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Addison Smith, a reporter with Newsmax, was providing a live report on “die-ins” in California that were held in support of Palestine and aimed to disrupt Black Friday shopping.

During the segment, an unidentified pro-Hamas protester attempted to take over the broadcast, but Smith quickly put him in his place.

While speaking to Newsmax2’s Ed Henry, the masked individual interrupted them and called the reporting “fake news” and “propaganda.”

However, Smith acted with poise and professionalism as he thoroughly embarrassed the protester.

Protestor: You’re fake news. You’re propaganda.

Smith: Why are we propaganda?

Protestor: You’re propaganda because you make up fake news.

Smith: What did we make up?

Protestor: Hostages.

Smith: Hostages? Hamas doesn’t have hostages? They just released like two dozen today.

Protestor: (nervous giggle) I’m talking about Israeli…

Smith: You said it’s fake news that Hamas has hostages. Two dozen of them were released today.

Caught in that embarrassing exchange, the protestor shifted topics.

Protestor: You were in San Diego a few weeks ago, and you videoed, I was there, I saw the video of you videotaping the protest over there…you totally mis-edited it.

Smith: What did I mis-edit?

Protestor: You tried to make it seem like the Palestinians…

Smith: Can you give me an example?

Protestor: I’m trying to give you an example…they were there…there were multiple Israelis who were inciting violence, trying to get under the skin of Palestinians..taking their flag.

Smith: No, actually I filmed that video. Actually, a pro-Palestian protestor ripped an Israeli flag from a girl..I filmed it…and (another) girl told me ‘cover his camera, they are going to call us savages.”

Embarrassed by Smith’s schooling, the masked protestor began to menace the reporter.  He was joined by a comrade, and the two followed Smith to his car while filming and sharing his license plate.

Smith reports that he also heard someone shout a call to violence against him.  The call to violence was echoed on a since-removed social media post.


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  • Protestor bleats, ” You tried to make it seem like the Palestinians…”

    I’m certain he had a salient thought to project but it escaped him at the time, just has any and all historical perspective.

  • When will the American citizens learn that you can no longer “polite” your way out of this. We need to start setting examples of these anti-American socialist that think they can continue with their violence and harassment against anyone who does not agree with their brainwashed woke communist beliefs. The parents of these pos need to be sent a clear message that this will no longer be tolerated with their worthless adult kids being handed back to them in the worst ways. Play time is over and We the People have had a f’n enough of this bs!!

  • Have the police arrested this HAMAS supporter and charged him with terroristic threatening? Of course not. If he had been a Jew doing this they would swatted his home.

    • I am willing to give any innocent Palestinians that can be found the benefit of the doubt. Hamas must be eliminated because their CHARTER calls for the elimination of Jews, worldwide.

  • Any protestor that is in favor of Hamas or Hezbollah should be rounded up and sent to an internment camp and shipped directly to a Muslim country if they like them so much. This would get rid of 90% of George Soros’ clan of American haters. We would probably lose some BLM members too.



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