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The immediate thought about someone who insists that they’re a gender other than the one they obviously are is that they have mental issues.

The truth is this belief may not be too far off. While the boy who thinks they’re a girl, or vice versa, would seem to indicate a rather bizarre state of mental confusion, the problem may stem from the emotional problems of someone else.

There is an abstract of a scientific study that was published in 1991. Ironically, this over-three-decade old study has been gaining traction on social media.

The findings are eye-opening for multiple reasons. Conducted in 1991 by PhD researchers Sonia Marantz and Susan Coates, the first notion may not be surprising.

Marantz and Coates titled their study, “Mothers of Boys with Gender Identity Disorder: A Comparison of Matched Controls.”

The researchers’ findings concluded that mothers of gender dysphoric boys tend to suffer from a host of mental illnesses themselves. The pilot study compared the mothers of boys with gender identity disorder (GID) with the mothers of normal boys.

The hope was to determine if any differences in psychopathology and child-rearing attitudes and practices could be discovered. They were. The list of mental and emotional issues that many of these mothers struggled with was startling. The mental health problems these mothers displayed included a distorted and unstable self-image or sense of self.

If we’re talking about a boy who thinks he’s a girl, does this sound plausible? These mothers also had an alarming tendency for impulsive, self-destructive behaviors. There were also intense mood swings. The mothers of young boys who had issues with their gender identity also had problems controlling their anger and a serious tendency to consider suicide.

They had trouble with all types of relationships, especially those with other family members. Furthermore, the research concluded that women with these issues have a tremendous challenge maintaining relationships with the child’s father. An alarming number of gender-confused young males have no man in the home.

These boys are left with mentally unstable females as their only role models. The mental anguish these boys must endure is terrible. But at what point do the fathers bear equal responsibility? What’s to be said for these men who abandon their sons to depraved women? There may be good reasons to dump the relationship, but abandoning the child is gutless.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Study study study. Do you think that maybe we are just a cllective of guinea pigs in a worldwide Nazi camp?

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    • The problem is that they do these studies but never make the information known! This study was done 30 years ago and yet it is only now becoming known. Government prevents this information from being released because it isn’t in agreement with their agenda.

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  • Studies have been done by the AMA and JAMA that indicate that Gays and Lesbians have more emotional problems than Normal People. In other words, They are not very Stable! Then we have the Democrat Party and the Biden Administration that are overrun with members of the LGBTQ group of Miscreants? So essentially the Patients are Running the Asylum and IT SHOWS!

      • They can’t have a brain problem because they don’t have a brain! The reason they all believe in climate change is because their skull is full of CO2 and methane!

  • I am 86 years old and this what is called transgender has been going on all my adult life, and not just here but all over the entire world. Originally they were called cross dresser, 100s served in the US Civil war.
    In the 1960s those who did that in the Philippines were called billy boys, in Japan called jyosoku, in Brazil, Israel, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Canada, Germany, these persons are not looked down r or belittled, but accepted as who the claim to be.
    Why do I know so much about this is because I was US Military and as a horny youth we learned to pick those out, but did not denigrate them in any manner, but I am sure some service persons did

  • What is so surprising is that such a small number of the population in this USA have a problem with Trans persons but that minority has a loud voice, which does not in majority of times change anyone’s opinion on the matter.

  • I submit that in at least 90% of the incidents where the father is not present – it is because the courts have taken the rights of the father away from him by various devices and strategies….
    All claiming that the mother was the best care-taker – while mountains of evidence prove that false. (and I am including documented child abuse by the mother)

    How do I know this?
    Because it happened to me……

    • Yep! There is a special place in hell for the judges who have destroyed the family unit because of their allegiance to the government cabal, and the mothers who prevent the fathers from any interaction with their children. Haven’t seen or heard from mine since the 90s!

  • Not so “shocking” really; it was known 50 ys & more ago that these sexual deviances ( the whole alphabet soup of them) are learned behaviors which can be overcome with time, proper therapy, & desire to recover; the latter is crucial. If the person as no desire or willingness to go through the difficult & often painful process of recovery, it can’t be forced. The reality is most do not want to because they like the payoffs they’re getting especially now.

  • Most Mothers of these trans/gay boys will not let the Father be a Father, or severely limit Father and Son time. The Fathers will never win in court or with the state. The law always sides with the Mother.

