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President Trump’s arraignment for the Georgia RICO case is scheduled for September 6. Judge Scott McAfee of the Fulton County Superior Court has granted permission for cameras to be present in the courtroom during said arraignment.

WSB-TV, WAGA TV, WANF TV and WXIA TV will be in the courtroom with cameras.

On Wednesday, September 6, President Trump and 18 other defendants will be arraigned on RICO and conspiracy charges at the Fulton County Courthouse.

According to the court docket, President Trump’s arraignment will take place at 9:30 AM, Rudy Giuliani’s arraignment is scheduled for 9:45 AM, and the remaining 17 defendants are set to appear at 10:00 AM.

President Trump and 18 other defendants were indicted on RICO and conspiracy charges for daring to challenge the overt election fraud that took place in Georgia in 2020.

Trump checked himself in at the Fulton County jail last week. Fulton County officials later released his mugshot.

The DOJ and District Attorneys have taken aggressive action to pursue criminal charges against President Trump in the midst of a hotly contested election, while House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has yet to support an impeachment inquiry into former Vice President Joe Biden.

This situation has only served to bolster the popularity of the president within his base.

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  • Need any more proof that our country is ruled by corrupt money hungry politicians called the deep stink…led by a queer with big ears and a. Low IQ

  • Whar a 3 ring circus all this is going to come back and bite the demorats right in the a–,and they will have no to blame but themselves, and again everybody that is honest knows the 2020 election was stolen in almost every state, and everyone in Arizona knows Katie Hobbs stole the election for governor.

  • The Communist Democrats are just making themselves look like Complete IDIOTS.!
    While Rino Kevin McCarthy hasn’t gotten on board with the other Republicans to impeach the incompetent criminal Chinese operative pedophile fake Illegitimate lieing Communist President.!
    Meanwhile the Communist Democrats are losing support from black voters and Mexican voters..

  • The female who charged President Trump and others did the same thing she is accusing him of as Did Abrams. In FACT ABRAMS is still Claiming she won her election. Why is this female not going after Pedo Joe??? He called Raffensperger before the polls closed or counting had began and told him the exact number of votes he would win by HOW could he know????Pedo Joe was CHEATED in Office and ANYONE WITH A BRAIN KNOWS THIS FACT.



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