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Over the past three months, authorities in Florida have successfully dismantled a human trafficking operation, resulting in the apprehension of 123 individuals.

WTVT reports that those arrested were spiritual leaders, nurses, and teachers.

Dubbed Operation Renewed Hope, this three-month endeavor was executed by the Human Trafficking Squad of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Undercover operations were conducted both on the streets and within various hotels and motels. Additionally, online platforms were utilized for virtual chats as part of this operation.

Detectives assumed personas of minors offering themselves for sexual activities during these conversations. Furthermore, detectives posed as guardians to lure potential predators seeking to exploit minors.

Sheriff Chad Chronister explained that he strategically planned this operation to coincide with the holiday season when children typically have more free time and are more active online.

This decision aimed to maximize their protection from potential harm according to WTVT’s report.

“I wanted to ensure that our children would be protected and those wanting to pay for sex and wanting to fuel the sex trade were not getting a free pass because of the holidays,” Chronister said.

After the authorities arrested 123 people who were charged with human trafficking-related crimes, Chronister said that a basketball coach, a spiritual teacher, and a nurse were involved.

“These are individuals who betrayed our trust,” he said.

“These suspects know what they are doing is wrong. Even a few of them that were arrested, and we’re seeing a trend – they drop their cell phones, they take their cell phones somewhere else before they show up to have sex with this young child because they don’t want their wife to be able to track where they are at,” Sheriff Chronister said. “They know what they are doing is wrong.”

According to a report by Fox News Digital, the Human Trafficking Squad has achieved significant results with the arrest of 604 individuals and the charging of 36 with crimes related to trafficking.

“What I find even more impressive is the fact this squad has rescued 28 victims from the grips of human trafficking,” Chronister said. “That is 28 people whose lives were saved thanks to the hard work and dedication of the men and women on this team.”

According to Chronister, it is evident that those participating in such activities are fully aware of their wrongdoing.

In many cases, these individuals deliberately leave their cellphones behind prior to engaging in sexual encounters with minors, so as to conceal their whereabouts from their spouses.

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  • These people are sick. Biden is a human trafficker by allowing illegals to cross our borders with disease, crime, drugs. Biden is just as guilty as a terrorist.

    • Biden is a traitor for cherry picking the Constitution for what is stated about our borders and immigration. That also goes for our Puppet-In-Chief’s Marxist handlers.
      That also goes for influence peddling bribe money from our foreign enemies.
      He may now be senile, but Quid Pro Quo Sell-Out Traitor Joe was already a big time crook before Obama began his third term.

      • Biden was a criminal before he was a politician. He plagiarized his law school graduation theses, was caught, and had to wright another one.

  • Those evil pedophiles are no different than The Communist Democrats who’ve allowed this to happen and Joe China operative Biden and his Puppet masters Communist homosexual Muslim Obama and Soros are calling the shots.
    They need to be Shot on site so our children can be saved.
    Unconstitutional.? We The People nolonger have a Constitution as long as the Communist Democrats and Rinos are in charge.!
    The do nothing Republicans keep giving them more money and wasting taxpayers money to just talk about it, The Communist Democrats didn’t even have evidence to impeach President Trump but they did on hearsay and made up bullshit while the Spineless Republicans didn’t fight back.
    It’s time to save the children and fight back against pedophiles, Antifa, BLM and illegals or quite complaining about the dismantling the of America, since the Anti-American Communist are moving full speed to destroy all of us.
    Mark my word it’s happening and their not going to stop.

  • Is Biden the most corrupt Person to hold the office of President? He has violated the Constitution from the first day when he put his hand on a Bible and swore among other thing to protect and defend the Sovreign Borders of the USA and then opened the Borders up to the World and heaped Billions of dollars in taxes onto the backs of working folks. I have wondered if he is following a menu of chores sent to him by his employer the Chinese Communists who own him and his son. I believe that Joe Biden has sold out the USA for 30 pieces of Silver.

    • We need the names of the police officers who lured and enticed men on adult dating/hookup and sex platforms, first pretending to be adults and then switching their roles to pretend to be sex-hungry, psychopathic underage individuals who were looking for adult men to sexually assault.

      Don’t believe me this is what they did? This is what they do in all online “child predator” sting operations. We have overwhelming evidence of this. None of it has anything to do with trying to save or protect any real children from any real risk or harm. It’s all completed created by them for self-serving purposes – MONEY, to help their careers, and to use this to please themselves.

      They create pornographic film scenes or pornographic website scenarios, acting those out, dragging the men into that and even forcing the men to state they agree to sex with them, just to get this person to agree to meet them men in person, which of course, is the ONLY way anybody can know for sure who this person is and find out why they are forcing sex on random strangers online if it’s not just role-playing, like it typically is on those websites.
      None of it is real!

      Look this up… This is what they use to create these cases:

      The term “taboo” is not about looking for children. It’s a popular term in the world of pornography. They know men on those sex platforms will know it’s about role-playing.

      Ageplay Online

    • Law enforcement does not care about real victims. They are too busy creating fake cases of this. It’s all about MONEY, helping their careers, and using this to please themselves in deviant ways, like Tim Ballard was doing.

  • Great job! I am sure Democrats will want to cut your funding! And maybe we need to be checking those people for attempting to help the perverts! Or at the very least ask them in public why they are trying to help and protect the perverts? Thanks again we need more like you!

  • To use adult dating/hookup or sex platforms to lure and entice men with sex and then switching your role to pretend to be a sex-hungry psychopathic underage person who is looking for adult men to sexually assault is NOT saving or protecting anybody from anything. A psychopath who is looking for others to force sex on them is a sexual abuser regardless of their age. So, if you pretend to be an underage person and you are pushing, even forcing sex on others (adult men or anybody else), and you say this is not role-playing – people are supposed to think this is a real minor doing this — Then in that case, this is a psychopathic underage person who is looking for victims to sexually assault. At that point, their age does not matter. The ones in danger are the men they have targeted in these sting operations and forced those men to play along with the conversation the psychopathic underage person forced on them, making them state that they agree to sex with this person who is demanding it from them.

    Don’t believe me that this is what they do in these sting operations? We have plenty of proof to show this is exactly what they do! They will post ads for casual sex, and then they will lie by omission to the public, courts, and juries by leaving out that fact and misrepresenting the facts altogether.

    They also create typical pornographic film scenes or pornographic website scenarios involving age play and incest-kink. Look that up. It has nothing to do with wanting to hurt children. It’s fantasy sexual play among adults – one who gets turned on by pretending to be a minor who is desperate for this with an adult – and the other who plays along with that person’s sexual fantasy about this (because this is what the person who put that fantasy out there has requested from them)

    Don’t believe me? Here are some websites about it:

    Let’s talk about the last taboo: Incest

    Ageplay Online

    Law enforcement and prosecutors are exploiting the general public’s ignorance of this. Because of that, we’re educating people about this.

    We’re tired of law enforcement faking saving and protecting children from sexual abuse when they are really not, just like Tim Ballard was doing, and then it turns out that he is the real monster. The human trafficking task force in Houston was doing the same thing Tim Ballard was doing – sexually assaulting women, and using their sting operations as their excuse and cover up for that. They also faked trying to save and protect children by also conducting these fake online child predator sting operations. They all have the same behaviors. They all need to be investigated.



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