Two young autistic women in relatively good health are facing execution by their respective governments – one in the Netherlands, known for legalizing euthanasia, and the other in Canada, where state-assisted suicides account for over 4% of annual deaths.
Zoraya ter Beek, a 28-year-old Dutch woman, and a 27-year-old Canadian woman identified as M.V., have both sought state-sanctioned suicide despite not having terminal or debilitating physical conditions. Ter Beek’s boyfriend is supportive of her decision, while M.V.’s father is fighting to save her from Canada’s scheduled suicide program.
These cases underscore the trend of liberal countries expanding access to state-assisted suicide for individuals who may not be able to give informed consent, alongside other vulnerable members of society.
Ter Beek, scheduled for execution in May, expressed to the Free Press her aspiration to become a psychiatrist which she ultimately abandoned.

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The unfortunate Dutch woman attributed her failed career pursuits to struggles with depression, autism, and an alleged borderline personality disorder.

Despite owning a comfortable home, caring for pets, and being in a seemingly loving relationship with a 40-year-old boyfriend, ter Beek is pleading for her government to end her life as she sits on her couch at home.

Her decision reportedly came after her psychiatrist conveyed that all available options had been exhausted and that there was no hope for improvement.

“I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore,” ter Beek told the Free Press in a text message.

“Where the tree of life stands for growth and new beginnings,” wrote ter Beek, “my tree is the opposite. It is losing its leaves, it is dying. And once the tree died, the bird flew out of it. I don’t see it as my soul leaving, but more as myself being freed from life.”

Ter Beek set the scene for how she was going to slough off this mortal coil.

“The doctor really takes her time. It is not that they walk in and say: lay down please! Most of the time it is first a cup of coffee to settle the nerves and create a soft atmosphere,” wrote ter Beek. “Then she asks if I am ready. I will take my place on the couch. She will once again ask if I am sure, and she will start up the procedure and wish me a good journey. Or, in my case, a nice nap, because I hate it if people say, ‘Safe journey.’ I’m not going anywhere.”

Ter Beek’s boyfriend seems unable to convince his lover otherwise, and will wait as a government official takes her life. Later, he plans to scatter ter Beek’s ashes in a peaceful spot in the woods.
“I’m a little afraid of dying, because it’s the ultimate unknown,” said ter Beek. “We don’t really know what’s next — or is there nothing? That’s the scary part.”

M.V.’s father, known as W.V., has been the primary caregiver for his daughter, who resides with him in Calgary, Alberta.

Although M.V. is in good health and not facing imminent death, she was granted approval for “medical assistance in dying” (MAID) in December, a process euphemistically termed in Canada.

According to Canadian state media, the law requires approval from two doctors or nurses for MAID. While one doctor approved M.V.’s request, a second doctor denied it. Subsequently, a “tie-breaker” physician cleared her for the procedure on Feb. 1.

On the eve of M.V.’s scheduled MAID procedure, her father successfully obtained a temporary injunction to halt the process.

The Calgary Herald reported that Sarah Miller, a lawyer for the father, stressed in her written brief for Justice Colin Feasby of the Court of King’s Bench Alberta that M.V. “suffers from autism and possible other undiagnosed maladies that do not satisfy the credibility for MAID.”

W.V. has indicated that his daughter “is generally healthy and believes that her physical symptoms, to the extent that she has any, result from undiagnosed psychological conditions.”

In addition, W.V. expressed the belief that his daughter is “vulnerable and lacks the capacity to decide to end her own life,” as summarized by Feasby.

Miller also highlighted significant concerns about the impartiality of the tie-breaker physician who ultimately authorized the autistic woman’s death.

“There’s no evidence before this court that she has an irremediable condition,” added Miller.

Feasby ruled late last month that preventing the woman’s execution would cause her irreparable harm.

