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Flagstaff, Arizona – On Tuesday, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, was confronted by a large group of protesters while visiting Northern Arizona University.

According to The Post Millennial, Kirk had been invited to the campus in order to help with tabling efforts for his organization which is seeking to establish 1,600 high school and college chapters throughout America. Protesters shouted obscenities at Kirk during the incident.

A group of disorderly individuals surrounded a conservative activist and hurled expletives such as “f*** you fascist” at him.

Additionally, they were seen giving him the middle finger.


Mediaite reported that when Charlie Kirk visited a college campus, he was met with signs containing vulgar language such as “Facists [sic] fuck off!” and “Charlie Kirk has a small face.”

Slogans in support of trans rights were visible and chants of “Trans Lives Matter” could be heard.

When Mr. Kirk attempted to engage in dialogue, he was met with screaming students, bullhorns and even a band.


Kirk declared victory following the event, asserting that the number of his supporters was greater than that of the protesters, contrary to what had been reported by media outlets.

His supporters were enthusiastic in their demonstration of support towards Kirk.

Kirk has been a source of contention on many college campuses, with his presence often sparking confrontations between left-leaning activists and members of Turning Point USA.

In one incident at UC Davis, police had to intervene when Antifa protestors attempted to disrupt the event.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • These idiots that want to scream facism don’t Evan know what it is. If they did they wouldn’t be practicing it. It is sad these people are so uneducated. All the freedoms and liberty’s they simply take for granted are never available in truly facist and communist countries.

  • no wonder they want free collage funds. why spend that much to make your kids stupider then when they left for collage. don’t any of them ever question anything anymore ??? are they that stupid to belive everything thats told to them on blind faith. glad I won’t be around to see their stupid decision they will make when running the country.

    • Old wolf, you are correct.
      Those college idiots don’t even have common sense anymore nor can they think for themselves any longer, they have not only been indoctrinated by they’ve been so conditioned to do what their Democrat Masters tell them to do.
      America’s youth has been turned into Zombies and from now on they’ll vote strictly Communist.
      It’s only going to get worse and we’ve allowed this to happen.
      I sincerely believe it’s way to late to start a Civil War, and I’ve been warning America for two years that if nothings done America will fall into the hands of the Communist Democrats and Rinos and We The People will become slaves and murdered in the millions.
      Biden did tell the gutless, yellow belly Republicans “good luck in trying to Impeach me”. While the Republicans have mounting evidence and haven’t done one Damn thing, I believe Biden maybe right, no impeachment.

      • Biden is right. Our constitution states it’s unconstitutional to impeach Democrats, only Republicans, Christians, and conservatives. That’s the correct interpretation of an eisegetically interpreted “living” constitution it seems.

  • THIS is exactly why this country is falling apart. For some ignorant unknown reasons these high school and college kids are going straight to hell in a hand basket. What is right no longer matters. They do not believe in God but they commit nothing but evil daily. It is impossible for anyone to say they don’t believe in God and believe in good and evil. If there is no God then there is no evil so do whatever the HELL feels good to you. I tried teaching and in less than 3 years I gave up. There is no regard for anything. America is dying and it is being led by the youth and the idiotic few who are teaching this crap to them.

  • How many of the protestors are actually students there or are they outside paid protestors funded by Soros and his fellow travellers?

  • In a way it is just funny to hear the brain washed Fascists calling others wshat they themselves are,Fascists.So uneducated that they don’t know what a fascist is,somewhat like today so called Democrats.

  • These idiots calling everyone fascist don’t even know the meaning of the term. If they did they would be directing the term at the WEF elites and Klaus Schwab and other globalists. If they even care to investigate and new the actual definition of the term they would realize that the global government the globalists proposed is an actual totalitarian fascist regime.

  • NO the fraud Biden won’t be impeached and the reason why is McCarthy is one of them..!!! He will never go against the hand that feeds him and the rest of the RINO’s on Congress..!!! Impeachment is OFF the table and anyone with a brain can see this..!!! God help us, PLEASE..!!!



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