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The Kenosha County Eye has reported that Gage Grosskreutz, who recently changed his legal name to Paul Prediger, was struck by a vehicle in Milwaukee.

Grosskreutz’s story gained national attention after the Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha when he allegedly brandished a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse and was subsequently shot in the arm.

The Kenosha County Eye has reported that Grosskreutz sustained a lacerated liver and multiple fractures after being struck by an automobile while crossing the street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Marvin Thomas was arrested in connection with the alleged hit and run of Grosskreutz and is now facing two felony charges.


Per Kenosha County Eye:

The criminal Paul Prediger, formerly known as Gaige Grosskreutz, chastised Kenosha County Eye for reporting first, that he secretly asked a judge to change his name. Grosskreutz is known for being the man who pointed a gun at then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse during the riots of 2020 and was shot for it. Rittenhouse was acquitted of any wrong-doing for shooting the career criminal.

Although Grosskreutz would have us believe that he is in fear for his life, he couldn’t help himself when he decided to go on WISN 12 ABC news to talk about being run over.

According to WISN12, Grosskreutz suffered a lacerated liver and multiple broken bones. He is trying to raise money on GOFUNDME.

An anonymous source, interviewed by a local ABC News network, was identified by various users on X after the accident.

The individual, who requested not to be named, is believed to be Grosskreutz.


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  • Grosskreutz is a piece of filth. It’s too bad his injuries weren’t much worse. I don’t condone hit and run, but I have no sympathy for Grosskreutz and wish him the worst.

  • Just think. I he had pulled that gun on law enforcement, he would be pushing up daisies. I think he’s damn lucky he is still breathing. Then he decides to change his name. Did he think that would make things go away? Some idiots don’t have the sense that God gave them. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Say what you want about Grosskreutz, but it’s still appalling that two vehicles witnessed the hit and run, could see that he wasn’t getting back up, and just drive away anyway. I sincerely hope that both cars stopped to help and the video just doesn’t show it. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like that was what happened. I would bet my entire year’s salary the if Kyle Rittenhouse witnessed Grosskreutz being hit by a car, he would have stopped to help. if I were hit by a car and was laying injured in the street, I sure as hell how someone would stop. Even if that person had shot me in the past, I would hope they would at least call an ambulance. Such a sad, sad world we live in.

    • I agree with you. When I read the word allegedly, I thought there was nothing alleged about it. The thug admitted to it in court.

  • Since the fake news CNN and MSNBC and the Communist Democrats hide information from the American people, I wouldn’t put it past the SOB to have a concealed firearm.
    That Antifa thug is bought and paid for by the Traitor George Soros, so that makes him a terrorist.
    Had it been the other way around, the fake news CNN & MSNBC would report that the victim scratched and dented the good Samaritan’s car and bumper.
    So don’t feel sorry for those Street thugs, they deserve to Die.
    Burning buildings, high dollar theft, assassination of Police Officers, Rape, Murder, just to name a few Felony Crimes by those Inhumane those terrorists are.

  • Amazing how they were quick to arrest the driver of the vehicle for hitting this shit-head but never arrested him immediately for threatening Rittenhouse w/a gun. Karma’s a bitch ain’t it?



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