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The recent leaked videos from the Department of Veteran Affairs showing their push for abortions and the suggestion that men can become pregnant has raised eyebrows.

This news comes just days after General Mark Milley insisted that the U.S. Military is not “woke” and it brings up an important question: Is the VA pushing a radical agenda?

The training video, which was released in April 2023, encourages staffers to counsel veterans considering abortions and offers guidelines on how to do so.

One of these guidelines suggests using language such as “person who is pregnant” instead of “pregnant woman” in order to be more inclusive and medically accurate.

The video also states that when referencing studies, they only included ciswomen so the word ‘woman’ should be used despite it being exclusive to some people seeking abortions.

Other slides in the presentation focus on abortion terminology suggesting words like embryo or fetus over baby or unborn child, embryonic or fetal cardiac activity over fetal heartbeat, veteran or person over mother and pregnancy options counseling over abortion counseling.

In addition, other videos obtained by The Post Millennial suggest defenses for abortion as essential life-saving care that is safer than pregnancy while asserting that abortion patients rarely feel regret afterwards.

FOX News reports:

A leaked Department of Veteran Affairs video showed efforts to promote abortions and more “medically accurate” terminology such as “person who is pregnant” over pregnant women.

A “Reproductive Health Training” video from April 2023 advised staffers on how to counsel veterans considering abortion.

Before discussing counseling procedures, the video began with a “note” on language that clarified, “Not all people who seek abortions identify as women.” Another note read, “’Person who is pregnant’ is inclusive and preferred to ‘pregnant woman.’”

“When ‘women’ is used in this presentation series, it’s because the studies cited only included ciswomen,” the video also stated.

Another slide offered a “guide” to “language and abortion” to offer to veterans potentially seeking abortions. The language included using “embryo or fetus” instead of “baby or unborn child,” “embryonic or fetal cardiac activity” instead of “fetal heartbeat,” “veteran or person” instead of “mother” and “pregnancy options counseling” instead of “abortion counseling.”


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  • I’m very impressed ! Surely those “humans” that don’t fit into the “normal” will be appeased and happy now ! Let’s just see how far “abnormal” we can go !!

  • Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin are both traitors to our country and, along with Biden/Obama, are doing everything in their power to destroy our defense capability.

    • Tim Kuel, I couldn’t have said it better.
      Miley should be stripped of his rank and given a dishonorable discharge then be brought up on charges for Treason when President Trump takes office in 2024.
      Remember Miley was the a**hole who informed China about President Trump and hid the nuclear launch codes from President Trump.
      Treason at it’s best.
      As for Austin, your right also, both should face a firing squad.

  • Biden can take his work agenda and shove it! Perhaps the vA should ask a physician on his opinion regarding men getting pregnant….

  • Are they deliberately making people insane with such crazy training? Or are there really enough insane people in this country already to fill the seats?

  • A thought for today~~
    Manipulated low information sheeple uncomfortable with free speech are quick to put on the enslaving Yoke of the Woke Marxist thought police.
    It’s all about treason and the step by step shredding the Constitution of our Republic
    as grandstanding America-hating Jackass Party politicians squawk as would conniving vultures about “saving our democracy.”



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