then GSA Administrator Emily Murphy,” the report noted further.

“During this premeeting, consensus was reached on demolishing JEH and building a new facility on the site, and Wray learned that Mulvaney would support the P3 financing strategy. The same participants then met in the Oval Office with Trump, who asked Wray and Murphy what they were thinking,” the IG report added.

“Wray and Murphy told Trump that they thought the best idea was for the FBI to build a new facility in the current location, and Trump expressed support for this plan. Wray told us that he did not feel pressured or bullied by Trump in the meeting,” it said.

“Although most of the conversation focused on Trump’s construction questions about the new facility, Wray also recalled impressing on Trump that Mulvaney’s P3 support was critical for the project, but Wray did not remember what Trump said about the project funding,” said the report.

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  • All these prosecutors need investigated, and prosecuted for their made up lies garbage much less the wasted Taxpayer Money, the democrats need to pay back every penny they wasted o all these corrupt charges, all proved there was nothing, and now this garbage that they know there is nothing if there was it would have been found in all the mullier garbage wasted Taxpayers Money and the democrats need to pay it all back with interest, including what’s going on now, and those politicians behind this need Fired Immediately banned for life never allowed to work in any public office, service, all benefits revoked, security clearance revoked for life, and assets confiscated money property, that were made by illegal, sneaky, selling out our Country

  • Biden’s refusal to hand over the loan agreements for the recently discovered loans?? is most likely because there were none. I understand this is a common way to avoid paying taxes on under the table cash. Did Biden and Dr Jill ever pay the IRS the$500,000.00 bucks the Courts told him to? After he finished the V.P., he and Dr Jill wrote books, which sold well. They set up LLCs to avoid paying both Medicare and Social Security taxes on the books and speeches. The Books and Speeches were from their own labor and therefore taxable for the above- mentioned taxes of which they both enjoy using. It went to court the IRS sued them and they were told to pay up 500K. Bucks to IRS. Don’t you just love hearing Joe hiss “PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE” when he will not?

  • Director of the FBI says Trump played no part in the decisions. I hope that Representative Elijah Cummings pays a heavy price for his malice.

  • Stop the witch hunt persecutions! The Justice Dept wasted one year’s worth of time, money and personnel on this frivolous investigation. Why can’t any president – even Trump – make any proposal? It was not a dictator’s demand!

  • The FBI is the Equivalent of the NAZI Gestapo and is an Arm of the Democrat Party. How about James Comey and the Clinton Catastrophe? The Biden Debacle is the Worse Government in
    Our History



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