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There are truly deranged people walking around the world. However, one would assume they wouldn’t be able to secure jobs teaching children. Sadly, one such incident happened in Louisiana. A former teacher, Cynthia Perkins, was charged with dozens of horrific child-related crimes.

Both she and her husband, Dennis Perkins, were arrested in 2019, on multiple counts of child pornography, child sexual abuse, and rape. Thankfully, the U.S. justice system did its job recently. Cynthia Perkins was found guilty and properly sentenced.

Perkins actually negotiated a plea deal. It must have been a good one. Cynthia Perkins was facing six-dozen different sex crimes. As part of her plea deal, 68 charges were dropped. The sentencing arrangement involves Perkins testifying against her husband. How insane is that? She is so out of control that 68 charges were dropped.

Dennis Perkins, a former sheriff’s deputy, is looking at more than 150 criminal charges. Many of these accusations involve the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors. Even though the whole principle behind these charges is horrible, one aspect stands out as the most hideous.

Even more grotesque than the nude photos discovered of the Perkins’ with children is what they did to a class of her students. According to the report, the wife filmed her husband producing sperm that she then loaded into cupcakes.

Cynthia Perkins then took these cupcakes to school and fed them to her Westside Junior High School students. As horrific as this is, at least the court leveled a stiff sentence against Cynthia Perkins. Her attorney insists she is somehow a victim.

Attorney Paul Scott says his client looks forward to helping prosecute the “real monster”. However, what kind of monster feeds sperm-laced cupcakes to children? It’s a monster that’s going to rightfully spend the next 40 years of her life behind bars.


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