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Senator James Lankford (R-OK) has been actively advocating for a potential border deal, working hard to win over his Republican colleagues in both the Senate and the House. However, this deal, which is still being finalized, has sparked significant disagreement and controversy within the GOP.

Lankford, who is leading negotiations for the Republicans, ramped up his efforts on Wednesday. As reported by The Hill, Lankford chaired a crucial meeting of Senate GOP members and also addressed the Republican Study Committee’s (RSC) weekly luncheon.

The RSC represents the largest faction of conservative House members who typically have strong opinions on immigration policies. Lankford’s intensified diplomatic push comes at a strategic time, just days before the expected release of the bill.

The decision to rely on Lankford’s negotiation skills is a significant risk for the GOP considering the contentious nature of the proposed measures.

According to FOX News, the deal that Lankford has been negotiating with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer includes several highly divisive elements:

  1. A substantial increase in green cards, adding 50,000 more per year.
  2. Provision of work permits to adult children of H-1B visa holders.
  3. Immediate issuance of work permits to every illegal alien released from custody.
  4. Government-funded legal representation for certain Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) and aliens deemed mentally incompetent.
  5. Allowing the entry of 5,000 immigrants per day into the U.S. or 150,000 per month.
  6. Restricting parole for individuals who enter the country illegally between designated ports of entry.
Source: FOX NewsMany view these proposals, particularly the increase in green cards and daily allowance for thousands of illegal immigrants, as a departure from traditional Republican positions on border security and immigration control.Critics argue that such measures may strain public resources and potentially compromise national security. Moreover, the allocation of taxpayer-funded legal aid to specific groups of aliens provokes debates about resource prioritization.

The backlash from conservative circles and the broader Republican community indicates a challenging path ahead for Senator Lankford. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) strongly opposed the Senate Amnesty Bill on his social media platform, labeling it a “nightmare.”

He criticized the bill for granting legal status to illegal aliens who have taken advantage of the system and violated the law.

“The Senate Amnesty Bill is a nightmare. It gives legal status to illegal aliens who have gamed our system and broken our laws. It rolls out the red carpet for 5,000 illegals EVERY DAY, forever. It’s hard enough to stop the far-left’s state-sponsored invasion of our Southern Border, and it’s even harder when you’re pulling Senator Langford’s daggers out of your back. I oppose the Senate Amnesty Deal and will work to see its defeat,” Gaetz wrote.

Similarly, Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC) voiced his disbelief and concern on social media.

“How could this even be imagined?! 5,000 a day is 150,000/mo. The unprecedented threshold breached in January 2021 after the post-election ramp-up. Lankford proposes to institutionalize the crisis-level flow? As a “border security” proposal?”

Jackson Lahmeyer, the creator of Pastors4Trump, has recently taken action by launching a petition to recall Senator Lankford. This development highlights the increasing dissatisfaction among specific factions with regards to Lankford’s position and behavior concerning the suggested immigration reforms.

“Join me in signing the RECALL JAMES LANKFORD petition:

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  • We don’t have enough jobs for Americans and now they want to allow migrants by the thousands to be allowed to work. We are doomed. Most of these people refuse to even learn english and at 84 I don’t intend to learn Spanish or any other language. Dk /t get me wrong I have notheing against immigration, but these amounts of people are to many, we are swanped now.

  • If anything like this passes, many Republicans will never vote again. I certainly won’t. Why? It’s always the Right capitulating to the Left, and never the opposite. Many, including myself, have reached the end of our rope. Btw – there isn’t any mention of the millions that have crossed under Biden’s regime, nor the 30 million + from before. Personally, I’ve had enough, and am ready to throw in the towel. I’m older, no kids, and I’m tired of fighting for this f*cked up society. Some people have woken up to reality, while for others, when they do, it will be too late. Truth be told, it already is too late.

  • Where in the Constitution does it permit States to recall one of their US Senators?

    We need not only Term Limits but also an amendment repealing the 17th Amendment, thus giving State legislatures the ability to recall their Senators.

  • How about ZERO per day ZERO per month there’s already way to many ILLEGALS in this country thanks to Joe and his cronies not following the laws already in place. And any taxpayer money spent to help ILLEGALS is reprehensible!!! My money is not for them, it’s for Americans and Americans only!!!! Biden has got to GOOOO!!!

    • The amount of illegals allowed in the USA will bite the US in the azz. How many illegals immigrants have received basic vaccinations?how many have terrorists or criminal background?

  • U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested 17 individuals on th e FBI’s terror watch list who crossed into the United States Illegally in November; according to Customs and Border Protection.There has been an increasing trend in the number of known terrorist found to be entering at the U.S. southern border, with a record 169 individuals caught in 2023. Of course it is unknow how many entered undetected. Individual with terrorism connections are interested in using established travel routes with with lax controls and enforcement at points of entry.

  • This should be labeled the RINO immigration bill. Selling out America for their big donors. That’s why they are backing Nikki Haley.

  • He is from OK-then start sending them all there and see how his home state likes it. Send all of them ONLY to sanctuary states-if they can basically illegally house them and protect them, the non-sanctuary states can reject them. Let them go to those states that want them ONLY.
    The sad thing is that an easy solution would be: NO anchor babies, no illegals in our schools-must be a legal alien, no financial help. When all those people came through Ellis Island, they did not get any freebies. Look at the teacher shortages-more and more are going to leave if they keep being forced to teach illegal kids and have 40+ students in a classroom. I can guarantee if they take away automatic citizenship if born here but parents are illegal-anchor babies, do not allow illegals in the schools, and no freebies, the crossings will come to a halt and very few will ask to come here.

  • Every dam politician that is backing these criminals and everyone of them are criminals, deported banned for ever never allowed on American soil, that includes these politicians throw them out of this country with only the clothes on their backs, citizenships revoked they get nothing and their families with them , we need to pay attention to these politicians check them out completely, ever realize the names of these people schumer, schiff, muller, pelosi, all nazi manes bet there are much more that have changed their names because ties to nazis, even allowed a Traitor in office mccain was a traitor what the hell is wrong with all Americans allowing this

  • That is why, I won’t donate one dime, to any Republican. I want to see how Congress handles this. If anything, even similarly remote, gets the go ahead, Republicans will NEVER see any more donations from me – period! NO MORE AMNESTY (of any kind)! All this does, what they’re doing, is setting a precedent, for this crap to continue. Furthermore, it will disincentivize many Republicans to vote. Once, you pass legislation, 90+ percent of the time, you CANNOT walk it back! Future legislation will only be worse, and continue benefit illegals, the Democratic party, corporations, their donors (RINOS and Dems), the DC Swamp, etc. This is the time to say “NO!”. If we don’t stop it now, we will never be able to do so. This can be the defining “Waterloo moment”!

  • What, those who support this, conveniently, leave out – Spouses of H1b visas, can work, here, as well! Thus, they are taking TWO jobs from US citizens, and legal residents!
    Can I work if my spouse has a H-1B visa?
    This, H-4 EAD card allows the spouses of H-1B visa holders to work in the USA. Thus, the answer to your query is Yes!Jul 31, 2023



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