The United States has seen a gradual rise in gun violence. Often, the criminal mind and mentally disturbed persons will use a firearm to commit crimes or exact revenge. These are bad people who have gained access to dangerous weapons. They are the problem.

Guns do not kill people all by themselves. Someone has to pull the trigger. However, the radical left continually uses gun violence as a weapon to take guns away from everyone. The progressive ideology is to take firearms from every person, including law-abiding citizens.

Criminals and crazy people will still get their hands on a gun if they want one. Nevertheless, radical gun legislation will strip everyday Americans of the right to defend themselves. Liberals have it backward. Harsher laws against gun crimes are essential.

Perhaps more thorough background checks and a series of common-sense red flag protocols would be a practical compromise. But restrictive gun laws that violate the Second Amendment are not the answer. Americans know that stricter gun laws are not working.

Oregon is one of the more liberal states in the country. It’s not surprising that progressive Oregon lawmakers have shoved unrealistically restrictive gun control laws through the legislative process.

Radical gun control will not reduce crime and violence. It will actually make crime worse. But when your agenda is to confiscate all firearms from the public, you must act as if that’s your goal. It’s not. The radical left wants to take away guns, not prevent violence.

If they truly wanted to reduce crime and violence, they’d push for stiffer laws against criminals. They do not. The liberals have it all backwards. However, it’s that way on purpose. Law enforcement realizes the truth.

Even in Oregon, those entrusted with protecting the public are pushing back. Sheriffs in Oregon vow not to enforce the radical new gun control laws. At least five county sheriffs in Oregon are refusing to enforce these new laws.

They appreciate how backward thinking these restrictive laws are. Oregon’s “Measure 114” gun laws are among the most stringent in the country. Measure 114 contradicts many federal gun legislation.

Sheriffs insist that enforcing these insane laws is a waste of department resources. Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe believes the human resources wasted enforcing these new laws would “take away from the things that we’re doing every day to try to keep people safe.”

Oregon’s Measure 114 is a blatant attempt by the radical left to restrict and eventually end the right to bear arms. It won’t make anyone safer. In fact, it will make things more dangerous. But that’s what the left wants. They don’t want safety and security. They want crime and chaos.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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