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On Monday, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley encountered an embarrassing blunder in New Hampshire that some have likened to Jeb Bush’s “please clap” moment.

Spectrum News Reported:

Fresh off of a recent poll putting Nikki Haley in second place in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, the former South Carolina governor stumped in the Granite State on Monday in an effort to chip away at former President Donald Trump’s lead.

Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. under Trump, told the crowd at a town hall in Hookset, N.H., that “chaos follows” her former boss.

“I think President Trump was the right president at the right time,” Haley said. “I was proud to serve America in his administration. I agree with a lot of his policies.

“But the reality is: chaos follows him,” she continued. “You know it. Rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him. And when we’ve got an economy out of control and we’ve got wars around the world, we can’t afford any more chaos.”

It was a similar tack to the one she took against Trump in the most recent GOP presidential debate, when she criticized the former president for being “weak in the knees” on Ukraine and accruing “$8 trillion in debt,” for which “our kids are never going to forgive us.”

Haley was joined Monday at her stop in Hookset — just north of Manchester, the state’s most populous city — by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, a highly popular figure in the Granite State who briefly mulled a presidential bid of his own earlier this year before announcing he would not seek a fifth term in office.

As she presented her talking points, her attempt to compliment a nine-year-old girl on her hat resulted in an embarrassing incident when the child revealed the reality of the situation before hundreds of people.

Haley: I love your hat.

Girl: Thanks. One of your guys gave it to me for free.

The crowd erupted in laughter after the little one revealed Team Haley’s ploy, as Haley had no choice but to laugh along in embarrassment.

According to reports, her team had given the little girl a hat and asked her to keep it a secret, but evidently she wasn’t going to comply.



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  • Niikk Halely, when governor of SC was the first in the nation to have a historical monument removed because the mentally ill white supremacist killed the black people in the church. After her dictatorship of removing the Confederate Monument then Antifa and BLM set in motion to destroy other monuments and even the Biden Administration to rename military bases nationwide. Even Blue States and their Blue Cities had destroyed and even melted down monuments. Thank you Nikki Haley!

    • Richard, nice post but you have barely scratched the surface of “scum queen” sicky halely!
      First and foremost she back stabbed President Trump after he supported her.
      Next, check around SC and see if some land deals with the Chinese are because of “sicky H”. I think she sold out America to the Chinese!

    • they had no right to remove any of them..that is history..they are there to remember what they stand for…when you take them down you remove that statue but the memory is still history..they should have never removed any of them…close your eyes if you dont want to is called history..something everyone should be taught…this nutcase in the whitehouse now is dehumanising the is sickening when you let these predators change who you are when you were born..that is called dehumanising who we are as humans..God gave everyone a place on earth for a reason…we should never go against our creature God…God will come and wipe away the wicked…we are living in the end of time now…

  • But,…..but, she’s a “conservative” woman running for POTUS which should make her an excellent candidate right?? WRONG!!! The DC swamp would love to have this sellout establishment pos as the POTUS. It would just be Biden in a skirt is what you would get. Her and the Obamas are pretty close friends so ole’ socialist Barack would just love to have more puppet strings attached to the next President!!

  • Rino Haley just trying to fool America into thinking she loves children then boom; she was exposed as a fraud.
    Thanks to that sweet little 9 year old girl for telling us Haley is a lieing Communist Rino.

  • RINO Haley is an worthless backstabbing slut !!!! After 3 months in the White House ,China would OWN her !!! She is already pushing for China to buy up land in her state to let them build Chinese manufacturing plants there !!!! We do NOT need another [ Biden ] President that is going to bow to China !!! TRUMP 2024 !!! MAGA !!!

  • Nikki is agreeing with the DEMS open borders which shows her weak, naive, and ignorance of all the mess going on in America since old Biden took office. She doesn’t know the first thing about having peace thru strength of which President Trump brought about when he “Made America Great” during his time in office. All rogue nations had respect for him and wouldn’t try any wrong doings or thoughts of any kind of war while he was in charge.
    A better and stronger economy under Republicans have always been better! Since Biden took office, our America is going down fast and especially since he disobeyed the law by opening our borders to the world. Do you know that our nation is the only nation with open borders! God help us.



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