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I think almost everyone is intrigued by the concept of Area 51 and the possibility of aliens or life on other planets.

It’s honestly something that I’ve always been interested in myself, even as a kid.

My dad used to tell me story about when he was a kid and he and his brother saw a UFO.

He said they were outside at night and they saw something in the sky that just stood still then shined a light that light up the trees like it was daytime. Then he sent his brother inside to get their dad and before they came back the UFO started to move and then zipped away faster than anything he’s ever seen before.

If you’re familiar with the movie Fire in the Sky, it was almost just like that except he wasn’t abducted.

Do I believe that my dad really saw something like that? It’s possible, but it’s hard to know for sure. There is the chance that my dad heard about the events in that movie before the movie was made because the actual events happened in the 70s. But my dad has never been someone to read books and although there was a book written about it in 1978, I doubt he would have read it.

Now, there has been a discovery made at Area 51 and it was captured through satellite imagery. An aircraft has been spotted that is unlike any other aircraft that we’ve ever seen before.

Roughly eight years since its construction began, the massive hangar located at the remote southern end of the Air Force’s clandestine flight test center at Groom Lake, better known as Area 51, has seemed to have had little to no activity. Based on commercial satellite imagery and sporadic video taken by hikers from Tikaboo Peak dozens of miles away, there have never been more than a handful of vehicles nearby and nothing of significance in terms of infrastructure has been built up around it.

Now, for the first time, satellite imagery from Planet Labs not only shows activity around the mysterious hangar, but the nature of that activity is a never-before-seen exotic delta-wing aircraft parked on its northern apron.

While it doesn’t quite look like a typical UFO as we would think one would look like, it is different than aircraft that is similar to this one such as a Concorde.


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