    The main driver of gay and trans behavior is the coaching, grooming or example of a gay or trans friend. That’s pretty much how they became that way and they do the same to others…some just don’t know any better…no conscience, morals nor healthy self introspection.
    Add a messed up Parent and it all goes to hell.

    Mother/Father or Friends, young boys and girls need good role models…period!

  • Men who abandon their sons to depraved women? Really? Far too often it’s the court system that forces this separation and abandonment onto the fathers. Unscrupulous divorce lawyers and libtard judges are as much to blame as anyone in these matters!

  • I know several young men who are gay. In most cases, a parent is absent from the home. In most cases, it is the father who is gone. In one case, the boy’s mother died when he was age 4 and the father openly preferred a younger son above all his children. In another, the father prefers the oldest son. Both of these boys’ fathers dismissed the needs of their sons. This seems to correlate with the study mentioned above. Responsible parenting, or lack thereof, seems to be a problem in these cases.

  • Some women actually think it’s fashionable to have a gay or transgender child. They even brag about it A tragedy in the making.

    • That is true. Back in the late 70’s it was a fad at college campuses for guys to be Bi. Some actually did it to virtue signal. I wasnt fashionable.

    • Very Sadly you are correct. Saw a sort about a month ago about a woman who declared her 3 year old boy had come out as trans. The child should be removed from that home.

  • “There may be good reasons to dump the relationship, but abandoning the child is gutless.”

    Apparently, the author of this story has never been to family court and witness the raping of the father in the divorce cases. Courts favor the women, no matter how sick and depraved she is and the man is treated like garbage. I have live in this state for 15 years and have met a lot of divorced men and exactly two of them got their children. The liberal left has been saying that men in a childs life is harmful to the child. And people wonder why our young commit so many crimes and have as a group become lazy and worthless.

    • That’s a very interesting question. I wonder if any studies were ever done on this – if they weren’t done thirty years ago, like this study, they’ll likely never be done now. Such unbiased studies are never allowed in today’s indoctrinated society. A study is only done today when the end results are already determined, and the data is then manipulated to support those results. It’s far too dangerous for the powers that be to allow a study to proceed free of any interference, as it might cast a serious shadow over their woke philosophy.

    • We need to get away from just theorizing and get to some facts. And the basic fact is that an imbalance of hormones in the hormonal bath that the fetus is developing in, at a particular, early stage of that development (I think it’s the 8-10-week ‘window’), can result in a male-patterned brain being ‘wired’ into a biologically female body and vice versa and every stage along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies. The causes are varied. Major ones: Stress – of all kinds, physical, mental, emotional (it is known that a higher number of homosexually-inclined children are born in the wake of wars than the normal background ‘noise’ can account for, e.g.). Endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics in the environment, from the likes of plastics, pesticides/herbicides, and The Pill. And drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus. The LGBTQ+phenomenon, then, and growing, is like a canary in a coal mine, warning us that there is something amiss in the environment. We ignore this warning to our peril. Including entertaining theories about emotionally disturbed mothers. Yes, such mothers could have such effects on their children. But that has more to do with their lifestyles (including meds), and dietary intake.
      It’s like how an early theory proposed about autistic children by a major doctor said that it had to do with ‘refrigerator moms’ depriving their children of contact; when really it had, and has, to do with their childhood vaccinations. Another, though related, story. ‘Related’ in the sense of Big Pharma exercising too much control over our society.

  • Painting all fathers in these situations as deadbeats is an outright lie. Our society is so biased in favor of women that fathers get next to no consideration in any custody dispute. The mindless leftist assumption that women are the preferred gender in nearly every situation guarantees that men will never have a voice, and places children at the mercy of the mother’s (often) failing mental health. Feminism, the darling of the woke crowd, has had a disastrous effect on our society.

  • Daniel expresses his opinion without a basic knowledge of facts. Many of the fathers he labels as ‘gutless’ are ‘abandoning’ their children because they have been ordered to do so by courts that have traditionally favored and supported mothers against fathers. Courts have traditionally ruled against fathers and for mothers in battles over children.

    It is more work (and requires more intelligence) to determine facts before expressing an opinion. I don’t find an opinion based on feelings without regard to facts not worthy of consideration. Name calling (gutless) without doing the work necessary to determine facts is not only lazy, but not very intelligent.

  • it is not always the fathers fault. Here in Dallas a father tried to protedt is son but a female judge gave the custody to the mother who is haveing gender surgery done on the boy against his fathers will. the mother is a female doctor. So much for the medical profession.



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