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On Sunday, Former Vice President Mike Pence appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” and expressed his assurance that President Trump would not be the Republican nominee.

“I remain confident, more confident after Wednesday night that the Republican nominee will not be the former President,” Mike Pence said referring to Wednesday night’s GOP primary debate.


Last month, Tucker Carlson conducted a presidential forum in Iowa for five Republican primary candidates: Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Mike Pence.

During the interview with Pence, Carlson probed deeply into domestic issues and highlighted his lack of priority on them compared to Ukraine.

It’s fair to say that Tucker ended Pence’s career in less than 60 seconds.

“You’re running for President. You are distressed that Ukrainians don’t have enough American tanks?! EVERY city in the U.S. has become much worse over the past three years…and it’s VISIBLE. Our economy has degraded…suicide rate has jumped…crime has exponentially increased and yet your concern is that the Ukrainians – country that most people can’t find on a map who’ve received tens of billions of US tax dollars don’t have enough tanks!” Tucker said.

Tucker continued, “I think it’s a fair question to ask, where’s the concern for the United States?”

“Tucker, I’ve heard that routine from you before but that’s not my concern!” Pence asserted.

Meanwhile, Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise…

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  • Unfortunately I think that the numbers show that Trump ‘has the numbers’ to land the Republican nomination for President. And I further I think that the 2022 general election shows that election deniers, of which Trump is the leader, AREN’T ELECTED!!! That means that the USA will suffer through another Democratic Presidency. Pence, Haley and even Scott would be good Presidents but I’m afraid they have no chance.

    • I think Trump, or almost any Republican can win if they make sure there are no drop boxes this time- and if there are, post workers there all day and night.

      • If the GOP really wants to win in 2024 they MUST organize groups to watch these polling places after the polls close and peacefully stop any and all deliveries to these polling places and notify federal police and have these truck drivers and workers arrested, this is what happened in 2020 and security cameras caught these trucks and drivers moving boxes into these polling places around midnight where workers chased out pollsters and locked the doors until these trucks showed up, WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN EVER AGAIN AND PUT THIS ALL ON VIDEO AS EVIDENCE WE’LL BE READY THIS TIME.

    • No. No pence would not make a good president. The ???? already told Tucker that America was not his concern he’s more concerned with Ukraine than our country so I say screw you pence you are a hypocrite & a disgrace to our democracy Love ❤️ love ❤️ president Trump love ❤️ love ❤️ president Trump ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Pence is a fucking RINO a backstabbing coward prick he shouldn’t even be called a republican he’s a fucking democrat the GOP needs to drum him and all RINO’s out of the GOP ASAP they’re more harm to the GOP than the democrats they are vicious liars and traitors.

    • Not “Election Deniers” You jerk!! “STOLEN ELECTION VERIFIERS “ is what we are and YOU’RE an Ostrich with your pitiful face in the SAND! And YES, people on our side WERE ELECTED AND ARE SERVING. So go pound sand!

  • Pence may as well pack up and go home and stay out of government. Pence has become an airhead like Biden. I would never vote for Pence for any government position. His political career is over and he needs to be told that to his face.

  • Pence, Nobody asked you to forsake the Constitution. Several states asked for more time to evaluate the virtually impossible numbers that somehow came in the middle of the night at 90% for Biden while many counters were asked to leave in the swing states. Nothing suspicious here. You had an obligation to the Republic to make sure those numbers were not fraudulent. You didn’t and you are still lying about it.

  • Pence, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning nor any other Republican EXCEPT PRESIDENT TRUMP!! If the communist democrats even think about stealing the 2024 election from President Trump , we the people will snuff out the cheaters!!

  • just like it was not PENCE CONCERN to up hold his role as VP on JAN6… just like it’s not any of PENCE’S CONCERN that there are people in Jail with out due process no matter what they did its just not American justice. So Pence is concerned with the war in UKRAINE… another delusional Politian’s no-dream for America!
    Pence will never ever get my vote!


    • EVERYONE, & I DO mean EVERYONE knows that MCCAIN WAS A NEOCON TRAITOR AND WAS NOT THE “prisoner of war” YOU make him out to be!! Why don’t you watch Oliver Stone’s:
      “Ukraine on Fire” where you will see LIVE AND IN-PERSON SAID JOHN MCCAIN ONSTAGE WITH VICTORIA NULAND AND OTHER NEOCONS FOMENTING THE 2014 UKRAINE REVOLUTION!!! DT will not be hurt by missing out on loser votes like yours.

  • Pense will never be worth a teaspoon of salt. He needs a hot seat or rope burned neck. He is solely responsible for the mess the USA is in at this time. If he had cajónes Trump would be president for real not just because it was rigged!

  • Pence needs to receive the proverbial Reap and Sow and he needs to receive a “Twist and Shout” from all Christian and Conservatives
    Shame and humiliation is own him like a wet chitty blanket

  • Pence is a rino, sick man. He has no chance in the 2024 election. He is a disgrace to Americans everywhere. He’s a coward.

  • Pence has absolutely no chance of ever holding office in the WH. I often wonder how his family survived him. He truly believes his is the ans that America is looking for. He is a at best an over achiever thanks in part to Pres Trump who he still stabs in the back every opportunity he gets. I find him so reprehensible that I cannot ever watch a news clip featuring him.. He stabbed the man who made him noticeable in the back over and over again and still does not keep his false religiously big mouth shut and his unAmerican opinions to himself.. I guess it is obvious that I do not like nor approve of him

  • So holy, holy Mike Pence is at again. He is worthless. I am sorry I actually live in Indiana where he bought his 11 million dollar home with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Guess he made a lot of money as Trump’s VP. He is not worthy of shining Trump’s shoes.

  • What a shame Pence turned out to be a traitor. He is the last person I’d vote for. I’d lower my standards and vote democrat before I’d vote for him.

  • Pence is like all other DC politicians he CARES NOTHING for Americans the people they are supposed to work FOR. Amici’s tax dollars should stay in America. While Pence May have thought he could not stop the STEAL of the 2020 Election he could have stated the TRUTH and excused himself from that FARCE. Even if President Trump is not the Nominee you can make Millions betting on it NEVER being Pence.

    • We hear a lot from Pence about what his duty was on J6 but we never hear what he believed about the legitimacy of the election. We are left guessing, either he certified an election he believed was flawed, in which case he has no personal integrity, or he believed the election was on the level, in which case he has no brain. Either way he is a weasel.

  • I remain confident that mike pence no longer has a political career unless he becomes a dumb-as-crap – he has already gone far beyond rino!

  • Pence has a yellow Strip down his back. He is just a deep stater. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the only one on the ticket. I don’t think he can be trusted. What a low life he turned out to be. I wonder how much they paid him?

  • It doesn’t matter what Pence says about Trump. Pence really didn’t do much while he was Vice President.

    Pence should be talking about what to do to clean America up, that Biden has destroyed. Pence is not strong enough like Biden to become president. Pence isn’t really that smart anyway, just like Biden isn’t.

    • Reply to myself: I meant to say that, Pence is not strong enough to be president like Donald Trump. He wouldn’t know how to handle the situation with other countries, especially China and Ukraine.

  • Gots news for you PEDO-PENCE!! YOU will NOT be the nominee, YOU TRAITOR!!! And DONALD TRUMP WILL BE THE NOMINEE!!! Go back to INDIANA, YOU TOAD!

  • You can remain confident that the Republican nominee will not be the former Vice President. Pence made sure of that when he stabbed President in the back on J6 and he digs his hole deeper every time he opens his mouth.



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