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The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability held its inaugural hearing regarding the impeachment of Joe Biden on Thursday.

Republican Chairmen Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Jason Smith delivered powerful opening statements in order to present their case against Joe Biden.

“At least ten times, Joe Biden lied to the American people that he never spoke to his family about their business dealings,” Comer said. “He lied by telling the American people that there was an “absolute wall” between his official government duties and his personal life.

“Let’s be clear: there was no wall. The door was wide open to those who purchased what a business associate described as “The Biden Brand,” Comer added.

“Yesterday, the Ways and Means Committee released new documents showing President Biden was not just aware of his son’s business dealings, but he was connected to them. And a newly released message to a Chinese business executive Hunter Biden mentions preserving the ‘keys to my family’s only asset,’ that asset being Joe Biden,” Rep. Jason Smith said.

“The Biden family sold access to Joe Biden’s power — and the Biden DOJ protected the Biden ‘brand,’” Rep. Smith said.

“This is a tale as old as time. Politician takes action that makes money for his family, and then he tries to conceal it. Never forget four fundamental facts. Hunter Biden gets put on the board of Burisma and gets paid a lot of money. Hunter Biden’s not qualified,” Jim Jordan said.

Congressman Byron Donalds released another message from Hunter Biden to Jim Biden (Joe Biden’s brother) that is potentially incriminating.

“Anyway, we can talk later but you’ve been drawn into something for the purpose of protecting Dad – and I know any of the BS money is mine ultimately,” Hunter said in a WhatsApp message to Jim Biden on March 21, 2018.

Representative Byron Donalds presented an organizational chart from the Internal Revenue Service’s investigative team, which was evaluating the business practices of Hunter Biden, to one of the witnesses in the impeachment proceedings and analyzed the incriminating text messages.

On Wednesday, House Republicans released a text message from Jim Biden to Hunter Biden, sent in December 2018, which serves as evidence of their collaboration prior to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announcement.

“This can work, you need a safe harbor. I can work with you (sic) father alone !! We as usual just need several months of his help for this to work,” Jim Biden said in a text to Hunter Biden.

ICYMI: Newly Released Hunter Biden Laptop Messages Raise Questions

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Even if impeachment in the House is successful, the Senate will NEVER convict.
    The RINO’s in the Senate will make sure of that.

    • Yes & No, the democrats want Biden out of the picture, they know he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning a second term unless they cheated twice as hard as they did in 2020 and look at how sloppy it was, tons of evidence proving election fraud. The only reason it wasn’t overturned was the democrats and Biden’s weaponized justice system along with most other government agencies. This is the easiest way for them to get rid of the moron and even the democrats hate the clown, then they can concentrate on who’s really going to be their front runner.

  • Mitch McConnell protect Biden every time. He is a traitor to the American people! His drug running days are number. God just rid of Feinstein Mitch McConnell is next. These traitors in the American government will see karma .

  • Had this been President Trump and his son Don Jr. had done any of this they’d have been Arrested and charged for Treason and sent to prison.
    The Republicans are never aggressive and always talk, talk, talk and never do anything to indict, arrest, and convict a Communist Democrat.
    I’m done with the yellow cowards, they’ll never impeach pedophile Communist Joe Biden and his family.
    America has been infested with Treasonous actions committed by the Communist George Soros who put into power, mostly of Judges, attorneys, DA’S, Antifa, BLM, Governors, teachers, all domestic terrorists.
    Our Country is being over run by illegals, targeting Americans and the Communist Bastards, Anti-America, the Communist Democrats and Rinos are getting away with it while the Spineless Republicans just talk about it.
    I only trust a handful of the Republicans who can’t get anything done, due to the paid off Communist Democrats and George Soros, ie. The Spineless Republicans helping the Communist Democrats, Even the Supreme Court is going against the 2nd Amendment, putting Gun stores out of business very soon.
    All I want to know is who the Hell thinks Communist Biden is doing a great job.?
    You can always tell who’s a Democrat voter, when they do what their Masters tell them what to do; Wear a mask, Protest against pro life, blame climate change when it’s Summer, Vote pro abortion, Protest against Christianity and Jesus Christ, Transgenders in Schools.
    And so much more.
    I believe before 2024 elections it’ll be too late and the Communist Democrats will become the most evil subhuman, hate filled demons the United States ever had. They’ll fix it so no Patriotic Great President will never get elected into office again.
    Welcome to the Socialist America.!

  • The evidence is piling up against sick, old, corrupt, lying Biden & his crime family.
    We are suppose to feel sorry for him when he has been doing this for years.
    He has done nothing for this country except to expand his own greed by selling national security secrets to our enemies. He deserves to be in jail.

  • Let’s get it DONE. Then go on to getting Camel Toe out of there then we can begin putting this country back together again. November 2024 may be too late!!!!!!

