During the 2020 Census, most of us likely filled out the paperwork that they wanted. I feel like taking part in the Census is something that we should look forward to in some degree because it’s something that our country asks us to do that’s not asking too much.

But then there are those who do feel like it’s asking too much of them and they object to doing it telling the government that they need to just mind their own business.

This sentiment has mostly come from conservatives. I know that because I’m friends with a bunch of them. I heard and read how they responded to the Census and now because of their objections to the Census, they have hurt the rest of us conservatives.

The Epoch Times reported,

Republican-leaning states have been shortchanged at least three congressional seats and electoral college votes because their population was undercounted in the 2020 census. Democrat-leaning states received at least one extra seat and vote due to census overcounts and kept at least two they should have lost, according to an analysis of Census Bureau’s post-census survey.

The bureau acknowledged the errors but said there’s no way to correct them until the next census in 2030.

Several experts and at least one lawmaker have expressed concern over the errors.

“It’s consistently undercounting red states and consistently overcounting blue states,” commented Hans von Spakovsky, head of the Election Law Reform Initiative at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

He called it “a very odd coincidence,” noting that “so far, the Census Bureau hasn’t really explained how and why they made these mistakes.”

It appears the first to sound the alarm over the issue back in June was Fair Lines America (FLA), a conservative-leaning nonprofit focused on redistricting issues.

“It’s obviously concerning that there’s a pattern in the error of the census,” said Adam Kincaid, executive director of FLA and the National Republican Redistricting Trust.

Many people are saying that there is something fishy going on with the counting and that they’re not counting it correctly, but I honestly don’t believe that to be the case based on what I saw. Here are just a few comments about the Census from people I know back in 2020:

“Stop taking censuses.”

“Nope. Never.”

“I wish more people had common sense.”

There were several others, but the principle that some stated was not to not make the growth of the government come easy.”

I warned them saying, “You risk losing a representative if you don’t do the census because it’s based on population. If you don’t do the census, you aren’t considered part of the population. A lot of government decisions are made based on the total population.”

Now, it looks like us conservatives are going to pay for it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • eh, who cares. If these leftist morons want to be suckered into voting for the lying communist fascist racist democrat party, then they get the country they deserve. A Hell-Hole!! I’m fed up with these imbeciles and especially the ones that claim to be Republicans (RINO). MAGA

  • “The bureau acknowledged the errors but said there’s no way to correct them until the next census in 2030.” If this is true (and Forbes is wrong) this means Democrats (with their RINOS) will be only party in and with power until the UN Agenda & WEF reset is set & and political parties will no longer exist. (I read on WEF website “We won’t have political parties. We have our stackholders…). PS: I don’t trust Forbes, but do want to know how this plays out for real. Thank you.

  • The problem is that time and time again the government has proven to be not trust worthy! And more and more Americans don’t trust anything the government says or does! As we constantly see the double standard in the judicial alone! Hard to remember when I have seen a ruling that makes sense! The rest of government is just as corrupt as the FBI and DOJ have demonstrated for decades! I feel we are close to a civil war. Not the people against each other but the people against the corrupt government! Where our money goes to disappear! And any real justice is seldom heard!

    • Messing with voting could be treated like a violent felony, not a misdemeanor. Democrats allowed voting to be made meaningless and invalid.

      If there were equality of freedoms, immunities, powers, privileges, and protections in voting on issues, misrepresentatives in government could only make suggestions, not written laws. Since they do not share our common experience they do not have common sense. There is no evidence of common sense in government.

      I believe in the right of the people to rule. I believe that the majority of the plain people of the United States will, day in and day out, make fewer mistakes in governing themselves than any smaller class or body of men, no matter what their training, will make in trying to govern them.

  • I live in Oregon. From what you say, I should have refuse the 2020 census, as a Republican, to keep these “Blue State” Democrats from having more representation.

    If there is institutional racism, then the government wanting to use the fake classifications of race is it. 23AndMe says I have no Asian, so I cannot be discriminated for that. They said it when they stated I have no Native American.

    I refused the 2010 census because they demanded to know my race. I am mostly European, but I have NO white pigment. “White” would be a lie. Lying is a felony. Refusing is a violation or a misdemeanor, but not a felony. I have 0.1% African DNA but the majority is from the British Isles part of Western Europe. Darwin said we all came from Africa, so now I am putting African.

    The Census workers eventually created a response without my permission using information from my landlord in 2010.

    FYI: I identify as Orange, not “White.” I am as African as Elon Musk, if not more so. Race is an arbitrary ambiguous abusive construct invented by Ernst Haeckel in 1868, among others. You cannot have race theory without race and you cannot have racism without race theory.

  • So the government even got the census wrong? Well why aren’t we making them fix it on their own time and dime? If we keep letting the government screw everything up with zero penalty . What is the point in even having a government! they are totally useless! Everything they touch is a major disaster! Or with like the judicial and FBI it is so corrupt that every thing they do is hidden from the people!

  • Democrats have gone to great lengths to work every possible angle, straight and crooked, to gain advantage in elections and use of the national Treasury. The census is just one more way Democrats have taken advantage of an opportunity to cheat the US election system.

  • Stop, are you kidding, they are letting all this illegal , uneducated, criminal, diseased vermin in the country to be counted, and go on welfare. Of course they will be counted, probably twice, like they vote.

  • Have known for decades the GOP lacks in brains as the democrats cheat election after election without hardly any GOP response. So now our conservative population wants to add to the stupidity. Am sure the democrats are having a field day over this one.

  • This is preparation for the next page of the Democrat playbook: pay no attention to who votes, it is only important to see who counts the votes!

  • This follows the government logic about the 2020 coup. The evidence, scientifically, mathematically and common sense wise points to a fraudulent election, but it has been certified so we just leave the criminals in office.



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