“M.V.’s dignity and right to self-determination outweighs the important matters raised by W.V. and the harm that he will suffer in losing M.V.,” wrote Feasby. “Though I find that W.V. has raised serious issues, I conclude that M.V.’s autonomy and dignity interests outweigh competing considerations.”

W.V. has taken advantage of this final chance to shield his daughter from the state’s interference.

On Tuesday, Miller lodged an appeal on behalf of W.V., urging the province’s highest court to restore the injunction and require the potential victim to respond to important inquiries regarding her MAID application, according to state media.

Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, noted, “Canada’s euthanasia law was not designed to protect vulnerable people. The law is designed to protect the doctors who are willing to kill.”

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  • This type of insanity will lead to more insanity like Forced euthanasia, by others over your life. Do realize like every thing else the left champions that this will also go out of control under the cover of normalcy. Like abortions where some 70 million babies have been executed. I have always wondered why the left is for abortion and euthanasia, when these atrocities take away people they can tax over a lifetime instead of a one time tax for services rendered.

    • Yup, this kind of insanity comes directly from the insanity of abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. Now, abortion has been legalized up to decades after birth. Josef Mengele and the rest of the eugenicists are rolling over and laughing in their graves.

    • Because the “climate worshippers” will go along with anything that helps depopulate the planet. In fact, there is movement afoot to ‘depopulate’ – aka kill- 5 billion people to ‘save the planet.’ Covid was a practice run.

  • Life has no meaning for these Leftist freaks. While I know little about the Dutch, I am pretty knowledgeable about Canada & they have moved so far Left that I would never travel north of the border. They scare me & I’m fearless!

    • They are already are euthanizing dementia patients in America. It’s called hospice. Yes, they help some families. But other patients are set on a path of no return through prescriptions of multiple psychotropic drugs that render them helpless and ultimately unconscious. And we know what hospice nurses give their patients: “Bites and sips” (just enough to make them comfy while they are starving; not nourish them enough to survive. If you have a hospice team overseeing your loved one…and they are prescribed multiple psychotropic drugs…GET THEM OUT from under the care of that institution and get them where they can get some real help. They may be dying…but don’t let these people starve your loved to death one as a way of “helping.”

  • Regardless of the company, every employee has the freedom to work from home whenever they desire. Based on your credentials, you determine your own price. It is not necessary to have prior computer expertise. Our complete openness lowers costs, improves preparedness, and raises success rates.
    Therefore, I started to…………………

    • @rick be
      Ecclesiastes 8:11
      Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

      This is why we are in the mess we are in. Criminals are coddled instead of being executed. This only enables them to commit more crimes.
      Meanwhile, the good and innocent and law abiding citizens are being destroyed.

  • Soon to be forced on seniors who reach a government determined expiration date; for the good of the planet of course…

    • @PAU: Then they should start by executing the worst offenders: rapists, murderers, child molesters, drug runners, illegal alien invaders and Black thugs.

  • In my opinion, this is murder and suicide, both is wrong. Maybe it is a cowards way out or, maybe they don’t realize the finality of this but, it is wrong from every angle!

  • Two Doctors disagree and a “tie breaker” is brought in? Sort of like judge shopping by prosecution isn’t it? And it’s all over in a couple of weeks to months.
    Then there is the issue that we have KNOWN murderers, truly bad people that even according to God’s word are not to be redeemed in this life, but to forfeit it. IT takes on average nearly THIRTY years to execute most condemned murderers. I guaranty that if those murderers were executed within a year or so of condemnation that the murder rates would drop instantly.
    Three hots and a cot in a private cell, with guaranteed daily exercise, reading, and writing letters for 30 years with never having to work or pay for anything? There are good people in third world countries that would trade their lot for that in an INSTANT and never regret it.
    Maybe it’s possible to reverse this, “euthanize” the condemned and imprison the weak and distressed in some institution in private cells with rights?

  • Amazing.
    People who shouldn’t be euthanized are.
    People who should be euthanized aren’t: like rapists, murderers & habitual criminals.
    We’re living in clown world.



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