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The Murfreesboro Police Department in Tennessee has released footage from body-worn cameras of officers neutralizing a knife-wielding man who had attempted to rob a deli and an armored truck.

The video depicts the successful de-escalation of Steven James Murphy, 44, as he aggressively charged towards an officer during the incident on Tuesday night.

The department reported that Murphy first approached the driver of the armored truck at an ATM shortly after 9 p.m.

At that point, the driver drew their gun and Murphy ran to Jason’s Deli in the Oaks Shopping Center where he demanded money from staff members before chasing them as they tried to escape.

When police arrived, they ordered Murphy to show his hands, however, he refused and advanced toward them with knives raised in both hands.

“Drop it! Drop it now!” the officer is heard saying.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) has stated that the investigation into the shooting of Murphy is still ongoing. TBI agents are diligently collecting evidence and conducting interviews in order to determine the series of events leading up to the incident.

Once all investigative findings have been gathered, they will be shared with the District Attorney General for further review and consideration.

It should be noted that TBI’s role is strictly fact-finding and does not involve determining any justification for the officer’s actions.

The officer involved in this case, Adam Claiborne – a five-year veteran – has been placed on administrative leave pending completion of the investigation.

Murphy was transported to a hospital but did not survive; no other injuries were reported.

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  • Shocking video? Not! What are you afraid of? We might see the jackass getting his just rewards… news flash, that’s what we WANT to see.

    • I agree. Humans are bloodthirsty. If we could see the damages that killers and law enforcement do with their weapons to victims, , there might be a halt to murders and the need for self defense as almost seen in this video.

  • This appears to be a quite large man and he is running toward the officer with two knives. What would you do, try to negotiate with him? I would have done the same thing but probably would have done it sooner. KUDOS to the officer. Another violent parasite removed from existence.

  • his vest might have been protective enough against those types of knives, maybe a tazer but overall good shooting of the perp

  • This is what needs to be done to those threatening, thieving, Democrat voting son of a Bitc*** .
    All the pro Hamas protesters, Antifa and BLM rioters should all be shot down in the streets, period.!

  • Good job Mr. Cop one less evil P.O.S. we do not have to waste anymore time or money on. I am sick of these criminals, BLM, ANTIFA all getting away with complete criminal activity all over this country and these CORRUPT Paid off judges just letting them back out on the streets. It is time for this government to do its job, we are getting our money stolen from us because we are not getting what you were hired for. Corruption from top to bottom because if you are complicit in what is going on and say nothing then you are guilty also. And God is not happy with this country now at all.



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