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As election day draws near, the tension between candidates and their supporters is intensifying.

Vivek Ramaswamy is polling fairly well and has support among some voters. It indicates that people are responding positively to his campaign and policies.

Ramaswamy, a successful entrepreneur and author, is indeed making efforts to connect with American populists. He recognizes the growing influence of populist sentiment in the country and aims to bridge the gap between his own perspective as an immigrant and that of American populists.

He acknowledges that many Americans feel left behind by the current political system and are frustrated with what they perceive as elites ignoring their concerns.

To relate to this sentiment, he emphasizes his own upbringing as an Indian-American immigrant who came from a modest background. By highlighting his personal journey, Ramaswamy seeks to establish common ground with those who feel disconnected from mainstream politics.

He has been critical of corporate influence on society and politics and argues that certain corporations have become too powerful and detached from the needs of ordinary Americans. This stance aligns with some populist concerns regarding big business and its impact on everyday citizens.

In addition to sharing his views, Ramaswamy actively engages with various platforms to reach out to American populists. He frequently appears on news outlets and social media channels where he discusses his ideas, listens to different perspectives, and engages in meaningful conversations.

But no, a video created by a former supporter of Vivek Ramaswamy (now a Trump advocate), highlighted striking resemblances between the candidate’s speeches and those delivered by former President Barack Obama.

The compilation includes the following comparisons:


“This has never been a Democratic or Republican idea. This is an American idea.” “These are not Democratic ideas or Republican ideas. These are fundamentally American ideals.”
“Imagine they were driving a car, and they drove it into the ditch. You can’t have the keys back! “If somebody has repeatedly crashed your car, do you wanna turn over your keys to the same people who crashed it?
“The Cold War has been over for 20 years.” “I have a news flash – the USSR does not exist anymore. It fell back in 1990.”
“Who the heck is this skinny guy with a funny name?” “Who the heck is this skinny guy with a funny last name?”
“They sense deep in their bones … e pluribus unum – from out of many, one.” “I believe deep in my bones e pluribus unum – from out of many, one.”
“We are one people.” “I have a dream that we can be one people again.”


Watch the video yourself and decide whether Vivek garnered too much inspiration from Obama or whether he’s merely guilty of using too many platitudes.

Was it all coincidence or did he deliberately steal Obama’s speeches?

Let us know what you think!

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Obama plagiarized several of his speeches, a couple word for word. He used the talent of others to make himself look smart.

  • Plagiarizing isn’t new. MLK plagiarized Archibald CareyJr. in his “I have a dream ” speech. He plagiarized from the works of Jack Boozer for his PHD dissertation so it’s not so much as to right or wrong but who you are!

    • Total BS, I
      Listened to both candidates and the words, tone and style were NOT the same! Ridiculous nonsense! Mr. Ramaswamy is a patriot and that lent a different take on his speeches! Mr. Obama was never a patriot by any stretch of the imagination neither in word or deed!

  • The wording sounds similar because they ARE Platitudes. The difference lies in definitions and what the prescription is to unify The People of the United States of America.
    The Left’s definition of a ‘car wreck’ is a secure border and a secure election system. The Constitutional Conservative’s definition of a ‘car wreck’ is open borders, and unvetted untracked ballot handling and counting.

    The Left ignores the U.S. Constitution while Conservatives follow the U.S. Constitution. The upcoming election is the Democratic Party versus the United States of America.

  • Is this hack reporter going to point out Sloppy Joe’s stolen quotes?

    I didn’t think so.

    Maybe Vivek went to Harvard where plagiarism is a required subject.

  • Give me a break, this article sounds like CNN wrote it.
    When asked questions by reporters they are the same questions that are put to every presidential candidate and there are only so many answers to these question and therefore they will appear similar…
    Why is this non-issue being brought up??? Is someone desperate to write rigery?

  • Zer0bama was unable to speak clearly and without lying every time he spoke. He could not pronounce to without saying tuh. Ramaswamy, so far, appears sincere and certainly is not a lying anti-American.

  • That level of out of context similarity is enough to suggest EVERY politician alive today “plagiarized” 90% if everything they said in a campaign.

  • There does appear to be very close similarities and in some cases plagiarism, but the question we need to ask ourselves is whether he is gaslighting us like Obama was, or is he sincere. Only time will tell, for now he is on the right team, his future actions will reveal his genuine believes.

    • Not only is Vivek on the right team NOW. He has always been a Trump fan and everything I have ever heard him say, has been the same as he believed were Trumps Ideas.



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