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Concerns surrounding President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline have become increasingly apparent. Coupled with his disastrous policy decisions, it is clear that our nation is being led by a man who is unfit for the role he holds. From his numerous gaffes to alarming lapses in memory, the signs of early-stage dementia are hard to ignore.

Questionable Cognitive Abilities:
One cannot help but notice President Biden’s frequent struggles with basic recall and coherence during speeches and interviews. These incidents raise serious doubts about his mental acuity. Whether it be misplacing names or misspeaking on significant matters, these incidents paint a concerning picture of a leader who may not possess the mental sharpness required for such an important position.

Grieving for Beau Biden:
Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking examples of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline was his repeated confusion regarding the details surrounding his son Beau’s tragic passing in 2015. On multiple occasions, he has inaccurately spoken about Beau’s death, confusing dates and locations. This inability to accurately remember such a traumatic event raises questions about his overall mental state and ability to make sound judgments as president.

Misidentifying World Leaders:
President Biden has also displayed an embarrassing lack of awareness when it comes to world leaders. One notable incident occurred when he mistakenly referred to French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron as Francois Mitterrand during a press conference. Such errors not only showcase his declining cognitive abilities but also undermine America’s standing on the global stage.

Policy Disasters:
Beyond concerns about President Biden’s mental fitness lies a series of catastrophic policy decisions that threaten our nation’s prosperity and security. From reckless spending initiatives to open border policies, it is evident that this administration lacks coherent strategies for addressing pressing issues facing our country.

Financial Mismanagement:
Under President Biden, we have witnessed unprecedented levels of reckless spending with little regard for the consequences. His $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, passed without bipartisan support, has burdened American taxpayers and will undoubtedly lead to inflationary pressures. This short-sighted approach threatens our economy’s stability and jeopardizes the financial future of generations to come.

Border Crisis:
President Biden’s handling of the border crisis is nothing short of disastrous. By rolling back key immigration policies implemented by his predecessor, he has created a situation where illegal immigration is surging at alarming rates. This not only compromises national security but also places an immense strain on our already overwhelmed immigration system.

Energy Policies:
The Biden administration’s assault on the energy industry has far-reaching negative implications for American workers and consumers alike.

With executive orders that halt pipeline construction and restrict oil drilling permits, President Biden is undermining our nation’s energy independence and putting thousands of jobs at risk. These shortsighted policies prioritize unrealistic climate goals over economic growth and job creation.

Foreign Policy Weakness:
President Biden’s foreign policy decisions have been marked by weakness and appeasement rather than strength and leadership.

His decision to re-enter the flawed Iran nuclear deal without securing any meaningful concessions from Tehran demonstrates a lack of strategic foresight. Such actions undermine America’s position as a global force for good while emboldening adversarial nations.

The mounting evidence of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline coupled with his disastrous policy choices paints a deeply concerning picture for the future of our country under his leadership.

From troubling memory lapses to policy disasters that threaten our economy, national security, and international standing – it is clear that we need strong, capable leadership in these trying times.

The American people deserve better than what President Biden can offer in his current state, both mentally and politically

Doug Goldsmith

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  • ♫ I could while away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the flowers,
    Consulting with the rain;
    And my head I’d be a scratchin’
    While my thoughts are busy hatchin’
    If I only had a brain. ♫

