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Trudeau is a self-entitled elitist. Not only do these people believe they are somehow ordained to rule over society, they rarely, if ever, acknowledge when they’re wrong. Trudeau’s downfall began when an upset convoy of truck drivers took Canada by storm.

Like a spoiled adolescent, right on cue, Trudeau has started to panic even more with this Freedom Convoy. He started belittling and demeaning those who disagree with his policies. Like many radical liberals in the U.S., Trudeau is now calling people names.

Anyone who disagrees with Justin Trudeau is a “misogynistic, racist, women-haters, science-deniers, the fringe.” Does this sound familiar? It’s the exact same rhetoric we hear blasted out by the kowtowing liberal mainstream media. This is the liberal strategy every time.

In perfect liberal liar form, Trudeau has targeted isolated fringe incidents inside the “Freedom Convoy”. He’s used them to reflect on the entire group. One, probably planted, Confederate Flag means all the members in the convoy are right-wing white racist.

Evidently, there were a couple of fringe radicals who had swastikas as well. Immediately, in the mind of Justin Trudeau, the whole protest was driven by a neo-Nazi hoard of white supremacists. Anyone who is paying attention can clearly see that this is not true.

The ruling elite can’t stand any threats to their power. So, what do they do? They immediately classify otherwise peaceful people, who are exercising their right to free speech as right-wing freaks. Many believe the radical factions inside the convoy of protesters were planted.

That’s a common strategy used by the radical left in America. It’s an all-too-often go to scheme. It’s an attempt to smear a group of people who simply disagree with a political ideology. There’s something even more dangerous.

The ruling class will use these same weapons against members of an opposition political party. Recently, Canada’s House of Commons exploded because of references made by Trudeau. He accused members of Canada’s conservative party of “standing with people who wave swastikas.”

This did not sit well with many members of Canada’s conservative caucus. A few have family members who were killed during the Holocaust. Saying they support Nazi ideologies if they stand with a group of protesters is unconscionable.

It’s so insensitive that it clearly shows that Justin Trudeau is panicking. A member of Canada’s parliament has demanded that Trudeau apologize. To date, he has not. Other members of parliament have echoed Lloyd’s demand. But why won’t Justin Trudeau just apologize?

Again, like all liberals, he’s afraid of losing power. Democracy means that the people hold the power. When liberals feel their power being threatened, that’s exactly what they do. They cancel democracy. They panic. When panic sets in, they begin to lose control.

The people are tired of government tyranny. They’re pushing back. The self-entitled, pompous bigots who are in power are scared. They’re losing control. When frightened, they panic. Justin Trudeau is scared. He’s panicking.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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