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In 2002, Osama Bin Laden wrote a “Letter to America” in which he expressed his motivations behind the devastating 9/11 attacks.

He claimed that the treatment of Palestinian people had to be “revenged” and justified killing innocent people in the name of jihad.

The letter was originally published by The Guardian newspaper in November of that year.

Recently, however, the letter resurfaced on social media platform TikTok after The Guardian linked to it in an article about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

Young people responded with a series of videos praising Bin Laden’s views, signaling an even darker future ahead for America.


One young woman reported feeling “very disillusioned” about her deconstruction of Christianity, while another stated that they would “never look at this country (America) the same.”

One man said he was “shocked but not surprised” and justified Bin Laden’s actions, claiming that under settler colonialism any kind of resistance is branded as terrorism.

Another woman blamed the United States for 9/11, stating it was a result of their government failing other nations.

The Guardian took down the letter due to its sympathetic reception among some US citizens, noting it was being shared without its original context.

Given these responses, it appears young people in America are siding with arguably the most infamous terrorist of all time against their own country.

credit: the guardian

But as independent journalist Yashar Ali notes, interest in the letter only grew. It has continued to spread on X/Twitter.

Here is the full letter:

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) mocked the users on X/Twitter.

Posting snarky tweets will not resolve the underlying social issues that are prevalent in America, especially concerning our youth.

They have been exposed to influence from both TikTok and their educators, which has resulted in a heightened level of indoctrination.

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  • if these ignorant children love Bin Laden I suggest every supporter join him in Hell. I’m sure there is plenty of room for them there. Try every one of them with teason against the United States. we have no room for these brainwashed liberals here.

    • Wul… Backman; you and I are complicit in the she/it brain thinking of these pis-sant liberals in that we (you and I) didn’t walk into the schools teaching our children this she/it and shoot the teachers in the face. I do so have my regrets for not doing same.

  • Hey, “young Americans,” do all those fellow Americans Bin Laden have murdered on 9/11 count for nothing in your stupid little pudding heads?

  • The whole world sees all these POS young assholes bashing their country and those assholes are totally embarrassing to the world with the exception of the Communist Democrats and Rinos and Communist China, who owns the Anti-American fu** ing fake President Biden and that Muslim POS Anti-American homosexual Barack Obama.
    Those young Communist assholes really think they’ll be better off under Sharia Law??
    America has become a Nation of complete dumbasses.
    When the war begins they’ll also be targeted Like the POS they are.

  • I do not know which is the greater threat – the potential these brainwashed jerks are real, or of the social media platform using the same AI technology that gives us John Lennon and James Dean making a comeback years after their death, is responsible for the offensive and traitorous dialog. In either case, the source should be removed and treated as any other enemy of The United States of America.

  • Americans feeling sympathy for Muslim terrorists, LISTEN UP!

    As an old soldier who was involved in counter-terrorism operations against Muslim terrorists for most of my 26 year career I have something to say to those among you who are non-Islamic males and/or females, and a little something extra to say to those who are not sure as to which gender you want to be and/or to be with. If you in any manner support Muslim terrorists activities and/or sympathize with the Muslim community in general suggest you listen up. Before I render my remarks I challenge all non-Islamic persons to carefully study the strategies/tactics presented by the Profit (supposedly given to him by the angel Gabriel and blessed by God himself) for Muslims to employ in order to achieve one of their primary objectives, that of ridding the world of non-believers.

    If after you have completed your studies (in which you will discover just how effective the Muslim community has been over the last 1400 years of achieving their objective of not only eliminating many non-believers, but terrorizing many others into becoming true believers) you still support Muslims over any segment of the non Muslim community, I say to the following.

    “The males among you are damn sadists, fools, and cowards. The females among you are stupid masochists, fools, and cowards. And for you “gender differential folks” who think we Christians, Jews, and Conservatives are less than supportive of your various preferences just let me share some of the most stressful episodes of my career. I cannot report the precise number of bodies of males and females I have encountered with their unique sexual parts removed. According to my interpreters/guides I was witness to the standard practice used to persuade the followers of Islam to follow the paths mandated by the Profit and God for their assigned genders.”

    Though I cannot feel even the slightest level of sympathy for those among you who have allowed various politicians, academicians, bureaucrats, and/or the media to completely load your brains with propaganda; I will assist you in your conversion to Islam. I teach classes on the eight prayers you will need to learn in order to begin your conversion to Islam. Oh, you will need to bring your own rug.

    Oh, there is some good news for you females. When you convert to Islam you will save a ton of money on your wardrobe, makeup, education, social life, etc., etc., etc…, and you most likely will not have to work outside of your home!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired



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