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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently granted a substantial contract to Booz Allen Hamilton, a Washington-based firm.

Notably, this same firm employed the individual who recently pleaded guilty to the theft and release of thousands of private tax returns belonging to affluent Americans, including former President Trump. This information is based on records reviewed by RealClearInvestigations.

This incident represents the third major breach of confidential and classified government information committed by Booz Allen contractors over the past decade, including Edward Snowden’s 2013 leak, which exposed the National Security Agency’s global anti-terror surveillance program.

The cyber thief, Charles “Chaz” Littlejohn, was working on an IRS contract for Booz Allen in 2018 when he stole over two decades’ worth of Trump’s personal tax records from IRS computers.

Subsequently, he leaked them to the New York Times, which published negative stories about Trump’s long-sought returns shortly before the 2020 election, which Trump narrowly lost in key battleground states.

After the election, Littlejohn leaked a trove of sensitive IRS data, including information on Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and other billionaires, including major conservative donors, to ProPublica.

The left-leaning news site used this data to create a series titled “The Secret IRS Files,” which explored how the wealthy utilize loopholes and strategies to minimize their tax payments.

Congressional Democrats cited this series in their advocacy for higher taxes on the affluent.

Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, suspects that Littlejohn may have been part of a broader political conspiracy to undermine the former president before the 2020 election. She believes his actions were not isolated and were, in fact, intentional.

Littlejohn, a Democrat donor, struck a deal with federal prosecutors in which he admitted to disclosing tax information without authorization, facing a potential sentence of five years. However, his plea deal suggests an estimated sentence range of eight to 14 months, with his sentencing scheduled for January 29.

The most lucrative government contractor globally, Booz Allen, has longstanding connections to high-profile Democrats. These connections include former employee James Clapper, who served as President Obama’s intelligence czar.

Clapper was involved in an intelligence community operation just weeks before the 2020 election to suppress information about Biden’s foreign influence-peddling found on his son’s laptop.

Several Obama administration alumni also sit on Booz Allen’s board, and the company supported Democrats in the 2020 election cycle with significant contributions.

Federal investigators were closing in on Littlejohn when the Biden administration rehired his former employer, Booz Allen, through a contract worth up to $2.6 billion to overhaul the IRS’s IT operations.

This significant IRS contract might explain why the Biden administration avoids naming Littlejohn’s employer in court papers and press releases related to the case.

The Justice Department and the Treasury Department have not identified Booz Allen as the firm in question, describing it only as “Company A, a consulting firm that serviced public and private clients.” Despite this, the identity of Littlejohn’s former employer can be found on the internet through sources like Pew Charitable Trust and his alumni newsletter.

Despite Booz Allen’s track record of breaches, the IRS entrusted them with modernizing their computer system, awarding a multi-billion-dollar contract to update their databases.

This involves consolidating around 400 different systems into a new, cloud-based architecture.

The IRS did not respond to inquiries about Booz Allen. Following Littlejohn’s arrest, Commissioner Danny Werfel stated that the agency had tightened security.

However, the Treasury’s inspector general is still investigating the case, and prosecutors have not disclosed Littlejohn’s motive for the crime.

A search of Federal Election Commission records reveals that Littlejohn made small-dollar donations to Democrats through ActBlue, a liberal fundraising platform. He started working for Booz Allen in 2008 and shared the firm’s social mission.

Littlejohn comes from a pro-Democrat family in St. Louis, with parents who have been Biden donors. His father, Steve Littlejohn, has posted anti-Trump tweets and supported MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Littlejohn’s mother, Stefanie London, supported Beto O’Rourke’s Senate campaign and has a background in law and intellectual property protection.

Court filings indicate that Littlejohn not only stole Trump’s tax filings but also those of “entities and individuals” related to him. It remains unclear if tax returns of Trump’s family members were also leaked. Littlejohn is scheduled for sentencing on January 29, and U.S. District Judge Ana Reyes has invited Trump to deliver a statement.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has informed only 152 victims of Littlejohn’s crime, leaving thousands of high-net-worth taxpayers uncertain about whether their tax filings were breached.

DOJ plans to set up a website where taxpayers can check if their tax records were compromised, rather than notifying them individually.

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  • And why would anyone be surprised about this when democrats are involved ? All they do is lie and steal from the people of the USA.

  • How disgusting! There are no laws for demos, they think they can get by with anything as this article says. WHen is the website going up for taxpayers to know if they had been vandalized by this loathsome person? THis just shows the utter hypocrisy of the demos. They can do no wrong but the republicans are always penalized. We need Trump ASAP in the white house.

  • I don’t know why anyone is surprised about this all the democrats have done is lied to the American people. Since Trump has showed us all how they have lied, cheated & have taken money under the table. And how easy it is to get things done when you put America 1st and not your own pockets. It’s about time people are opening there eyes to the B/S. Just hopefully it’s not to late God willing.

  • Obama the non American President is the Terrorist leader and the democrats follow as terrorist. All of the federal Government department heads are Terrrorist. Labor union are have emunity because they are part of the Democrat terrorist so they can take over private companies and control them with the labor unions

  • They should take all these traitors, when discovered, to gitmo and let them live with the “best of the best” muslims!

  • It keeps showing up corrupt democrats breaking every law and getting away with it ???? I am completely exhausted by the hypocrisy of the lying left. I will never forget or trust a progressive liberal Democrat.

  • this guy that release Trump taxes he should be in prison. along with the clown biden for being corrupt to trump when he’s our president.i can’t believe that the clown is getting away with so much he should have been sent away when he was in the senate corrupt he was then and now a fraudulent president he has destroyed this country.

  • this guy that release Trump taxes he should be in prison. along with the clown biden for being corrupt to trump when he’s our president.i can’t believe that the clown is getting away with so much he should have been sent away when he was in the senate corrupt he was then and now a fraudulent president he has destroyed this country.

    • Not only is this guy basically getting away with a serious crime, the company that employed him is getting awarded a multi billion dollar contract as a reward for his actions…. I wonder how much of a bonus he’ll be paid for his efforts in securing that contract through his illegal actions?



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