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Joe Biden visited naval installations in Virginia on Sunday to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday week, introducing an early screening of the upcoming movie “Wonka” and sharing a “friendsgiving” meal with service members and their relatives.

The president and Jill Biden headed to Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads to introduce the new film center around the early life of Roald Dahl’s fictional eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka. The film will be officially released Dec. 15.

He joked to the many youngsters in the crowd: “I like kids more than adults” and added “I wish I could stay and watch Wonka with you.”

Joe immediately focused his attention on a 6-year-old girl and jokingly asked her if she was 17!

“And I love your ears!” Biden said as he shuffled over to the child. “I love them! They’re really cool! What’s your name?”

“Catherine,” the child said.

Biden got in the child’s face and said, “Catherine? That’s my mommy’s name! Well, nice to see you – how old are you? 17?”

“I’m 6,” the little girl said.

Biden was visibly thrilled when he discovered the young girl was only 6 years old.


Meanwhile, Biden’s 2024 Republican rival Donald Trump was scheduled for a military visit Sunday in Texas. The former president, who has a commanding early lead in the 2024 GOP primary, was in Edinburg after serving meals to National Guard soldiers, troopers and others who will be stationed at the U.S.-Mexico border over Thanksgiving.

Trump is promoting hard-line immigration proposals that will better secure the border. He and top Republicans have long criticized the Biden administration for failing to do more to crackdown on people entering the United States illegally.

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  • I believe Biden is at least a pervert if not a pedophile. It has been reported he used to shower with his own daughter, how much more perverted can this be and then always going around sniffing little girls’ hair. This isn’t right.

    • that crooked nutcase childmolester biden should have been locked up years ago when he was abusing his own daughter…no wonder she turned to drugs..samething with his son hunter…they say when children turn to drugs it is cause they were abused at a young age…this predater biden should be locked is sickening..someone needs to do something instead of everyone laughing it off…this is abuse ….not funny at all…it is sickening..

  • The pertinent question here is, “What parent would allow this old creepy pervert within a mile of a child?”

  • The Pervert in Chief was at it unfortunately yet again. This Dementia Riddled Pedo has zero shame yet they continue to allow him near and around children. Sadly he is only going to continue to get worse as the Dementia continues to take over his frail body.

  • How dare you parents grandparents expose your children to this perverted freak that belongs in prison with his entire family, obama, gates, these millionaires, billionaires, that are out to destroy America need investigated, prosecuted and assets confiscated including property, and Congress needs to make these people pay over their fair share, most got it by cheating lying stealing, some even worse time to pay for their crimes including congressmen senators just name a few pelosi, schumer, schiff, nadler, mcconell, romney, many others that used their place to cheat, steal, and somet has to be done, held accountable, for crimes they have committed, plus get all government employees all politicians on obamacare, no special treatment No retirement this is not to be for life need to g9 back like it was only paid when in Washington for business work a regular job, when not in sessions and have to be at all sessions otherwise docked, 3 times missed Fired we can’t not show up and get paid, you people are our employees show up do your job or Resign

  • FUCK Schmo BYEdumb that incompetent braindead mumbling stumbling fumbling tumbling bumbling asshole CORRUPT diaper filling child sniffing/fondling PEDOPHILE creeper to HELL. How dare these people let the bastard PEDO Joe within a mile of that poor child. FUCK YOU douchebag motherfucker. Makes me SICK that this fucktard can get away with this ????????????????????????????????????

    • That pedophile piece of shit should have been immediately impeached on the first day just like the Communist Democrats did to an innocent man President Trump, for no reason.!
      The Communist homosexual Muslim Anti-American Barack Hussein Obama and George Soros are behind all what’s happening and if it were a republican who did the same thing the Communist Democrats and the fake news CNN AND MSNBC would be all over it calling for the impeachment immediately.!
      Everyone of those Communist Democrat co**suckers, are thieves, liars, pedophiles, destructionist Motherfuc***, of everything they touch with their filthy hands.
      They should all die from being Hanged or shot by firing squad.

      • Agreed! I had always thought that they already had been tried and convicted and executed based on some Telegram posts, but I’m running out of patience!



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