  • In any family there’s often a comradery that one family member helps another. It happened in my family when I was recommended by dad to be a Rotary Club speaker on education. It happened when I got a teenage job at my father’s plant. It happened when my dad assumed the CFO job for my new business venture. He was reputed to be an honest man, a churchgoer, an active civic operator and it was a blessing to have his support. But he never made a nickle from those ventures. He lived his own separate life–geographically, monetarily. He did his work with no supervision. If that’s a crime syndicate, then I was a criminal. IT’S NONSENSE. Ditto, the Biden family–father and son. Get over it. There’s no smoking gun of crime with the Bidens.

    • The Biden Clan of Grifters are parasites and have sold out the USA to the Communist Chinese Party. Why do you think there are 1800 boxes of classified document in a private office in China Town USA? The end of this love affair between the CCP and the Biden Clan is still not over. Joe has even more capabilities to gain cash for the Biden Clan as President of the USA. More secrets to be sold and more cash available. I anxiously await the end of the story to see how much wealth the Clan received for their treasonous acts.

    • You and your ignorant ilk are the problem. “Everyone” doesn’t cheat, lie and steal to get ahead. This is just another stinking excuse for pretending there should be no accountability for dishonesty and impropriety. What a crock of BS.

      God says otherwise in His Holy Book, and unlike his creation, the Creator speaks only truth!

      • Joe Biden and Dr Jill wrote books and Joe gave paid speeches during the 4 years he was between V. Pres. and Pres. Their income was over 15 million dollars. Shell Companies were set up and they defrauded the IRS of taxes on the Books written by them and HIS speeches. The taxes were on Social Security AND MEDICARE WHICH BOTH BIDENS RECEIVE. They had earned income and not some business. It went to Court and they were ordered to pay the IRS half a million dollars $500,000.00. Have they ever paid it? Another big secret or cover-up??

  • Democrat voters will never hear of this. The fake news media will bury it and the Swamp Congress will suppress it. The Biden Crime Family has been enriching itself for years while doing “the people’s business”. As a diversionary tactic they to after Trump who only conducted business as a private citizen.

  • All that an honest USA citizen can do is pay their taxes and pray. Our beloved USA has been driven into a corner. The Root Cause of this destruction and failure sits in the Oval Office in Washington D.C. Our embolden enemies see this mentally sick, corrupt individual who has been Hell Bent on enriching himself and his extended family that he just no longer cares about the ramifications , the dangers and the loss of American Citizens abandoned in Israel. Biden sure made Hamas and Hezbollah happy with the 6 billion bucks He sent to Iran so they can fund this KILLING.

  • Biden is a habitual liar, never a day pases that he doesn’t try to get by with telling the public a lie. He is absolutely the worst president we have ever had. I thought Obama was bad but Obama was smart enough to create cloud cover to obscure his lies and support of ISIS and the Taliban. Biden is so stupid he thinks we will believe anything he says.
    Biden has placed this nation in a very precarious position, more so than at any other time in history. He left weapons in Afghanistan that Hamas is using to kill Israelis and people of other nations. He is in the process of releasing 6 billion dollars to Iran (I know it’s theirs anyway) which they will use to fund terrorism. Worse, Biden ordered open borders and everyone and their terrorist dogs came in and who know how many are within the US waiting to create havoc? He increased the national debt by several trillion dollars, created inflation which has adversely impacted American families and lies that he has it under control.

  • I am 100% ashamed of the Biden’s….Someone needs to take a look @ Joe’s bank accounts and see if he can make that kind of money with A presidents salary….Not that he can’t make investments, but he needs to show them to prove he gets enough returns that allow him to have that much money in a bank account…I would like to think he id not a crook but, I just haven’t seen that yet… Maybe we should rename him …KICKBACK Joe….??? And about Mr Hunter…..How can someone make the money he makes without having a FULL TIME JOB….??? Just saying ?????? Sure makes one wonder ???

  • What’s the hold up boys. And I do mean “BOYS”. The filthy dems lead by their drunkin’ speaker impeached Trump twice in less than one year. What seams to be your issue. Insufficient scrotum size is my guess….

    • You are Right they impeached Trump over the Phone Call with 16 people Listen in on it and take the Word of Adam Schieff and a person not even there! but see Joe Biden Bragging on the Video for getting the Prosecuted Fired for with holding the Billion $ Loan if he did not fire him a Quid Pro Quo and not one Democrat says anything about Impeaching Joe Biden if any Body Votes Democrat they need their Voting Rights taken AWAY

  • It is clear that the Biden family have sold out America for their own financial benefit. And this includes Joe Biden. His political influence was and is the lynchpin that makes it all work. And the democrats have lowered the bar for the standards of impeachment. but even without the lower standard there is sufficient justification for biden to be impeached. However, If Biden were to be convicted by the Senate and was voted to be removed from office; what would we do about Harris? She is clearly incompetent and worse than Joe Biden!

  • Come on we all know he is a Traitor along with obama both were involved along with Biden’s family obama is a Traitor should have neve4 been president he needs prosecuted all assets confiscated including property same for biden his family so quit putting on a show playing games get it done and harris is not eligible or fit to take over so the next in line needs put into office till election she was to take care of the boarder she is was dereliction of duty



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