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A bizarre event occurred near the Fulton County Courthouse on Friday, when an investigator from the District Attorney’s Office reportedly shot herself on accident.

The Sherriff’s Office confirmed that the individual was not critically injured, but did require medical attention.

The identity of the investigator who shot themselves has not been released, nor is it yet known if this individual was part of the investigation connected with DA Fani Willis’ case against Trump.

ABC News reported:

ABS News reported:

A Fulton County District Attorney’s Office investigator “accidentally” shot herself while at the county courthouse on Friday, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

“She was not critically wounded. A Fulton County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded and administered aid until EMS arrived,” the statement says. “There was never an active threat at the courthouse.”

Atlanta police said in a release the DA investigator shot herself in the leg and the situation is under investigation.

ICYMI: Fulton County DA hit with congressional investigation over Trump indictment

Doug Goldsmith

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  • there was no active threat . What a crock of shit coverup. A gun was discharged somebody was injured by the discharge there could have been more injuries or death from the reckless discharge of the gun. would the police have reacted the same way if it wasn’t one of their own? I think not, which makes this a cover-up for one of their own. And that shows that the supposed police involved are not police but more properly referred to as Pigs.

  • If this was a soldier deployed to a combat zone coming back to the forward operating base and he/she was to have a negligible discharge of a firearm then they would be charged with an article 15 , most likely loose their rank and basically get in huge trouble for those that have no clue of the afore mentioned.
    This individual should face heavy charges for discharging a firearm within; city limits, a court house, improper handling of a deadly weapon and probably more since I know nothing of civilian charges.

  • And BTW Doug Goldsmith the writer of this article. The broad did not shoot herself “on” accident but BY accident. Maybe this news person needs to go back to the third grade and take his editor and proof reader with him

    • Sorry Jacko, I’m quite possibly a better shot than you! Many of the best snipers are female. Women’s arm muscles are designed for longer term strength, maybe to carry a kid around, little buggers get heavy quick. Men’s are designed for more short term bursts of strength, possibly to protect aforementioned female and kid.

      God created all men, Colt made em equal, in hand to hand combat I am at a disadvantage… with my favorite carry piece, not so much 🙂

  • What a complete MORON. The Incompetent Skank should be charged with Reckless Endangerment & discharging a firearm in city limits. The SLOB should be immediately disarmed & fired. What a total DISGRACE to the L.E. profession. Just shows what a bunch of INCOMPETENT CLOWNS working as D.A. investigators. The entire LOT needs FIRED & replaced with active Duty Sheriff’s.

    • Carter Slade, I can’t help from laughing, I’m a retired Police Officer in Texas, and I worked for the DA’s office before I joined the Granger Police Dept. and it’s a policy where an officer is not allowed in any court room during a hearing carrying a firearm.
      That dumbass Investigater just got a taste of Karma, she’s must of been asleep during firearm safety.

  • Maybe she had one of those early model, Army issued Sig-Sauers, you know, the ones that would go off if you bumped the holster or fell down with it!

  • Just what was this woman doing with a firearm in a courthouse? Was she on duty as a”Police Officer”? This is incompetence and disregard for public safety. There is something really smelly here. Coverup? A felony that is being hidden from the public?
    Was this “woman” allowed to carry ? Was she licensed to have a firearm on COURT HOUSE property? Did she even have remedial firearm training?
    COVERUP! This can’t be disproven , this is a cover up.
    Incompetent and Irresponsible morons should not be on public payrolls, or allowed to have a firearm.

  • This writer is an abject idiot. The investigator accidentally shot herself, not “on accident”.
    To compound the idiocy the writer then attempt to be woke and uses the plural “themselves” to describe the singular “Investigator”.

    • That’s what you get out of the story? Geez, no wonder everybody hates all you grammar not-zees [sic]. You obviously understood the point that was made; you just wanted syntax to be more important than substance. Is it proper English to say you’re stupider than the reporter?

  • trump and the russians did it lmao what did she know about the clintons . its all theater too much coincidence for it to be anything but staged. didnt have time to get its story right so it was an “accidental” shooting.

  • I believe that is called an “office pop”, a law enforcement initiation ritual. i learned this from the documentary “The Other Guys”.

  • The discharging of a fire arm in the county courthouse is not . I say again is not an accident it is negligence. And the person should be facing disciplinary action not a cover up.

  • those people who are trying to get kids to change their sex need to be shipped to Iraqu and let the Muslims take care of them and their problems



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