Okay, if somebody has a problem believing in the idea of reincarnation, that’s fine. It does require a bit of an open mind to comprehend the notion that human souls experience multiple lives, at different times and in different bodies. Personally, I don’t believe in it either. But one thing I am truly puzzled about is people who can seemingly recall past life experiences.

A recent story out of India might help sway incarnation doubters to reconsider their position. Two twins were born in India. They claim to be the reincarnated victims of a grisly murder. The twins, Ram and Shesh, were 11 years old when a Dr. Ian Stevenson started his investigation.

Dr. Stevenson is a reincarnation researcher. He began this particular study in 1971. He asked the twins a series of questions about what they believed to be this past life. The pair was able to provide some astonishingly accurate answers.

Ram and Shesh insisted that they were actually reincarnations of two murdered twins, Bhimsen and Bhism Pitamah. Bhimsen and Bhism were last seen alive in 1964. The story says that the Pitamah twins were murdered over a land dispute.

Shockingly, Ram and Shesh described details of the Pitamah twins’ lives. The claims were remarkably accurate and verified by police records. Bhimsen and Bhism Pitamah’s family members also agreed that the answers were extraordinarily precise.

The twins recalled rings and watches that the Pitamah’s had. Ram and Shesh knew exactly how many acres of land that Bhimsen and Bhism owned. The twins knew the names of every person allegedly involved in the 1964 murders.

Has your interest been perked? If not, the next chunk of evidence may raise an eyebrow. Ram and Shesh both have strange birthmarks. The birthmarks go horizontally across their midsections. The scars are approximately two millimeters wide.

The twins’ mother confirms that they’ve had these marks since birth. Dr. Stevenson contends that these birthmarks represent injuries that Bhimsen and Bhism got when they died. Ram and Shesh were born four months after the other twins were killed.

The twins that Dr. Stevenson studied were 11 years old when he conducted his research. Ram and Shesh have chosen to keep to themselves since the study. There’s relatively little information about Ram’s and Shesh’s lives as grown adults.

But the alarmingly accurate details they made when they were 11 are uncanny. Ram and Shesh seem eerily similar to the twins from Stephen King’s chilling horror novel, “The Shining.” We’d have second thoughts if they beckoned, “Come play with us.”

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  • Pictures of the twins in their former lives and today would have been far more interesting. And more accurate journalism, but that’s just me.



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