  • The asshole in Chief has blamed President Trump for the Open Border Crisis when on day one he shut down the construction and eliminated the remain in Mexico policy.
    Biden under the direction of the Communist Muslim, Obama and the Communist Anti-American Soros, he has given out billions of taxpayers money to illegals, Ukraine, Iran and sided with Communist China by giving away our land and getting rid of our farmland.
    Biden stole classified documents since the 70’s as Senator and up until the joke of VP has gotten off without investigation and arrest, but the Communist son of a bitches in the FBI went after President Trump for lawfully taken home documents.
    And much much more, shutting down the oil pipelines, coal, higher taxes, food being very expensive, transgender operations upon our children, going after incandescent light bulbs, gas stoves, dryers, ceiling fans, etc. etc.
    Now the Communist Democrats are gearing up to get the homosexual swinging penis Michael/Michelle Obama, who absolutely hate America to be President.
    George Soros and Barack Obamy, needs to be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to death along with every Communist Democrat and Rino.
    Biden’s clowns in his joke of an Administration has turned their backs on America and stabbed us in the backs.
    My concern now is they’ll cheat and stupid dumbasses will vote for that Homosexual Muslim loving linebacker looking Piece of Shit Michael/Michelle Obama.
    They made a huge mistake with Barack Obama because he’s black and now will they make the same with the thing because it’s Black and a fake woman.?
    Probably so, since we have so many indoctrinated, Communist voters, incapable of thinking on their own.

  • Now Braindead Biden is seeing and talking to DEAD people. It is way past time to commit this enfeebled old idiot to a 24 hour full care nursing home. There he can talk to Napoleon and Julius Caesar all day long if he wants to. Biden is a disgusting embarrassment to the entire United States.

  • Just a comment about Biden. I refuse to glorify him even with a Mr. When he was a senator he DID NOT HAVE DEMENTIA! He began taking government documents while he was in the Senate. Now he has dementia BUT THE DOCUMENT STEALING BEGAN DURING HIS SENATE TERMS. According to news sources documents have been found dated from his Senate years when he knew exactly what he was doing. HE SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR STEALING GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS THEN. HE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WALK OFF INTO THE TWILIGHT YEARS WITHOUT PAYING FOR THESE CRIMES! NO MORE TWO TIERED JUSTICE SYSTEM FOR ANYONE!

    • If they are not going to charge this corrupt old grifter for his THEFT of classified documents he had NO LEGAL RIGHT whatsoever to have in his possession, then they should RELEASE everybody they have sent to PRISON for “mishandling classified documents” with an APOLOGY. SMH. And they DAMNED sure don’t need to be charging Pres. Trump with ANYTHING related to classified documents if they’re not going to charge the senile sock puppet in the White House.

  • Please quit calling that Marxist piece of shit President, and Cackling joke Harris as Vice President, neither one has no intention of showing any interest in protecting Americans and defending the Constitution.
    Obama and Soros and every Anti-American Communist Democrats could careless about the sovereignty of States except for Blue States that’s ran by Soros paid for Communist Democrat DA’S, Governors, Attorneys and Commie Judges.

    • I have never referred to either Obama OR Biden as “President.” Neither of them are/were MY President, and neither were fit to hold that office–BiDUMB because he was ALWAYS TOO DUMB, and is NOW too senile for that office, and OBAMA because he is an America-hating sociopath who only wants to destroy this country and is STILL AT IT through the unelected, ILLEGITIMATE senile sock puppet PROXY he and the rest of his fellow conniving, power-mad Demmunists installed in the White House.

  • Joe Biden and all of his cohorts at the doj, FBI and CIA deserve nothing quite so much as a Swift trial, swift conviction, a short piece of rope and a sudden drop.

  • Biden said “ my memory is so bad I let you speak again “ to Peter. Yes he is right, Also notice how Biden and the left will tell you when you can speak again.

  • Why are they double standards? He was a vice president he took home all the paperwork that Trump would’ve taken home. Why are they double standards and Trump doesn’t have mental impairments, so why double standards if you’re gonna impeach one president and impeach Biden as well and put him in prison along with his son.

  • The USA thanks to Pelosie’s fraud election in 2022 Our Nation is in very deep **** is a total disaster. From the slaughter off or hasty troop withdrawals, leaving behind billions in war material for the Taliban to his mis handling of the border that is allowing millions of unvaccinated illegals to cross our souther border.
    Add in the daily bumbling of Biden and his cobbled together of Obama’s leftovers has endangered our military and its missions abroad.



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