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Well, the news is in that former congresswoman and Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has abandoned the Democrat party. Praise God for that! I hope that many more follow suit.

Following her announcement, Gabbard appears on Joe Rogan’s program and they discussed a range of things which included her leaving the party.

“The danger of it is the people in charge of the Democratic Party, whether they actually hold positions or they just are influential in the Democratic Party, have created this cult-like atmosphere and fomented this fear. So much so that people who are really in a position to impact this, to stand up against and say ‘hold on guys this is literally insane and needs to stop’, they’re too afraid to do so because of what the ramifications will be,” Gabbard said.

“You know parents, don’t have a….you don’t have a right to raise your kids now. You don’t have a right to say what they’re being taught in schools now. The state, the government, the teachers’ unions, only they have that right and that responsibility. They’re undermining families.”

But then the interview got really interesting. During their conversation, Rogan tells Gabbard about a teacher he knew whose school was forced to install a litter box for a student who identified as a cat.

“My friend, his wife is a school teacher, and she works at a school that had to install a litter box in the girl’s room because there is a girl who’s a furry who identifies as an animal, and her mother badgered the school until they agreed to put a litter box in one of the stalls. So this girl goes into the litter room or to the girl’s room and urinates or whatever. I don’t know if she poops in it, that’s pretty gross,” Rogan said.

“Imagine how crazy it is. You’re a f–king human being, and you prefer a litter box. You want to piss into a pile of sand rather than use a bathroom where you can flush the toilet, and wipe yourself like a normal person.”

This is where the ridiculousness of gender identity politics gets you. If you can claim to be something that you’re not, then why stop at gender? It’s about identifying as “whatever you feel like on the inside”, right? Well, what if one feels like a cat or a turtle? Well, you end up with this garbage that Joe Rogan described.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Tulsi Gabbard’s Sudden Conscience
    “On 2/21/22 Tulsi’s name still appeared on Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leaders list. Less than month later her name was scrubbed from list of Young Global Leaders on WEF’s web site. Almost 300 powerful people in USA are listed as Klaus Schwab minions for his Global Reset into Global Marxism. Gabbard’s been saying lots of things seeming on the surface to align with Republican Party Platform positions. Yet she remained member of Socialist Democrat Party until 30-days out from mid-term election cycle. She wouldn’t be the first democrat to run for office as a Republican or Independent that wasn’t really Republican, Independent, or conservative-what we call ‘RINOs’ in Republican Party, pretend conservatives in speech but not in practice after elected. Tulsi endorses Biden in 2020 & is a Klaus Schwab trained ‘global leader’ whether she still appears on their web site or not”

  • Hey Joe, as a matter of fact you can teach your cat to use the toilet! there was a company several years ago that actually had a video of one doing its business and turning around hitting a toy on a string to make it flush. Video was taken down by too many complaints over the “embarrassing privacy of the cat”. So if we can teach a cat, perhaps the daughter can be taught. hhhhmmm?

  • Some people are,
    if it wasn’t so sad,
    I would be amused.
    I guess it’s now popular,
    To be what you’re not,
    even when Sanity,
    dictates what you’ve got!

  • 1. How did this “cat” communicate to school officials that it was a cat?

    2. Did the “cat” communicate its gender as either male or female?

    3. Cats don’t wear clothes, so strip the “cat” in order to attend classes.

    4. Cats don’t need formal educations, so exclude the “cat” from school.

    5. If the “cat” must relieve itself, the “cat,” stripped of clothing can use the great outdoors like any other cat could, on a leash, of course, so it doesn’t run off and kill birds.

    6. At the end of classes for the day, call the Animal Shelter to come pick up the “cat” or drop it off at the Animal Shelter at night.

    7. Arrest and charge the “parents” for child neglect, child abuse, and animal cruelty for not taking better care of their “cat.”

    Any one or all of the above recommendations should bring this equine manure, bovine patties, canine caca, elephant excretion, llama leavings, or feline feces to a screeching halt PDQ! And I guarandam’tee ya that no student or parent would try pulling that crap (or urine) at that school ever again.

    I also solve other world problems, as well.

    De Oppresso Liber

  • Seems that those who were flunking in schools and getting by with copying someone else’s homework, cheating and just plain being a phony need a giant “dope slap” as well as some strong discipline. Ben Franklin said “spare the rod and spoil the child” and these dopey “children” are worthless beings – their brains have rotted.

  • This silliness (actually IDIOCY) has to stop!! And that “mother” who badgered the school board until they installed a litter box in a stall in the girl’s bathroom for her daughter to use, needs to be locked up in an insane asylum!! Does the school board expect the Janitor to “clean” that litter box daily?? And a better question would be, does this girl’s “mother” provide her daughter with a separate closet and a litter box to use in their home?? Kinda sounds like that is one home that CPS (Child Protective Services) should be paying a visit to!!!!

  • Under this craziness: If someone wanted to self-identify as a Flat Rock…
    Then you MUST fully support their delusions, otherwise, you are just a bigoted racist against igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic persons!

  • Anyone unconvinced that evil has perverted sanity in the world today has buried their head in the sand or are to far gone in the insanity to notice.



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