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Kevhani Camilla Hicks, an aspiring rapper also known by her stage name Key Vhani, was charged with second-degree murder last month in Miami.

It is alleged that she fatally shot her manager on October 9th outside Wynwood Walls.

During questioning by officers, Hicks maintained that the shooting was done in self-defense.

Security footage obtained by WTVJ-TV appears to show Hicks exiting a white Lexus sedan and engaging in a physical altercation with the male driver of the vehicle.

The Miami-Dade judge presiding over her case has indicated that there might be merit to Ms. Hicks’ claim of self-defense.

As the altercation between Hicks and the driver of a Lexus ensued in the street, a second man identified by the Miami Herald as Hicks’ manager exited the car to join the driver in pinning Hicks against the asphalt.

Following this, they reportedly administered a beating before slamming her against the pavement.

Hicks then began to walk away while the men returned to their vehicle.

However, Hicks suddenly retrieved a handgun from her purse and marched back towards them, opening fire and striking her manager multiple times despite his attempts to take cover behind a nearby parked vehicle.

The final volley left him deceased in the street. In response,the driver managed to make his escape in the Lexus by running over Hicks while doing so.


Hicks and her manager were both taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.

Hicks was treated for non-life-threatening blunt-force injuries, while her manager died due to multiple bullet wounds.

According to the arrest report, Hicks stated that although the driver pulled her manager away, she still felt threatened by him. She reported that as she started walking away from him, he yelled threats at her and his voice drew closer.

The defendant indicated that she felt fear based on the victim’s size and upon hearing him yell “I’ll kill you with one hit.”

The prosecution raised questions about whether the shooting could be considered self-defense, as the decedent was allegedly walking away with his back towards Hicks when she opened fire.

Judge Mindy Glazer denied her bond on this basis, noting that there was probable cause for a second-degree murder charge due to the fact that Hicks shot the victim after he had been beating her.

However, Glazer later granted Hicks a $50,000 bond and house arrest ahead of her next hearing on February 15th.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • DAMN!

    You got it all on video.

    What’s with all the CYA “alleged” Bullexcrement?

    And the folks sounding like judges for Hamas, YOU can’t strike back Israel, they’re not shooting you AT THE MOMENT.

    Damn, can the Democrats make the world any crazier.

    Say what? We ALL know the answer to that one, eh?

  • Typical black violence and emotional instability. Many in that race have no value of human life. I guess if you grow up killing babies and giving your children to the street violence it is understandable. Sick of black violence.

  • She did not get the Rittenhouse treatment from the courts. Imagine that. A women who wants to fight a man needs to suffer the consequences. Another who jumps in a fight to aid one side instead of stopping it is a thug. Stepping away and returning with a gun for revenge is another thug. All should be prosecuted. She is black and will get very little time.

      • That is what I saw. Believe she let rage take over when she should have reported two men assaulting and battering her to the police. She could have sued them on top of that.
        Saw the Rittenhouse video several times. That was a clear case of self-defense.

    • You’re a dumb a=s idiot, you think that it is all right for a guy to beat up on a girl, and I will do the same thing and I don’t give a dam black or white and what does color have to do with a b=st=rd beating up on a girl

  • Clearly NOT self-defense, the threat to you was over.
    I get you were pissed, but you are a walking/talking example of why those who don’t know the law are foolish to carry firearms.
    You are going to jail, you dumba$$. Rap on.

  • I don’t blame her if it is true that they were beating her, I would do the same thing if something like that happened to me, so how in the hell can they get her for murder when they were beating her up

  • But this is just black on black crime. We are not supposed to acknowledge it or even allowed to talk about it. If you do you will labeled racist and bigoted and some kind of phobia just because you mention black on black crime.

    So nothing to see here folks, just move along!!

  • Not self defense. Manager was going away and then she retrieved weapon and fired upon manager. Manager should have been charged with Assault and Battery on her. She could legally have gotten a protective order against Manager and used that to sever their work arrangement.
    She should be sentenced for Murder.



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