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Hunter Biden has followed in his father’s footsteps into the world of politics and is now facing serious accusations himself.

In 2019, he became a target of an FBI investigation involving money laundering and foreign corruption related to Ukraine’s natural gas industry.

Additionally, it was discovered that he had received payments from Chinese-based companies with close ties to the Chinese government while serving on the board of Burisma Holdings Limited – a Ukrainian energy company closely linked with former president Petro Poroshenko.

The Biden family’s involvement in politics has been called into question numerous times over the last few years due to their unethical behavior and questionable decision-making. This has led some political pundits to label them “the most crooked family in politics” – a title that they may well deserve given their shady past dealings.

Now, it has been revealed that Joe Biden took his son Hunter Biden on Air Force 2 to thirteen different countries, according to newly discovered records.

On several of these trips, Hunter Biden was either hidden from public view or was already waiting in the car before Joe Biden departed the plane.

Congressman James Comer (R-KY), Chairman of the Oversight Committee, appeared on Newsmax with Greg Kelly to discuss the most recent revelations concerning the Biden family.

Greg Kelly: these emails, 5400, are you confident in that number? I said the archives presented you with that number. Is that true?

Rep. James Comer: Yes, we’re confident in that number. Now, there could be more because there could be more pseudonyms that Joe Biden used, but the sheer fact that there are that many and he used three different pseudonyms is very concerning. So how ironic is it the guy that while he was vice president, his family created 20 fake companies for the sole purpose of laundering money from foreign nationals into the fake LLCs that would then be laundered down to Biden family members? How ironic is it that the same person would have three fake names that he used on government emails? But the most concerning thing here about these 5400 emails is that we know of one, and we believe there are many more, where Hunter Biden was copied on them. So not only was he trying to disguise the fact that he was sending and receiving the emails while he was vice president, he’s copied his son on things pertaining to the government, specifically pertaining to Ukraine, at a time when he said all along that there was a wall between the government and Hunter Biden.

Greg Kelly: So Hunter Biden, we all remember the picture. I think we have it right here when he visited China with his father, the then vice president. I think this was December 2014, 2015. Yeah, there they are arriving in Beijing. Totally inappropriate, but that was done on purpose, we believe, to send the Chinese a signal. If you want to meet Joe, if you want to get to Joe, go through Hunter. That’s a big deal in China. I take it you’ve seen this other video of Joe Biden on his vice presidential travels where Hunter doesn’t get off the plane in front, but is often waiting in the car here’s, South Korea, 2013. He’s coming down. I don’t know who that person is with him, but by the time he gets to the car, we’re going to see somebody very familiar. It’s Hunter. That is undoubtedly hunter biden. And this happened throughout the world. It happened in Germany, italy. We believe Ukraine as well. What do you make of this?

Rep. James Comer: it’s obvious that he was trying to hide the fact that his son was traveling with him. Joe Biden has not been truthful with the American people about how many times his son flew on Air Force Two with him and where they flew to. What I think we’re going to find is that many of these countries where the Bidens were receiving millions and millions of dollars through their shell companies were the countries where Hunter Biden was traveling on Air Force Two with his father. Just like Joe Biden said. He never communicated with any of these foreign nationals who were sending the money. We’ve now found that he communicated with all of them. And what we’re finding about Burisma every day is very concerning. Very concerning. Of all the crimes that have been committed by the Bidens, what we’re finding with Burisma is probably the most concerning. Not to mention the fact that the Democrats and the media went all in on impeaching Donald Trump over simply calling Zelensky to ask him if he knew anything about potential crime by the Bidens in Ukraine.

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    • Coco, it’s the communist democrats agenda to make America suffer, if they continue on their path Joe Biden wants to kill as many people as they can.
      Joe Biden is calling to cancel the 2024 election and if they succeed Communist Democrats will remain in power for good.
      FJB and all those Communist Democrats and Rinos

      • The mere corrupt democrat/RINOS and the do-nothing GOP will remain in power as long YOU millions of Americans allow voter fraud like last time! how pathetic!

  • Isn’t it obvious of the connection between ‘daddy” and Hunter. He has been living in the White House with “daddy” for months and travels everywhere “daddy” goes on Air Force 1. Joe is as guilty as Hunter, however “daddy’s” government is hiding and delaying all charges. Joe will die before he is found guilty

  • The mere corrupt democrat/RINOS and the do-nothing GOP will remain in power as long YOU millions of Americans allow voter fraud like last time! how pathetic!

  • “We got him”? Well then, why isn’t being charged at this moment. why isn’t he doing thev”Perp Walk” on live TV News? Why aren’t the entire Biden Crime Family dressed in prison garb? that “We got him” are meaningless words until it is acted on. So, put up or shut up! I want to see the Biden Crime Family locked away until Walmart opens a store on Venus!



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