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George Clooney, the renowned Hollywood actor and director, has written an opinion piece for the New York Times where he praises Joe Biden but also recommends that Biden should consider stepping down as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Peter Doocy of Fox News covered this story, emphasizing Clooney’s rationale and its possible consequences.

He explained the situation:

“And this is extraordinary. Just a few minutes ago, George Clooney has posted an op-ed in the New York Times. I’m going to read a line from it. He says, ‘I love Joe Biden as a senator, as a vice president and president. I consider him a friend. I believe in him, believe in his character, believe in his morals.’”

Despite this admiration, Clooney believes a change is necessary. “But he goes on to say he thinks that they need a new presidential nominee,” Doocy continued.

Following a recent debate performance that left Clooney doubting Biden’s ability to inspire the party and the nation, this sentiment has emerged.

Additionally, Doocy highlighted Biden’s recent attempts to garner backing from influential Democrats.

“Remember, just a couple weeks ago, President Biden raced back from Europe to get to Los Angeles for a George Clooney-hosted fundraiser where Barack Obama was also there. Bill Clinton was there,” Doocy noted.

Clooney’s call for a new top of the ticket is expected to resonate strongly both at the White House and in Wilmington.

“George Clooney is now saying that, after he watched the debate, he wants a new top of the ticket. That is going to sting here at the White House and also in Wilmington,” Doocy concluded.

This is turning out to be a disaster for Joe.

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  • Clooney believes nothing that he said. Biden was always not up to the job. Now, Biden’s malfeasance is beyond being hidden. The exposure of Biden is what Clooney does not like. Of course, the Biden presidency also exposes that Clooney’s political agenda takes precedence inconvenient things like election transparency.

    • George Looney: “I love Joe Biden as a senator, as a vice president and president. I consider him a friend. I believe in him, believe in his character, believe in his morals.’

      I guess Looney showers with his daughter too, and disavows his son’s grand daughter.

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      • Who gives a muthr fuck what these hollywood pedohile commies think. Biden has ALWAYS been a filthy poshit, a liar, pedo and dumb ass

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