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This is a clear example of how the radical gender ideology is endangering our children and society. A 42-year-old transgender man who dressed up as a schoolgirl was arrested in Peru for spying on little girls in the school restroom.

The man, identified as Walter César Solís Caler, was caught red-handed by the vice principal of the ‘Rosa de América women’s college in the city of Huancayo, Peru. He had entered the school disguised as a female student, wearing a uniform, a pink cardigan, a mask, a backpack, a bucket hat and two long fake braids. He then hid in one of the restrooms, where he began recording and taking pictures of the innocent girls with his cell phone.

When the vice principal saw him using his phone, which is forbidden on school grounds, she confronted him and took him to the principal’s office. There, she discovered that he was actually an adult male posing as a girl. I don’t know why it took her that long to figure out that a 42-year-old man was not a school-aged little girl, but whatever.

She immediately called the police, who arrived and searched his phone. They found out that he had done this before in several other schools, and that he might be part of a global pedophile network.

The parents of the students were outraged when they learned about this horrific incident. They gathered outside the school gates and attacked Solís when he was led out by the police. One of them even punched a police officer in an attempt to take justice into his own hands. The police had to intervene to hold him back.

Just one more reason why you shouldn’t be sending your children – especially your young girls – to any public school because with this sort of mental illness running rampant, they are not safe.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Take the perverts cell phone and stick it where the sun don’t shine. They should have let the parents of the school children take care of business. Guilty as charged. Next case.

    • Since they still control the WH, judiciary & Congress , how, exactly do you propose to do that? Understand, I agree the leftists, globally, are at the root of all this evil, however our Dems are NOT alone in it, even here; RINOs are equally guilty, as are those who list as independents but vote left, etc. With an handful of so of actual R leaners in each House, again, how do you propose doing so? Even SCOTUS can’t figure out a no-brainer like murdering unborn infants IS just that: MURDER, therefore a CRIME, whether by poisoning or butchering them in utero, because, gee, they’re inconvenient! Or “not perfect”, or some other lame excuse, instead of punishing the ones who CHOSE to act in such a manner as to bring that baby into being, in the 1st place! It’s not as if we don’t know how that happens now… Getting those criminal to act against themselves & their crimes is a pipe dream.

      • A few of you made some poignant and very good comments. I had just written the following comment in a blog posting about “Inclusion or Rebranded Syncretism” during ancient times and how people used to sacrifice their children to Molech.

        We indeed exist in a world of conflict which is from the beginning of this material realm to its end Armageddon! God had His intend and plan for His world but due to Free Will or Agency having to be part of the plan because actual love can’t exist unless it is given freely otherwise it would be a world of automatons or puppets preprogrammed to love, worship and adore the Greatest Being our Creator who is full of endless love and mercy and part of His intent is for us to be likened unto Him as true Children of the most high whom He wants to be like Him in these most basic ways of radiate beauty and love.

        This line or excerpt caught me, “Honestly, I have no idea how anyone could sink to such a state of depravity so as to engage in such a gruesome practice.” This made me think how inevitable this all is; because I see it as having been this way since the fall in the Garden obviously, and then as now the “father of all lies” has been a part of this conflicting dynamic for sure; so regardless, “We children of God” have the choice to do good or evil. And then I consider this, that since 1973 when the American Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision took place in this nation legalizing abortion, from then until now even though it was just overturned, about 63 million abortions (as of May 2022) have taken place here, and worldwide over 1.5 Billion; which to me is a severe problem with human conscience or their very souls; as most if not all willful abortions, often times because of casual sex and much of it out of wedlock being fornication; therefore this could be seen as a form of sacrifice and in fact some cults have used aborted human beings for sacrificial rites or other purposes of a satanic nature, just like the ancients did to Molech!

        And there are so many ways that humans are destructive to other human beings, from subversive manipulation or brainwashing to now of late the whole Trans movement which is as I see it, purely diabolical, in that they are questioning God’s authority and trying to act as God in assigning a gender other than what the person was born or actually is. And from this even now further manipulation to introduce children via grooming right in public schools or other venues, to pedophilia and many other perverted sexual practices leading up to what I think is coming; the whole trans human debauchery or making humans techno-human, cyborgs; and something completely alien from the humanity God intended when he created Adam and Eve!

        To me this Scripture gave us forewarning of how much conflict and how volatile this material flesh life is and would ultimately become into the future!

        Romans 3:9-11 “What then? Are we any better? Not at all. For we have already made the charge that Jews and Greeks alike are all under sin. 10As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one. 11There is no one who understands, no one who seeks God.”

        Of course there are so many good souls in this mix or good heartened people with good intentions, but unintended consequences crop up in daily life due to this steady human and natural conflict or material world conflict.

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; the following does have some relevance here.
        “This article is about the proverb/aphorism. For the 2009 song by In Fear and Faith, see The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions (song).

        The road to hell is paved with good intentions is a proverb or aphorism. An alternative form is “Hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works”.[1]

        Another interpretation to consider would be: One is naive and acts in good faith with no altruistic objective. It merely seems as the proper or even sensible thing to do. In this scenario the act, regardless of its virtue, leads the actor to unintended negative consequences.

        Example: “I took the initiative and replaced the toner in the copy machine, only to be lectured about its poor quality. The boss said we are stuck with using it until the end of the month. I guess the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

        You know how often time’s people just throw up their hands and say, “It is what it is!” So then are we not stuck in this continuous battle with so many intended and unintended consequences by virtue of just being locked in this perpetual battle? Of course the only answer has to be Jesus Christ, so God does have it all covered; and nothing will stop God’s plan from being achieved! We are to try our best to carry on and do His will daily! Amen.

        God bless.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        Lawrence M

        Sort of the crazy messed up world again now, just modernized and more sophisticated! Evil is evil and many leaders along with authorities are condoning or promoting evil throughout the planet!

  • Braindead Joe Biden and his Democrat (Communis)t Party would see nothing wrong with this perverts actions. Democrats want legislation to prevent sexual perverts and deviants from any police actions for the acts they commit on children.

    • Far too kind. The KIDs get a “life sentence” for these crimes that tear their lives apart; the perps deserve nothing less! A shotgun to do that job would be more appropriate; insure he can’t ever be really “fixed” either.

  • This is a terrible thing for kids to transition into the opposite sex. This should not
    be allowed. I’ve heard that some of the people that did does now not like it and
    committed suicide. Probably most of it comes from the democrats.

  • This is why the Trans crap must be destroyed, put to sleep, etc.

    Women, if you don’t actively stop this, your child’s screwed up mental health is on you.

    Trans is a cult, a pretend, a pedophile’s dream. End the nightmare

    • Absolutely Sister Marlene and right to the point, so well said!

      God bless you and yours.

      Brother in Christ Jesus,


  • Nail him on a cross, castrate him and let him bleed out.”THAT” should be enough of a deterrent.

    IF not, repeat as often as necessary.



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