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Even though you might be comfortable using a Microsoft product, the man who created the company is not a person of the highest ethical integrity. Bill Gates doesn’t suffer from an overabundance of moral character. For one, he cheated on his wife, Melinda.

Microsoft’s former co-founder, Paul Allen, portrays Gates as a bully. Allen must certainly mean that in the literal business sense. One look at the frail Bill Gates wouldn’t trigger any apprehensive fears over his physical prowess. Bill Gates has never “kicked anyone’s butt”.

However, Bill Gates is a geek who attacks and manipulates people with geek-like arrogance. His former partner insists Gates is a sarcastic narcissist who drove Allen out of the business. Now, Bill Gates thinks he’s a pandemic expert; an all-knowing scientist, if you will.

If you’re not aware of it, Gates also has some rather unusual thoughts about the global population. In a nutshell, Gates thinks there are too many people. With the kind of money Bill Gates has, that’s a scary thought by itself.

But recently, Bill Gates, the “self-anointed expert virologist,” weighed in on wearing masks to “supposedly” curb the spread of a virus. Gates chimed in, despite mounds of documented research that have indicated masks against COVID has proven essentially worthless.

For those who look for anything to fear, COVID masks have turned into some kind of fashion accessory. They’re like cuddly blankets. People wear them to feel an unnatural sense of security, even when they’re a hundred yards away from the next closest human being.

It’s insane. But Bill Gates took the idiocy of masks to new heights with some recent references. Gates thinks wearing a mask, useless or not, should be like wearing a pair of pants. We’re not kidding. Mr. Computer Software Tycoon is now Mr. Mask Expert.

CNBC’s Hadley Beale was leading the discussion between herself, Gates, and some other profoundly liberal leaders. You know; those same liberals who hand down tyrannical mandates to wear a mask everywhere and anywhere, but get caught with their “mask down”.

Evidently, according to Bill Gates’ thinking, that’s like getting “caught with your pants down”. That seems logical enough in Bill Gates’ eyes. Even crazier than the idea of comparing a COVID mask to wearing pants, Gates made the reference sarcastically. But he was totally serious.

Gates said, “You know, you have to wear pants. I mean, this is tough stuff, these societies are so cruel, and why do they make you wear pants? I’m trying to figure it out.” As the discussion went on, it became clear that Gates was disappointed that the push for “mass vaccination” was failing.

There were multiple rumors about how much Bill Gates was involved in these strange steps to force people into taking a medicine they don’t want. We have our own theories, but we’ll leave those to the expert conspiracy theorists. In the meantime, Bill Gates reassured us of one thing.

He is a self-absorbed elitist who thinks he knows everything. Bill Gates is a man who got rich by stumbling upon a piece of technological software, nothing more. However, now Bill Gates thinks he’s an expert virologist. Maybe Bill should pull his pants up over his head and let them double as his mask.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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