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A potential key witness in the case against President Biden is Viktor Shokin, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Shokin has made grave accusations against the incumbent president, claiming that he attempted to have him killed.

These allegations have been given further credence by the fact that in 2016, Biden was allegedly involved in a blackmail scheme to force the Ukrainian government to dismiss Shokin due to his investigations into Biden’s activities becoming too dangerous.

This week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the initiation of impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.

Almost simultaneously, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley declared that an internal FBI document obtained by the U.S. House Oversight Committee contained 15 audio recordings of conversations between Hunter Biden and a “foreign national” associated with Burisma, as well as two recordings of conversations involving Joe Biden himself.

This news from Ukraine comes at a particularly inopportune moment for the Bidens, as their foreign activities have come under increased scrutiny in recent years.

It is believed that this foreign national is Mykola Zlochevsky, a disgraced Ukrainian ex-minister, businessman and owner of Burisma Holdings. The footage may corroborate claims that both father and son Biden received kickbacks from Burisma.

In early 2015, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office placed Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, on a wanted list for illegal enrichment and initiated investigations that also implicated Hunter Biden.

This prompted then Vice President Joe Biden to pressure Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko during an official visit in March 2016 by threatening to withhold a $1 billion loan unless Viktor Shokin, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine appointed by Poroshenko in February 2015, was dismissed.

In response to this ultimatum, Poroshenko put forth a bill to dismiss Shokin which was approved by the Verkhovna Rada on March 29th. On April 3rd, Poroshenko officially signed off on Shokin’s dismissal and justified the action publicly as being due to delays in collecting evidence for “Maidan cases”.

In early 2020, former Attorney General Viktor Shokin reported to journalists that he had been the target of an alleged poisoning attempt. He named Joe Biden as the suspect responsible for the incident, which took place on September 10th, 2019 in Greece. While exiting his car, Shokin lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

He was hospitalized in Greece where he underwent intensive care and was shocked back into consciousness with stun guns. After receiving treatment in Austria, doctors detected mercury levels five times higher than the maximum permissible level in Shokin’s body – a possible indication of poisoning according to acquaintances from Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU).

On February 24, 2020, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine opened a criminal case based on Shokin’s testimony that Biden had privately and publicly demanded his resignation in return for U.S. financial guarantees to Ukraine. However, police closed this criminal case as early as September 23, 2020, having found no corpus delicti.

Shokin and his lawyers attempted to appeal this decision but were unsuccessful; Shokin criticized the evidentiary hearing by noting that during their months-long investigation the police conducted only one investigative measure—namely, his interrogation—prior to closing the case. He expressed disagreement with this conclusion.

In April 2021, in an effort to publicise the case beyond Ukraine’s borders, former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin filed a complaint with the European Commission alleging that his rights had been violated during his dismissal from office.

The complaint was received by EU Commissioner Mairead McGuinness and expressed Mr. Shokin’s belief that the demand for his dismissal issued by US officials in 2016 constituted an unlawful interference in Ukrainian internal affairs.

Mr. Shokin argued that he had suffered violations of his right to work, right to fair trial and Ukraine’s right to self-determination. To date, no response from the European Commission has been published.

Former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin is attempting to garner attention for the case outside Ukraine. His book, “The True Stories of Joe Biden’s International Corruption in Ukraine, or Who Can’t Become President of the United States” was recently presented at a press club in Brussels.

With valuable information to offer, Shokin is willing to share his insights; yet Congressman James Comer has been actively searching for evidence against the Bidens for a year and still remains hesitant to turn to him. It appears that the Republicans on the U.S House Oversight Committee may be waiting until closer to election season before they use this “heavy artillery”.

Alternatively, they could be deferring from discrediting their nation’s leadership during war in Ukraine. Whatever the reason may be, it seems likely that we will soon hear more about Biden’s involvement with Burisma corruption scandal in America as well.

Hunter Biden has pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to pay taxes and one count of possession of firearms while intoxicated.

Investigations into the opaque income received by both Joe and Hunter Biden from foreign businessmen and corporations continue in Congress.

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  • I know Mr Shokin has some things to say about this. I heard them when Chanel Rion and Rudy Giuliani interviewed him several yrs ago, for OAN, among other Ukrainian witnesses and whistle blowers.

    • None of them deserve a fair trial, look at what they’ve done to Americans who simply walked into or didn’t even go into congress on j6!
      And if you’re a Republican or happen to own a Trump flag and get into any kind of trouble in a blue state, they will do everything in their power to destroy your life and give you an unfair prison sentence in some crap hole.

  • No trial, no representation, no Due Process, all Communist Democrats and Rinos are Guilty and should be treated like the J6 prisoners.
    Or all Communist should face execution by Fireing Squad.! Period.!
    The Communist in Washington DC should face their same illegal Laws as they sentence all Maga and President Trump supporters have endured.

  • Pedo Joe is GUILTY but it was President Trump who was INNOCENT but tried by Democraps for Pedo Joe’s Crimes. Look for even more Charges against President Trump now that Pedo Joe is being looked into for Impeachment charges.

  • We all new this but not was done and obama was in on it as well so now impeach immediately, harris to she failed to secure to board she has paid for blm Terrorist antifa terrorist organization bailed out that should have been prosecuted facing death penalty to natural life in prison these criminals terrorized, burned, killed, looted attacked people their business, homes, or just anyone in there way, time for them to pay dearly all assets confiscated giving to those they harmed, these organizations destroyed removed from American soil and that includes gangs shoot to kill they are animals not fit for human society, and taxpayers should Not have to feed cloth these criminals, eradicate immediately

    • I agree with you Lucy and now the most corrupt, Illegitimate, lieing Communist fake President Joe Biden is so confident and telling the Republicans “Good Luck Trying To IMPEACH Him”, Now I personally believe that the Communist Rinos have worked out a deal with the Communist Democrats to where the Fix is in and to allow Obama and Soros and Gates along with Biden to place the final nail in America’s coffin.
      I hope I’m wrong but I can’t place doubt on what’s going on with the Communist in Washington DC.
      Gates with his fake Meat and buying up farmland, and Soros funding Antifa and BLM to burn down cities and getting away with Murder, Rape and assassination of Police Officers, Muslim fagg, Obama’s hatred of Americans and White People, he’s Anti-American, Anti-Constitution POS, then Illegitimate fake destructive President Biden whose open racist, Crimes and theft of classified documents since the 1970’s he no longer tries to conceal, Now the pharmaceutical industry is creating another deadly vaccine in which Biden is going to force Americans to get or be arrested..
      Biden’s disregard for human life lost in Maui and Afghanistan, giving $ Billions of taxpayers money to Ukraine while getting kickbacks and millions of Americans are suffering from his unconstitutional agenda and executive orders. All the Communist in Washington DC continues to allow our children to except forced Transgender operations, indoctrination with no math, science or history taught, Fentinal continues to pour into the United States killing thousands of Americans, illegals receiving $1500 monthly from SS benefits, free education, free housing, free cellphones etc.etc.
      I can’t say it enough that I hope they all die a painful and agonizing death.



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